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23 Fun Spring Cocktails to Brighten Your Day

Say “cheers” to the coming warmth with these stunning spring cocktails.

They’re floral, vibrant, zippy, and bright. Not to mention fun, fruity, and fresh.

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Refreshing Mezcal Paloma Cocktail with Grapefruit

Springtime means blooming flowers, fresh garden veggies, and farmers market season, of course!

And there’s no better way to celebrate that bounty than these refreshing spring cocktails.

From seasonal favorites with cherry blossom, lavender, mint, and rose to light and invigoration gin, rum, and Prosecco drinks, they’re not to be missed!

So grab your cocktail shakers, and let’s get to it!

23 Stunning Spring Cocktail Recipes We Can’t Get Enough Of

1. The Cherry Blossom 

Celebrate the first cherry blossoms of the season with this festive spring libation. 

Sake and gin are the base, while orange liqueur and lemon juice perk it right up.

As for the cherry, it’s blossoming with every sip.

It’s got cherry liqueur and grenadine, giving it a glistening red hue. Garnish with a brandied cherry, and it’s ready.

2. Lavender Lemon Drop

These lavender lemon drops have garden party written all over them!

The classic recipe features vodka, triple sec, lemon juice, and simple syrup. But this version is a little different.

It actually keeps things pretty simple with just vodka, lemon juice, and lavender syrup.  

You’ll make the syrup at home, so it can be as floral and sweet as you prefer. As for the vodka, I recommend citrus if you really enjoy that lip pucker.

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3. Raspberry Hibiscus Cocktail

Give your happy hour a whimsical twist with this pretty pink cocktail. It’s floral, it’s fruity, and it’s oh-so-fun!

This one radiates with a mix of raspberry hibiscus sparkling water, raspberry lemonade, hibiscus bitters, and vodka. 

Doll it up with fresh raspberries, thyme, and flowers as a garnish. You and your gal pals will love it!

4. Lavender French 75

I fell in love with the French 75 at first sip. Fizzy, sweet, and incredibly citrusy, it’s very strong and very grown-up.

Add lavender, and it couldn’t be more appropriate for spring!

You’ll combine sparkling wine for class, gin for botanicals, lemon for a bit of zip, and lavender simple syrup to seal it with a sweet kiss. 

For an extra floral twist, use culinary-grade lavender buds. 

5. Honey Rose Old Fashioned

As the seasons begin to change, trade in your regular Old Fashioned for a refreshing spring take.

You’ll keep the bitters and the whiskey, but you’ll add honey-rose simple syrup and opt specifically for bourbon – it’s sweeter, after all!

It’s a great after-dinner sipper and late-night relaxer when you’re winding down from the day. 

6. Mezcal Paloma

The Paloma is an ultra-refreshing Mexican cocktail featuring grapefruit soda and tequila. 

And while I’m a big fan of the traditional version, I can’t help but love this one too!

It trades in tequila for mezcal to add a smoky element. It also uses grapefruit juice, club soda, lime juice, and honey simple syrup to make it extra fresh.

For a kick, rim the glass in chili-lime salt. Not a must, but a super fun twist!

7. Orange Raspberry Mimosa Cocktail

Did someone say “brunch”? Because this cocktail is just the thing to break out at your next morning gathering!

Mimosas are already great. But this one goes and adds raspberries, freshly squeezed orange juice, and rosemary to the mix.

You can make these individually or grab a pitcher and make a batch. Either way, I know you’ll love it. 

8. Spring Cocktail with Raspberries 

I’ve been dreaming of this cocktail all winter long! And as soon as spring has sprung, it’ll be in my hand.

Fizzy, creamy, fruity, and perfectly sweetened, it’s a dazzling delight! 

Raspberry simple syrup, gin, and Prosecco give it the most exquisite taste. All of which get shaken up with an egg white for a lavish texture. 

Creations like this are worth savoring sip by sip. But I know you’ll want more than one – so don’t put that shaker away so quickly.

9. Pineapple Mezcal Old Fashioned 

Here’s another spin on the classic old fashioned. Only this one takes you to the tropics.

The sweet, tangy pineapple juice combined with fresh lime and smoky mezcal warms you up with a bright twist. 

Not quite winter and not quite summer, it’s that in-between cocktail that screams “spring”!

10. Blood Orange Cocktails 

From smashes to sangria, there are a ton of blood orange cocktails perfect for a party. This one, though, is great for all your spring gatherings. 

Blood orange juice, mint, and vodka keep it light. Meanwhile, a hint of fresh ginger gives it a snap.

Plus, the cheery color and fruity flavor are a much-needed break from a harsh winter.  

11. Spring Rosé Cocktail

Spring on the rise can only mean one thing: rosé season is almost upon us!

This flirty floral wine is the warm weather sipper. And this is how you fix it up for a springtime delight. 

You combine rosé with grapefruit juice, peach simple syrup, and vodka in a cocktail shaker. Give it a good shake and pour the contents over ice.

