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What Is Tajin Seasoning? (+ How to Use It)

You’ve likely seen it on tacos and maybe even fruit. But what is Tajin seasoning?

Well, it’s a flavor bomb that’s a fun mix of salty, spicy, and zesty! And it’s truly irresistible.

Tajin Seasoning Spilled from a Measuring Spoon

Tajin seasoning has a unique flavor that’s tangy, sweet, and perfect for any dish.

Add it to tacos, over nachos, or the rim of your margarita glass, and you’ll soon fall in love.

If you’ve tried it before, you’ll know just how addictive this stuff is.

And if not, keep reading! We’ll cover everything you need to know about Tajin below.

What Is Tajin Seasoning?

Tajin seasoning is a dry spice made with chilies, dehydrated lime, and sea salt.

The official name is Tajín Clásico, and it’s typically used to season fruits, like pineapple or mango, or sprinkled over food for a zippy kick.

It’s made by Empresas Tajín in Jalisco, Mexico. But it was created by Horacio Fernandez in 1985 after a trip to El Tajín.

The story goes, he would smother his food in grandma’s special sauce and craved a way to take it with him everywhere.

And boy, did he find it!

Pronounced tah-heen, it’s kind of like Sriracha – in that we all know somebody who carries a bottle around with them!

But instead of fiery spice, this stuff is beautifully balanced. That’s why you can put it on fruit, tacos, and in your next tequila cocktail.

Tajin Seasoning on a Measuring Bowl

What Does Tajin Seasoning Taste Like?  

There are three words that everyone uses when describing Tajin. Those are salty, spicy, and citrusy.

(Seriously. Google it! You’ll see them over and over again.)

Classic Tajin is very mildly spicy with strong citrus notes from the lime and plenty of salty undertones.

They also make a low sodium blend, as well as one with Habanero peppers, which is much spicier, though not overwhelmingly so. Tajin also offers sauces that range from mild to spicy.

Have you ever had Tostitos Hint of Lime tortilla chips? Classic Tajin tastes like that, only with some chile peppers added for extra flavor. 

But no matter which variety you get, keep in mind the mix of peppers, lime, and salt is pretty intense. So a little goes a long way. 

Tajin Varieties

The Tajin website currently lists six separate Tajin products. They include the following three seasonings:

  • Tajin Clasico Seasoning. The classic seasoning we’ve been talking about throughout this entire article
  • Tajin Clasico Seasoning Reduced Sodium. The same great Tajin taste but with only a fraction of the sodium
  • Tajin Habanero Seasoning. A similar flavor but with a much spicier kick

The website also features two hot sauce products: 

  • Tajin Mild Hot Sauce. A liquid sauce with Tajin’s unique flavor and a little extra heat
  • Tajin Fruity Chamoy Hot Sauce. A similar sauce with hints of fruity, apricot sweetness

Finally, there’s the Tajín Clásico Seasoning Rimmer. It’s specially designed to add salt and flavor to your margaritas. 

Where To Buy Tajin

Tajin seasoning has become hugely popular over the last several years. Of course, that’s great news for anyone looking to buy it.

You can typically find it in most grocery stores or mass merchandisers. 

Walmart, for example, carries Tajin on its baking/spice aisle. Some stores also have it on their Mexican food aisle.

If you can’t find Tajin at your local grocery store or Walmart, check out Amazon. They have a wide variety of Tajin products, including “on the go” seasoning packets. 

If you have a local Mexican grocery in your area, you can probably find it there, too. 

Fruits Sprinkled With Tajin Seasoning

Ways to Use Tajin Seasoning

Like most seasonings, Tajin is incredibly versatile. You can use it however you like – including on non-traditional foods like ice cream and popsicles.

If you’re looking for a few more traditional uses for the spice, check out this list: 

  • Corn. Tajin tastes fantastic on grilled corn or corn on the cob. It makes sense considering its creator originally made it to spice up his corn. 
  • Fruits and veggies. I am crazy about Tajin on Jicama; it has such an incredible flavor. It’s also an excellent option for other veggies and fruits – especially mango.
  • Margaritas and other drinks. Tajin is perfect for “salting” the rims of cocktail glasses. However, you can also add a little to the drink itself. Mix it in like you would sugar.
  • Hummus, dips, and guacamole. Tajin adds a ton of flavor to various dips and spreads. Mix it in with the other ingredients or sprinkle it on top of the finished product. It tastes terrific either way. 
  • Eggs. Do you like hot sauce on your eggs? Try Tajin instead. 
  • Marinades and rubs. Use some the next time you’re seasoning various meats. You won’t be disappointed. 
What is Tajin Seasoning?

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