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17 Classic Lime Cocktails for Spring

Whether you prefer gin, rum, vodka, or tequila, these zippy and delicious lime cocktails are a real treat.

They’re light, bright, and super refreshing.

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Boozy Margarita Cocktail with Lime and Ice

As an avid margarita lover, lime is my jam. So these lime cocktails are a godsend to me.

That said, lime is way more versatile than you think, and it’s much more palatable than lemon (while still being tart and citrusy).

Sometimes it’s the star, and other times it’s there for support. But no matter what, these lime cocktail recipes are all delish.

And from a classic margarita to a fancy pisco sour, this list has it all. 

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1. Orange-Lime Margarita 

Go into any bar, and the orange-lime margarita stands out as a crowd favorite. 

Refreshing sweet and sour citrus fruits give this booze-heavy beverage a summery flair.

It’s a beautiful balance between tequila, juice, and a little bit of salt. 

Enjoy this drink every Taco Tuesday or Wednesday, or Thursday…it doesn’t matter, just try it. 

I guarantee you’ll love it!

2. Classic Daiquiri 

Classic daiquiris aren’t the overly-sweet, frozen cocktails you’re used to. 

The drink actually originates in Cuba and is made with lime juice, rum, and simple syrup.

Think of it like the rum version of a classic marg! It’s citrusy, light, and perfectly teeters between sweet and sour. 

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Shaken with ice, the classic daiquiri is a refreshing, smooth, and delicious drink. One sip, and you’ll be hooked on this Cuban cocktail. 

3. Gimlet

The gimlet is another simple yet delicious cocktail that only requires three ingredients. 

Sweetened with a honey simple syrup, this cocktail has a hint of a floral flavor, thanks to the gin.

Add some tart lime juice, and it’s spectacularly balanced. 

The homemade honey simple syrup gives it a more natural sweetness and is super easy to make.

Add some orange peel for a more aromatic syrup you can use in all kinds of cocktails.

You’ll love this beverage on a hot day. 

4. Tequila Lime Mojitarita Cocktail

In case you haven’t already guessed: “mojitarita” combines a mojito and a margarita. 

But is it a tequila version of a mojito or a minty margarita? Either way you sip it, you’ll instantly fall in love with this fun fusion. 

Both drinks are made with lime, so why not combine the two?

Together they make an incredibly refreshing, minty, and lime-forward beverage that’s sure to put some pep in your step. 

5. Mojito 

Try this beloved rum cocktail if the classic mojito is more your flavor. 

Muddled mint is the star, but it wouldn’t be the same without a tart splash of lime.

The process of muddling the mint activates all the oils, so the flavor infuses into the rum and lime juice. 

Add some simple syrup and top it off with a bit of bubbly soda water. Yum!

6. Lime Drop Martini

Lemon drop martinis are one of the most popular vodka cocktails around. But this lime version is even better. 

Fresh lime juice is essential in this cocktail since it’s the namesake ingredient. Add it to a shaker with ice, superfine sugar, vodka, and triple sec. 

The chipped ice that results from shaking is what makes this sweet and sour spirit so delightful.

7. Watermelon Limeade Cocktails

You can’t beat this refreshing cocktail when it’s crazy hot, and watermelons are sweet and ripe. 

Sweet watermelons and tart limes are a match made in heaven, after all.

Just be sure you let the fruit freeze completely. Overnight is best!

8. Vodka Gimlet

The vodka gimlet is just what you think it is: a gimlet with vodka instead of gin.

It’s a delicious, zingy cocktail that’s easy to make and ideal for anyone who isn’t a fan of botanical gin.

Using fresh lime zest and juice is the key to this one. Shake it up with vodka and ice, then strain it into a glass. 

How easy is that?

9. Gin Lime Rickey Cocktail

The gin lime Rickey is a tart, bubbly cocktail that’s practically made for poolside sipping. 

With only three ingredients – floral gin, zesty lime, and effervescent club soda – it’s pure summertime bliss. 

Be warned: lime Rickeys are easy to enjoy, so pace yourself!

10. Slick Rick Cocktail – Grape Lime Rickey with Vodka

Slick Rick is a play on the classic lime Rickey with just a few modifications – like switching gin for vodka. 

Lime juice and lime-flavored sparkling water give the slick Rick a punch of citrus flavor and lots of bubbles. 

Freeze up some grape juice ice cubes and add them to this fizzy cocktail. Your drink will become more grape-y as it melts. 

11. Refreshing Guava Cocktail

Guava is a spectacular tropical fruit that works harmoniously with the sour flavors of lime. 

Sweet and sour, this guava cocktail will satisfy every parched palate with its unique flavor and wonderful sweetness.

Lime adds balance and a slight pucker. 

Stir in some of your favorite tequila and garnish with a sprig of fresh mint. Delish!

12. Guava Mojito

We’ve talked about a couple of mojito variations, but this one is quite unique. 

The characteristic flavors of mint, lime, and rum are tropicalized with yummy guava nectar.

This is a fun drink that’s perfect for anyone who likes their drinks fruity.

Enjoy this during your next backyard barbeque, and you’ll stay cool and refreshed all day. 

13. Mariachi Mash

Mariachi mash is a mashup of beloved flavors. 

Everybody knows that tequila and lime are two peas in a pod and that lemon and lime go hand in hand.

So why not add lemon to the tequila-lime partnership? 

Limoncello gives this cocktail an unbelievably tart flavor. Plus, the garnish of fresh mint provides a wonderful experience with each sip. 

This cocktail is just as fun as a mariachi band and will have you dancing the night away. 

14. Vodka Seltzer

Vodka seltzer is a casual, cool, and comforting drink. It’s easy to make on a whim, but it’s terrific at parties too. 

With only four ingredients, you’ll have a delicious beverage ready to go in no time.

Lime juice, seltzer water, vodka, and agave combine to make your new favorite cocktail. 

Similar to a vodka tonic but without the sugar, these classic flavors are easily loved by anyone. 

15. Aperol Gin Cocktail

The Aperol spritz has become very popular recently. And I absolutely love this tart twist.

This is a gin cocktail flavored with sour lime and cool cucumber. Add a splash of Aperol for that signature bitterness and gorgeous color. 

A splash of club soda gives this beverage an effervescent finish. This is a must-try!

16. Moscow Mule Cocktail

The classic Moscow mule is a popular drink that’s well-curated. In fact, there isn’t much that needs to be done to this potion of perfection. 

Lime and ginger beer are a fantastic combination. The sour and spicy mix is so addictive, and it actually pairs well (better, if you ask me) with dark rum.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Moscow mule without vodka.

Although traditionally served in a copper cup, you can still enjoy this if you don’t have any. 

(Put them on your Christmas list because they’re insanely Insta-worthy!)

17. Classic Peruvian Pisco Sour Cocktail 

The Peruvian Pisco sour features Pisco brandy, lime juice, and simple syrup. So it can easily be made at home. 

In true “sour” fashion, top this cocktail with frothy egg whites for a creamy finish. 

A few dashes of bitters add another layer of flavor, and you’re set to serve one sophisticated cocktail. 

17 Classic Lime Cocktails for Spring

Whether you prefer gin, rum, vodka, or tequila, these zippy and delicious lime cocktails are a real treat. They’re light, bright, and super refreshing.


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