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20 Best Savoy Cabbage Recipes to Try Tonight

From corned beef to cabbage rolls, these savoy cabbage recipes are affordable and delicious.

Use it as a side or part of your main for an easy dinner the whole family will love.

Sautéed Savoy Cabbage with Ham
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Savoy cabbage is rich, hearty, and a nutritional powerhouse.

It’s packed with Vitamin C, is excellent for your digestive system, and works well in so many different recipes.

Not only does it easily add bulk to any meal, but it’s carb-free, low in calories, and seems to last forever in the vegetable crisper. 

I always add cabbage to stir-fries and soups, but these savoy cabbage recipes go way beyond that.

Let’s dive in!

20 Tasty Recipes with Savoy Cabbage

1. Buttered Cabbage (Irish Savoy Cabbage) 

This insanely simple side dish pairs with anything (especially corned beef) and whips up in just over 10 minutes.

While any old butter works, choosing high-quality Irish butter takes it to new heights.

You could even try infusing the butter with bacon drippings for added flavor and then top the cabbage with crispy bacon bits. Yum!

2. Vegan Cabbage Rolls

I love the meat-substitute blend of these vegan cabbage rolls. It’s so good, even the meat-eaters in your house will ask for seconds. 

Instead of using ground beef, this recipe features walnuts and rice. It’s got a lovely meaty taste, but it totally vegan.

Can you freeze cabbage rolls? Yup! Just make sure they’re cold and well wrapped!

3. Cabbage Roll Chicken Enchiladas 

Did you know that a fantastic way to deliver Mexican flavors without the extra carbs is by using cabbage instead of flour tortillas?

Packed with shredded chicken and cheese, you won’t feel like you’re missing out one bit.

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Especially when you smother it all with tangy enchilada sauce. 

4. Easy Sauteed Savoy Cabbage 

This vegan side is effortless and fully loaded with a surprising flavor.

Be sure to chop the savoy cabbage finely, so it soaks up all the tasty flavors from the seasonings. 

Even without butter or bacon, this side dish packs a flavorful punch.

Serve with your favorite vegan main dish, or fold it into mashed potatoes to make Irish colcannon. Yum!

5. Sauteed Savoy Cabbage with Bacon

This sauteed savoy cabbage and bacon dish is satisfying enough for an entire meal!

It’s quick, infused with rich flavor from the bacon, and slightly creamy. What’s not to love? 

What promotes this sauteed cabbage recipe from side dish to main is the addition of bacon.

Stir in some potatoes, and you have a complete meal in under 30 minutes!

6. Thai Chicken Salad

Cabbage doesn’t always have to be sauteed and slathered with butter, you know! (I mean, it can be if you want!)

This Thai chicken salad recipe is like summer in a bowl. It’s bright, colorful, and impossibly crunchy. 

But instead of reaching for drab lettuce for your next summer salad, why not use shredded savoy cabbage?

It’s crunchy, fresh, and beautiful with the chicken and bright Thai peanut sauce. 

7. Roast Savoy Cabbage

Are you looking for more cabbage main dishes?

This roasted cabbage recipe is easy and only calls for a few simple pantry staples.

Plus, it’s an incredibly affordable meal that is surprisingly filling. 

Fennel-infused olive oil adds an extra kick of savory goodness. Top with plenty of nutty Gruyere cheese and bake until crisp. 

8. Stir-Fried Cabbage 

Stir-fried cabbage is an easy way to pack Asian-inspired flavors into a quick weeknight meal.

Carrots and cabbage add a bright and crunchy texture. However, some chopped peanuts wouldn’t hurt either!

The sauce feature soy sauce, ginger, mirin, and honey for sweetness. If you want a spicy meal, throw in some red pepper flakes or Sriracha. 

9. Baked Cabbage and Potatoes 

In the comfort food Olympics, Shepard’s pie takes home the gold every time.

And while this isn’t a traditional Shepard’s pie (it doesn’t use lamb), it’s still super tasty.

Plus, it’s meat-free!

The inside of this bake infuses savoy cabbage with potatoes and tons of cheese (yes, please!).

The addition of crème Fraiche makes it incredibly creamy and decadent. Sour cream works well if you don’t have crème Fraiche. 

