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10 Best Guava Cocktails

Guavas are one of my all-time favorite fruits.

So discovering recipes for guava cocktails made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning. 

Spicy Jalapeno Guava Cocktails
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Guavas have an intense, tart flavor with light hints of evergreen underneath the initial burst of sourness.

The longer you let them sit, the sweeter they’ll get, but I prefer mine on the sour side. 

For all of these cocktails, you’ll use guava juice, which you can buy in bottles or cans, instead of pureed guava. 

This is preferable to some people because guavas have an extreme, not always pleasant smell.

They’ll taste phenomenal, though, so don’t let that turn you off from trying them. 

Still, even with the pre-packaged guava juice (or nectar), the bright, fresh flavor of the guavas comes through wonderfully.

Now, let’s check out these 10 delightful guava cocktails.

10 Best Guava Juice Cocktail Recipes

1. Guava Cosmopolitan

The guava cosmo takes the recipe for the traditional cosmopolitan and adds an ounce of guava juice along with the other ingredients. 

It makes the drink a bit less sweet and more earthy and tangy.

The underlying evergreen notes of the guava enhance the sharpness of the lime, making the overall taste tart and tasty. 

2. Vodka, Guava, and Ginger Cocktail

This icy-cold, gorgeous red drink resembles a Bloody Mary, but the taste is entirely different. (It’s easier to make, too!)

You’ll use vodka, guava juice, ginger ale, lime juice, bitters, mint leaves, and ice. 

It’s minty and has a bit of heat to it from the ginger. It’s more bittersweet than sweet, but there’s a light fruitiness to it, as well.

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The drink also has a dry, pine-like flavor that pairs well with the ginger, giving this cocktail one of the most unique tastes on the list.

3. Guava Rum Cocktail

Of all the guava cocktails on this list, this one is one of the sweetest and most tropical. Any alcohol enthusiast can tell you that rum is a sweet liquor, anyway. 

But pineapple-infused rum is some of the sweetest of the sweet.

When combined with orange liqueur, lime juice, guava nectar, ice, and citrus slices, this drink becomes an easy beachside favorite. 

It’s delightfully refreshing and tangy, too, but mainly, you’ll enjoy the fruity sweetness. 

4. Guava Mezcal Mule Cocktail

If you’re looking for something a bit smokier and with more spice, this guava mezcal mule cocktail is an excellent option. 

You’ll make it with mezcal joven, guava juice, ginger beer, lime, and ice. It has a rich, warm flavor accentuated – but not overpowered – by the guava juice.

This one actually tastes more like beer than hard liquor, which makes people forget how strong it is. 

If you’re looking for a drink that’ll give you a nice buzz without leaving that sugary aftertaste in your mouth, the guava mezcal mule is it. Just don’t overdo it. 

5. Refreshing Guava Lime Cocktail

You’ll love this pretty-in-pink drink for its lovely color and its fresh, invigorating flavor.

It doesn’t hurt that it takes only 4 ingredients and 5 minutes to make either. 

It’s a light drink, good for sipping, and it won’t get you drunk even if you have a couple of them.

All you’ll need is guava juice, tequila, fresh lime juice, and a sprig of mint. 

Plus, it’s full of vitamin C, B, and other great things, thanks to the three ounces of guava juice. 

It has a distinctly Mexican flair to it, so if you’re looking for a drink to serve at your next Taco Tuesday, give this one a try. 

6. Guava Mojitos

This fresh, minty drink is simply a mojito with a can of guava nectar added for a unique, somewhat tropical, and woodsy flavor. 

It balances perfectly on that sweet, bitter, and minty fresh line, and you’ll get hints of something that’ll put you in mind of a tropical beach paradise, as well.

It doesn’t get much cleaner, fresher, or tastier than that. 

7. Frozen Guava Margaritas

These frozen guava margaritas perfectly combine the icy coldness of a frozen cocktail with the spice and heat of tajin seasoning.

(If you can’t handle hot drinks, don’t worry. The tajin adds more pepper flavor than actual heat.)

The margaritas are tart and tangy, just like margaritas should be, but the guava nectar combines with the triple sec to give them a totally unique flavor. 

They also have a delicate pink color and a slushy consistency that’s lovely to behold. But don’t let all that baby pink fool you. 

You’ll make these drinks with six ounces of delicious tequila and another three ounces of triple sec. That’s a lot of alcohol in two small cocktails. 

So don’t be surprised if these kick in much faster than you’d expect. Also, be sure not to gulp. These drinks are meant to be sipped and savored. 

8. Island Time Cocktail

The island time cocktail rivals the guava rum cocktail for sweetness, and it has so much tropical sugariness that you’ll almost think you’re drinking a pina colada. 

The tastes of the two drinks are distinctly different, though. This cocktail does have quite a bit of coconut, pineapple, and rum flavor. 

However, the guava juice adds an exciting flavor profile to the drink, and the sparkling water makes it lighter and zestier than a pina colada. 

Finally, it’s not as slushy as a pina colada, and it has a much prettier, peachier color. 

9. Guava Mimosa

One of the things people love most about mimosas is how easy they are to make, usually requiring no more than two ingredients. 

These guava mimosas are no exception. You’ll make them with nothing more than pink guava juice and Champagne (or any sparkling wine). 

They’re sweet, tart, and incredibly bubbly. If you’re looking for a new brunch drink, give these a try. 

10. Tropical Guava Sangria

Some sangria recipes take 15 minutes to make while others take a few hours.

Unfortunately, this is one of those that takes 2 hours. Still, once you taste it, you won’t mind the wait. 

You’ll make it with dry Moscato, guava juice, guava passion fruit nectar, golden kiwis, lychees, and guava paste. 

As you can tell, the ingredients aren’t ones you can easily find at your local Walmart (unless you live somewhere warm, tropical, and known for its wide variety of fruit). 

Even so, if you can pull this sangria together, you’ll never want to make another variety, at least not in the summer.

This is the quintessential summer sangria, and you will love it. 

10 Best Guava Cocktails

These guava cocktails have such an intense, refreshing flavor! From cosmos to mojitos to margaritas, you won’t be able to resist guavas after trying these drinks.


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a guava cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Guava Cocktails

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