As a batch cocktail or drink for one, it’s welcome on any cool spring day.

12. Peach Vodka Cocktail

If you love peaches as much as me, you’ll fall in love with this boozy beverage at first sip.

Peach vodka and fresh peach slices give it a double dose of fruity goodness. All you need now is a splash of grenadine and lime soda water to top it off. 

Say, you know what you should make to go with this? A slice of peach cobbler served up à la mode!

13. Raspberry Lemon Cocktail

Here’s a fantastic concoction for baby showers, brunches, birthdays, and more. 

You’ll take fresh raspberries, muddle them with sugar and lemon, then pour in the vodka.

Give it a quick mix and strain it into a cocktail glass with plenty of ice. Finally, top it off with lemon sparkling water and garnish it with raspberries.

You can even omit the vodka for a mocktail everyone can enjoy.

Mint Grapefruit Mimosa

14. Mint Grapefruit Mimosa

While I love regular mimosas for brunch, it’s also hard to pass up this bright and zippy grapefruit version.

Especially when it’s piled high with fresh mint! 

It’s tart, lightly sweet, and wonderfully bubbly. Not to mention super refreshing.

Feel free to use sparkling wine, Prosecco, or even just club soda if you like it virgin.

Or, use the club soda to keep it budget-friendly and add a shot of vodka. It’s not a real mimosa, but who cares when it’s this tasty?

15. Watermelon Raspberry Cooler Cocktail 

As soon as it’s warm enough to throw a backyard barbecue, make a big batch of this watermelon and raspberry cooler.

Fruity and boozy, it’s quite a refreshing drink. And it’s so easy because you just toss it all in the blender, then serve.

Even those who claim they don’t like fruity drinks will be all about this.

16. Pink Lemonade Cocktail

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to kick back on the porch with a tall glass of lemonade.

Specifically, this pink, boozy lemonade!

That said, there’s not a drop of lemonade in this glass! Instead, it’s an illuminating blend of lime, Sprite, cranberry juice, Malibu rum, and vodka. 

Would you mind getting a second glass? I’ll have one too!

17. Mint Julep

The Mint Julep is one of the most refreshing cocktails you can enjoy in the spring.

Featuring bourbon, sugar, and fresh mint, this version has an extra fresh kick from the mint-infused simple syrup. 

And I do mean simple! This liquid candy is easy to make and eliminates the need to muddle the mint.

18. Watermelon Cucumber Cooler

Feeling parched? These coolers will take care of that. 

Fresh watermelon and cucumber juice get sweetened up with honey, spiked with vodka, and infused with a hint of lime. 

There’s plenty of sweetness, but the cucumber makes sure it’s balanced. And to boost that flavor, try cucumber vodka if you can find it.

19. Basil Cocktail and Spring Feeling Cocktail

Between the lime, gin, and basil, this cocktail is about as refreshing as it gets. 

Like all good drinks, it does need a sweet component to round out the flavors. So what better liqueur for the job than Chartreuse?! 

Herbal and sweet green chartreuse combined with an egg white gives it a cool green color, signature flavor, and fun foamy finish. 

If you’re not one for egg white cocktails, stick with gin, lemon, and Chartreuse. It’s great both ways!

20. Best Piña Colada Mix

I think Jimmy Buffet would agree that this is one fine piña colada. And it’s 5’Clock somewhere, right?

Fresh, creamy, and sweet, this pineapple classic tastes incredible when you make it from scratch. And it doesn’t take long, either. 

Just grab a blender and toss in pineapple juice, cream of coconut, frozen pineapple, lime, and two types of rum. 

There’s even a variation for a virgin piña colada and one for those who like it on the rocks. 

21. Tequila Honeysuckle

A name like “tequila honeysuckle” tells you just about everything you need to know about this one.

It’s potent, sweet, and made for spring. 

Smoother than a tequila shot but not a frilly fruity drink, it’s a tasteful sipper with a well-balanced flavor.

From classy soirees to chats with friends, the tequila honeysuckle will be your new it drink of the season.

22. Strawberry Gin Smash

As a strawberry fanatic, I can’t help but rave about this smash.

The botanicals from the gin, coupled with the muddled lime, sugar, and strawberries are intoxicating.

And I don’t mean in a boozy way, although it certainly has plenty of that too.  

To add to the attractiveness, club soda imparts an effervescent element to make it even more alluring. 

Forget all the other smash cocktails, this is the only one you need this spring!

23. Cranberry Vodka Cocktail

Simple and refined, cranberry vodka is the easy cocktail you need in your life. 

The ingredients are straightforward, and it’s a cinch to make. Plus, it’s highly versatile. 

So whether you’ve had a long day or you’re hosting Easter brunch, you don’t have to put a ton of effort into playing bartender to make a great libation.

23 Fun Spring Cocktails to Brighten Your Day

Say “cheers” to the coming warmth with these stunning spring cocktails! They’re floral, vibrant, zippy, and bright. Not to mention fun, fruity, and fresh!


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Spring Cocktails

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