Top with mashed potatoes and bake until golden and delicious. 

10. Verza Stufata (Italian Braised Savoy Cabbage) 

Don’t let the Italian name trick you into thinking this side is overly complicated.

It simply translates to stewed cabbage. So, if you have a head of cabbage hanging out in the fridge, you are halfway there.

Simmer the cabbage in a stockpot with chicken or beef stock. Then garnish it with a nutty cheese (Parmesean or Asiago), and serve with your favorite main.

How easy is that?

Need it vegan? Use veggie stock and nutritional yeast.

11. Egg Rolls 

Who doesn’t love a good egg roll?

These babies are a little tedious to roll but freeze well. So, when you have the time, whip up a big batch to freeze.

Thaw and enjoy when you crave Chinese takeout (but don’t want to leave the house)!

They crisp up golden brown and pair perfectly with your favorite stir fry recipes. 

12. Sesame Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry 

Sweet, salty, and incredibly filling, this beef and cabbage stir-fry recipe incorporates massive flavors.

And while the beef and cabbage are prominent, the sauce is the real star of the show.

It infuses classic Asian flavors such as soy sauce, sesame oil, ginger, and garlic. It earns a slightly sweet note from the secret ingredient: maple syrup. 

13. Cabbage Fried Rice

This vegetarian dinner has so many robust flavors you’ll forget it’s meatless!

Savoy cabbage is an excellent alternative to meat because it’s rich, hearty, and incredibly filling.

Plus, this dish gets an additional helping of protein from an extra helping of eggs. 

14. Steamed Cabbage Rolls  

If you love Chinese steamed dumplings but have issues with self-control, these cabbage rolls are worth checking out! T

They impart all the delicious goodness of steamed dumplings without the added carbs from the dumpling wrappers. 

Shiitake mushrooms work best in this dish due to their umami taste, but any mushroom works in this recipe.

Fill the cabbage leaves, and steam until tender. How’s that for a quick and tasty low-carb side dish?

15. Cabbage, Mushroom, and Bacon Pasta

This one-pot meal is perfect for crazy weeknights.

The savoy cabbage adds a lot of texture and flavor that lifts the savory notes of mushroom and bacon.

It’s rich and indulgent but may leave you too stuffed to grab a second plate. 

16. German Savoy Cabbage Soup with Ground Meat 

Are you on the hunt for a good soup recipe to use up that head of cabbage in your fridge? Stop scrolling!

This classic German soup is meaty, smokey, and will warm your bones this winter. 

It’s so satisfying because it infuses fatty bacon and a full pound of ground beef. So, every spoonful packs a massive flavor punch.

17. Creamed Cabbage

Step aside, green bean casserole, because this is sure to become your new go-to holiday side dish.

Infused with smokey bacon and plenty of cheese, it’ll even give sweet potato casserole a run for its money!

Better yet, it pairs well with everything from turkey to pork.

18. Savoy Cabbage Gratin 

What’s the best part of potatoes au gratin: the potatoes or the cheese?

I’ll answer for you. It’s the cheese.

This savoy cabbage gratin feels more like an indulgent mac and cheese without the carb-heavy macaroni. 

You’ll use a blend of aged gouda and heavy cream that’s sinfully indulgent. Then, top with bread crumbs and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

It’s cheesy, delicious, and free of heavy carbs. 

19. Savoy Cabbage, Black Kale, and Potato Subji 

As mentioned, savoy cabbage on its own is a nutritional powerhouse. But when you pair it with black kale and potatoes, it’s unstoppable.

This classic Indian dish uses rich spices that jump off the plate and are surprisingly filling – even without meat. 

Of course, regular green kale works in a pinch if you can’t find black kale. 

20. Caramelized Cabbage and Onions  

The key to this recipe is perfectly caramelized onions and cabbage.

Just like onions, carmelized cabbage amplifies its natural sweetness. But it takes a bit of time and patience.

Add fresh parsley for a pop of color and flavor, and pair with a killer main course like corned beef or turkey cutlets. Delish!

20 Best Savoy Cabbage Recipe Collection

From corned beef to cabbage rolls, these savoy cabbage recipes are affordable and delicious. Use it as a side or part of your main for an easy dinner.


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Savoy Cabbage Recipes

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