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23 Indian Fusion Desserts (+ Easy Recipes)

These recipes combine different cuisines to make phenomenal Indian fusion desserts!

Indian festivities come hand in hand with sweet indulgences. But there’s no need for a special occasion to try them. 

Khaman Dhokla Chaat - Savory Steamed Cake with Chutney
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While we all love the traditional mithai, fusion desserts bring a delightful twist too. 

So why not merge global flavors with Indian classics for a captivating culinary experience? These recipes will fill your kitchen experiments with fresh ideas.

Diwali or not, indulge in these Indian fusion desserts today!

1. Paan Cheesecake Truffles 

These paan cheesecake truffles are an innovative take on the traditional meetha paan. 

Meetha paan is a palate cleanser with betel leaves filled with sweet spreads and crunchy treats. For these truffles, it’s mixed with a cheesecake of cream cheese and biscuit crumbs. They’re flavored with gulkand (rose petal preserves) and garnished with candied fennel. 

The truffles are also infused with rosewater for fragrance.

2. Shrikhand Tart

A Shrikhand tart is a fusion of the traditional Indian shrikhand and a classic French tart. Shrikhand is a cardamom-saffron-infused yogurt dessert. It serves as a unique filling for the tart.

The shell, made from almond and pistachio flours, also has cardamom for that authentic Indian taste.

For a more festive feel, the filling is topped with saffron-infused cream. As the final touch, sprinkle your tart with almonds and pistachios.

3. Cookies and Cream Burfi 

Cookies and cream burfi is a delightful blend of classic Indian and American treats. It combines the fudgy Indian milk burfi with cookies and cream ice cream.

Burfi is traditionally made with khoya/mawa or condensed milk solids. But you can use regular condensed milk for convenience.

4. Custard Rasgulla

Custard rasgulla combines juicy rasgullas with creamy homemade custard. 

Rasgullas are cheese dough dumplings soaked in a light sugar syrup. And when these sweet spheres meet custard, magic happens. 

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This dessert is quick to prepare if you have rasgullas ready. Just immerse them in custard, garnish with slivered nuts, and voila! 

It’s perfect for festivals like Holi, Diwali, or Rakshabandhan. It’s wonderful for any special occasion.

5. Falooda Tres Leches

This recipe combines tres leches cake with elements of a classic Mughlai dessert, falooda. 

The sponge cake is soaked in a mixture of three milks, cream, and rose syrup. It also has falooda elements like sev (crunchy noodle snack), jelly, and tukumaria (basil seeds). 

The whipped cream topping with rose water ties it all together. 

Even non-falooda fans find this dessert irresistible. 

6. Gulab Jamun Turnovers 

Gulab jamun turnovers are an inventive combo of gulab jamuns with a puff pastry shell. 

Gulab jamuns are milk-solid dumplings deep-fried and soaked in cardamom-infused sugar syrup. When stuffed in puff pastry and sprinkled with nuts, they transform into a delightful snack. 

Novice cooks can create these treats using store-bought pastry sheets and gulab jamuns. They require fewer ingredients than many fusion desserts, making them perfect for any festive occasion. 

Enjoy them with a cup of coffee for an unforgettable experience.

7. Rose Kalakand

Here’s a delectable twist on the traditional Indian milk cake, kalakand. It keeps the original’s grainy texture but adds fresh rosewater flavor. 

This fusion dessert also adds a cardamom-flavored shortbread base for extra crunch. 

It’s a quicker version, using store-bought ricotta cheese and milk powder. The kalakand is infused with rose water and garnished with pistachios and almonds. 

The result is a smoother-textured kalakand that’s still just as delicious. Easy to prepare, this dish brings the taste of Diwali right to your table!

8. Rasmalai Tiramisu 

Rasmalai tiramisu brings together two classic desserts in a creative fusion. 

Rasmalai is a decadent Indian dessert. It’s made from cottage cheese balls soaked in cream infused with saffron and cardamom. 

Ladyfingers layered with rasmalai and cardamom-scented whipped cream form this creamy delight. This dessert has the signature elements of tiramisu, such as mascarpone and ladyfingers. 

