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23 Best Non-Alcoholic Thanksgiving Drinks and Mocktails

Try these non-alcoholic Thanksgiving drinks for a fun-filled and booze-free party!

They’re just as tasty as any alcohol-filled bevvy, but you don’t have to worry about a hangover. Better yet, everyone can enjoy these mocktails!

Glass of hot toddy with orange slices, cranberries and cinnamon sticks
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Boozy beverages are always delightful. But these festive mocktail recipes can bring life to your party, too.

Whether you’re serving kids or those who just don’t partake in alcohol, this list is for you.

From iced teas to fun punch, these non-alcoholic Thanksgiving drinks are something to be thankful for. Let the party begin!

1. Thanksgiving Punch Mocktail 

Sip on a fruity, spiced apple cider Thanksgiving punch mocktail this holiday season!

Bursting with the taste of fresh apples and tangy cranberries, it’s a drink everyone will love.

This Thanksgiving punch mocktail features a simple mix-and-serve preparation. It’s easy to whip up, making it a perfect addition to your spread.

2. Spiced Pomegranate Ginger Beer Mocktail

Kick off your holiday celebration with this vibrant pomegranate ginger beer mocktail!

It’s a refreshing concoction that blends rich, wine-like pomegranate juice with a zesty orange kick.

To sweeten the deal, add a dash of brown sugar cinnamon syrup. Then, finish it with a splash of ginger beer to add a lively fizz. It’s the holidays in a glass!

3. Non-Alcoholic Thanksgiving Margarita

Virgin margaritas are always a hit at most parties anyway. But if you need non-alcoholic drinks for Thanksgiving, these apple variations are even better.

They’re a simple mix of fresh lime juice and apple cider with a coconut sugar and cinnamon rim.

They still have the bright, zingy bite of regular margaritas, but the apple cider gives them that fantabulistic fall flavor.

4. Cranberry Ginger Ale Punch

For a festive, sparkling drink, try this cranberry ginger ale punch. It combines two seasonal favorites, cranberry and ginger, into a fancy yet surprisingly simple holiday punch. 

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It’s ready in a minute, AND you can prepare it in a punch bowl ahead of time. It’s perfect for all your holiday gatherings.

5. Pumpkin Juice 

Potterheads, this one’s for you. With real pumpkin, apple cider, and autumn spices, this pumpkin juice is a Hogwarts favorite brought to life. 

This quick, fun, festive beverage is a delightful treat for kids and adults alike. It’s what you need for a magical Thanksgiving.

6. Apple Pomegranate Soda

Not all Thanksgiving mocktails need to be virgin versions of alcoholic drink recipes. (i.e., virgin margarita, virgin mojito, virgin mimosa, etc.)

Sometimes, you can just find a combination of ingredients that work well together and go for it! Take this apple pomegranate soda, for example.

It isn’t an alcohol-free cocktail recipe. It’s just a simple mixture of apple and pomegranate juices, water, honey, and sparkling water. It’s fizzy, fruity, fun, and festive.

7. Pomegranate and Cranberry Mojito Mocktail

If you’re a frequent flyer to my website, you’ll already know how much I adore mojitos. And whenever I see a new mojito variation, I simply MUST try it.

That’s how I discovered these holiday mojitos with pomegranate juice and cranberries. And yes, this mocktail version tastes just as good as the original.

8. Sweet Tea Harvest Punch

You can whip up a pitcher of this sweet tea harvest punch in about 5 minutes. It’s a delicious drink perfect for practically any occasion.

It starts with everyone’s favorite Southern staple — sweet tea. But that’s not all you’ll find in the punch bowl! There are also apples, cinnamon, honey, apple cider, and more.

It’s sweet tea like you’ve never had it before, and it will blow your mind.

9. Non-Alcoholic Sangria

This non-alcoholic sangria transforms traditional sangria while retaining its original essence.

Black tea provides the tannins typically associated with wine. A mix of orange and cranberry juices gives it that fruity flavor.

The addition of sparkling grape juice lends a festive bubble.

10. Shirley Temple Mocktail

You can’t have a mocktail list without the classic Shirley Temple! This simple recipe blends ginger ale, sparkling water, juice, and grenadine.

The kids will feel super special sipping from a glass adorned with orange slices and cherries.

The joy this delightful mocktail brings is truly priceless. It’s allowed the little ones to join the fun since its conception in the 1930s!

11. Non-Alcoholic Bloody Mary

If you like the tomato-based cocktail, try this virgin version! The Bloody Mary mocktail maintains all the character of its boozy counterpart without alcohol.

