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10 Best Passion Fruit Cocktails

If you’ve ever had passion fruit, you know how delightful it is – sweet and tropically fruity, with a citrus-meets-berry-like flavor that’s remarkably yummy. 

These passion fruit cocktails are primarily the same. Most of them are sweet and fruity, though some fall further on the tart side of the spectrum instead. 

Delightful Passion Fruit Cocktail
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Because passion fruit has such a wonderful, pleasing smell, the drinks are often delightfully fragrant, as well. 

Most of the passion fruit cocktails on this list are simple passion fruit twists on old favorites, such as the passion fruit margarita, passion fruit mojito, or passion fruit daiquiri.

However, that’s actually a good thing for you because it means you probably already know how to make most of these, only without the passion fruit! Now, let’s get to it! 

1. Passion Fruit Margarita

The passion fruit margarita takes everything you love about a margarita – the tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and simple syrup – and simply adds passion fruit pulp. 

It makes it a little thicker and pulpier and gives the drink a more prominent orange color. As for the taste, it’s still the tart and tangy margarita you know and love. 

But there’s definitely a bright burst of citrusy passion fruit in the mix, as well.  

2. Tropical Passion Fruit Moscow Mules

Okay, so my first tip for you with these delicious Moscow Mules is to use pineapple vodka. The recipe tells you to use whatever you want, but pineapple is the only way to go on these.  

After that, you’ll need passion fruit pulp, lime syrup, ginger beer, ice, and mint leaves. Once you have all that, you can whip up a refreshing, sweetly tart, gingery cocktail in just 5 minutes. 

It looks great, smells incredible, and tastes phenomenal, too. That’s a true triple threat right there. 

3. Passion Fruit Mojitos

If you’re looking for something a bit mintier and more refreshing, try these passion fruit mojitos instead. Don’t get me wrong; you’ll still get plenty of that spectacular passion fruit flavor. 

However, the overall vibe of the drink is clean, crisp, and surprisingly thirst-quenching for a cocktail. 

It’s such a bright, fun drink, and I’m not sure I’ve ever served it to anyone who didn’t like it. Plus, it’s easy to make, just a little bit fizzy, and perfect for hot summer days. 

4. Passion Fruit Margaritas With Agave

I know! I know! We’ve already done a passion fruit margarita! I promise; I haven’t lost my mind. 

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I added this additional margarita recipe because it’s slightly different from the other passion fruit margarita above.

If you love margaritas but are looking for a drink that’s a bit sweeter, use this recipe. You’ll still use passion fruit pulp, tequila, ice, and lime.

However, instead of simple syrup, you’ll use agave nectar for this one, and you can use whatever orange liqueur you like best, whether that’s triple sec or something else. 

It’s just as easy to make and is equally delicious – though sweeter – but its color is lighter, more of a peach than an orange. 

Either way, if you like margaritas, you’ll love it. 

5. Passion Fruit Martini

This 5-minute martini is the perfect mixture of sweetness and tang. 

I highly recommend searching for passion fruit vodka; it’s sometimes hard to find, but it makes this drink exceptionally good. 

(Both Smirnoff and Skyy sell a passion fruit vodka; both are fantastic.)

If you really want a massive blast of passion fruit flavor, you can substitute passion fruit juice for pineapple juice. Either way, the drink is superb. 

6. Passion Fruit Caipiroska

This golden drink takes the traditional Brazilian caipiroska and adds three tablespoons of passion fruit for a tart, tangy, and subtly sweet treat that’s perfect for enjoying poolside. 

It’s quick and easy to make; the most “exotic” ingredient in it is the passion fruit. You can find everything else at the store. 

It’s light and almost candy-like, but the brown sugar adds some rich, warm undertones, too.

It may look a bit odd with the passion fruit seeds “swimming” in it, but it’s delicious. 

7. Bourbon Passion Fruit Cocktail

I usually have to be in the mood for bourbon because it has such a robust and smoky flavor, and I can’t always hide it behind the other cocktail ingredients. 

If I want to taste my alcohol when I drink it, I reach for the bourbon. Otherwise, I tend to stick to vodka or rum. 

This drink, though, lets me enjoy the potency of a bourbon-based drink without ever having to taste it. 

After all, it’s hard to taste anything under the passion fruit, orange, and lemon juices, cane syrup, basil, ginger ale, thyme, and grapes.

Yeah, there’s a lot to enjoy in that glass! 

If you’re looking for a tangy drink with just a hint of herb flavor, this is the one you’ll want. 

8. Classic Passion Fruit Daiquiri

This daiquiri isn’t as icy cold and slushy as a lot of daiquiris you’ll find in bars or restaurants. Instead, it’s cool, refreshing, and smooth. 

It also has a gorgeous orange color that’s sure to turn heads, and the taste is tangy, tropical, and insanely scrumptious. 

If you’re tired of the old-school beach drinks in your repertoire and looking for something new, give the passion fruit daiquiri a try.

9. Passion Fruit and Pineapple Sangria

The great thing about sangrias is that you can tweak them pretty much however you like.

And even though this one takes 20 minutes to make, you’ll agree it was time well spent after trying it.

You’ll start with a bottle of moscato white. To that, you’ll add various fruit juices (pineapple, passion fruit, and white grape are the ones suggested). 

Top it off with chilled ginger ale and plenty of fun and flavorful fruit garnishes. Everyone will be coming back for more. 

10. Passion Fruit Prosecco Mimosa

If you’re looking for a passion fruit cocktail that’s effortless to make, you can’t beat this two-ingredient mimosa. 

All you’ll need to prepare it is a bottle of Prosecco – Mionetto Prosecco Brut, specifically – and two ounces of passion fruit juice. 

Combine them in a fancy glass (or a non-fancy glass! There’s no judgment here!) and enjoy.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a thematic drink for Halloween, these are awesome because they are 100% pumpkin orange.

10 Best Passion Fruit Cocktails

Take your tastebuds to the tropics with these passion fruit cocktails! Sip on margaritas, mojitos, martinis, and more for a mini-vacation right at home.


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  • Prep a passion fruit margarita in 30 minutes or less!
Passion Fruit Cocktails

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