It’s a blend of fresh cherry tomato juice, zesty lemon, lime, and spices to give it a good kick. Enjoy a harmonious blend of tang and heat with every sip.

12. Fall Party Punch

What better way to celebrate the festive season than with a vibrant, tasty punch? 

This fall party punch brings the essence of autumn right into your glass. 

The ginger ale adds a fun sparkle. It also lends a spicy undertone that complements the sweet-tart flavors of apple cider

Pineapple juice injects a tropical touch, giving it an exciting blend of autumnal and tropical flavors. 

13. Ginger Hibiscus Mocktail

Many non-alcoholic drinks lean towards being overly sweet, but not this ginger hibiscus mocktail. It stands out with its balanced taste profile.

The tartness of hibiscus tea counters the usual sweetness found in mocktails. It also lends a unique tannic and tart characteristic.

The citrus undertones pair well with ginger beer, creating a more rounded, balanced beverage. It’s a pleasant deviation from overly sweet mocktails.

14. Mimosa Mocktail 

This mimosa mocktail brings the joy of a brunch-time favorite to everyone. It beautifully combines tangy orange juice with sparkling cider for a non-alcoholic treat.

It retains the authentic mimosa flavor without the champagne while being suitable for any occasion.

15. Peppermint White Russian Mocktail  

This peppermint white Russian mocktail puts a festive spin on a classic cocktail. Imagine sitting by the fire, savoring its creamy, refreshing taste!

Despite being non-alcoholic, it maintains a balance of flavors. Think iced coffee with a peppermint twist.

Its robust minty flavor also makes it an excellent choice for Christmas.

16. Virgin Moscow Mule 

Relish a virgin Moscow mule, a refreshing mix of ginger beer and lime sans the alcohol. The classic cocktail is equally delightful without vodka! 

Opt for a non-alcoholic spirit alternative, tea, or fruit juice instead for a tasty mocktail.

17. Non-Alcoholic Mulled Wine

Bask in the warmth of non-alcoholic mulled wine this Thanksgiving.

Brewed with sweet grape juice, fruits, and spices, this holiday drink will warm you from within.

Serve it in a punch bowl with a few star anise floating on top as a non-alcoholic punch.

You can also supply a tray of cinnamon sticks so your guests can garnish their drinks themselves.

18. Spicy Pear Punch

When considering which non-alcoholic drink recipes I want to use, I typically prefer the ones that are simple and budget-friendly.

This spicy pear punch is both of those things. It uses only three easy-to-find ingredients and comes together in just 3 minutes.

To make it more festive, you can jazz it up with cranberries, pear slices, cinnamon sticks, etc.

19. Wassail Hot Cider

Nothing screams holiday season like a hot mug of wassail hot cider. Originating from an Anglo-Saxon tradition, this drink is meant to toast good health.

Wassail hot cider is an easy non-alcoholic brew of fresh fruit, assorted juices, classic apple cider, and holiday spices. 

20. Non-Alcoholic Mulled Cider

One of my favorite things about fall is apple cider. I love it hot, cold, mulled, fresh, or straight from the jug.

I’m fortunate enough to live about 15 minutes away from an apple orchard, and they keep me well-stocked.

This non-alcoholic mulled cider recipe is one of my favorite things to do with the apple cider I get from the orchard. I make it in my Instant Pot, and it’s always a huge hit.

21. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Most people think of mocktails and punch when they consider non-alcoholic drink recipes. But the truth is much simpler.

Any drink recipe that doesn’t include alcohol IS a non-alcoholic drink recipe. And that includes the famous pumpkin spice latte.

But skip the Starbucks line and use this recipe to save a little money. It’s also vegan-friendly and dairy-free!

22. Lavender Lemonade

Most people think of lemonade as a summer drink, and it is! However, you can enjoy it anytime, including with your Thanksgiving dinner!

And if it tastes as good as this lavender lemonade, you’ll WANT to enjoy it ALL the time.

It features a stunningly beautiful violet hue and is cool and refreshing with a distinctly floral twist.

23. Pumpkin Pie Punch

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for Halloween or Thanksgiving mocktails. This delightfully decadent pumpkin pie punch works well for both!

It has a delicious pumpkin pie flavor in a lower-calorie drink form. And unlike many pumpkin pie drink recipes, this one uses cream soda as the base.

It gives it a creamy sweetness that other similar drinks don’t have.

23 Best Non-Alcoholic Thanksgiving Drinks and Mocktails

Keep the holiday low-key with these non-alcoholic Thanksgiving drinks! You’ll love these tasty mocktail recipes.


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Thanksgiving mocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Non-Alcoholic Thanksgiving Drinks

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