Adding cardamom, pistachios, and rose petals enhances the overall flavor. 

9. Almond Praline Phirni

This next fusion recipe is based on phirni, a traditional slow-cooked Indian pudding. Ground rice, sugar, milk, almonds, saffron, and cardamom create this creamy dessert

The twist is the almond praline topping. It adds a crunchy texture and a nutty flavor that complements the soft phirni.

Garnish it with crushed rose petals and fresh pistachios for extra color and flavor.

10. Mango Panna Cotta Seviyaan Kheer

At the bottom of this fusion dessert is a classic Italian panna cotta. The light treat is made even brighter with sweet, ripe mango.

On top is a layer of seviyaan kheer. This creamy Indian dessert is made with vermicelli, milk, sugar, dry fruits, and spices. 

A unique twist is the thandai powder. It’s a flavorful blend of ground peppercorns, poppy seeds, melon seeds, saffron, and more.

Finish it off with nuts and rose petals for a prettier presentation.

11. White Chocolate Thandai Bark

Want a spicy twist to traditional chocolate bark? This recipe’s the ticket.

Here, classic chocolate bark gets an Indian twist with thandai. It’s a popular Indian spiced drink made with nuts, spices, and milk. It adds a touch of warmth and a lot of flavor to the creamy white chocolate. 

Customize the toppings with rose petals, pistachios, or almonds. 

12. Rasgulla Falooda

Rasgulla falooda is an exciting twist on India’s well-loved street-side dessert. It’s perfect for festivities like Diwali.

Rasgullas are cheese balls soaked in sugar syrup. Falooda is an ice cream float with milk, sabja seeds, Jell-O, and thin noodles called sev. 

This dish transforms these two desserts into one. It has layers of jelly, sabja seeds, rasgulla, sev, and mango milkshake. It’s topped with ice cream and garnished with tutti frutti and nuts.

How fun!

13. Diwali Dessert Jars

These Diwali dessert jars house layers of dulce de leche, phirni, and gajar halwa.

Phirni is a subtly sweet ground rice dish cooked with milk, sugar, and cardamom. Gajar halwa is a carrot fudge made with grated carrots and condensed milk.

With all three combined, you get an enticing blend of tastes and textures in one spoonful.

14. Rose Mawa Pots De Creme

Rose mawa pots de creme blend the French classic with Indian flavors. 

These little pots of joy combine rose syrup, mawa (or khoya), and coconut to deliver a festive treat. 

Mawa is an Indian sweet base made from thickened milk. It offers a milky richness to this dessert. Just a small serving is enough to satisfy your sweet cravings. 

15. Gulab Jamun Tiramisu Trifle

Tiramisu meets gulab jamun meets trifle. What an epic flavor fusion! This isn’t just any dessert, it’s a whole experience. 

Classic ladyfingers are replaced with store-bought gulab jamuns soaked in espresso. The whipped cream is infused with cardamom and rose water, complementing the gulab jamuns. 

The result is a creamy, smooth treat boasting unique flavors of espresso, rosewater, and cardamom. 

16. Rice Kheer with Berry Compote

A delightful fusion of creamy rice kheer with a tangy berry compote awaits you in this recipe. 

The traditional North Indian rice kheer is made with basmati rice, sugar, milk, and cardamom. Now, top it off with a berry compote. Slow-cooked berries are enriched with cardamom and rose essence for a sweet-tangy flavor balance. 

When the kheer unites with the compote, the result is nothing short of spectacular. 

17. Rasmalai Milk Boba

Meet rasmalai milk boba. It’s an exquisite dessert drink that’s both gorgeous and a breeze to make. 

Imagine boba pearls, creamy rasmalai milk, and a hint of rose whipped cream. Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds! 

Rasmalai is slow-cooked, thickened milk loaded with nuts and saffron. 

This version cuts down on effort but not on taste. You need only 15-20 minutes to reduce the milk.

18. No-Bake Chai Cheesecake Jars

These no-bake chai cheesecake jars will be your new go-to last-minute dessert. They’re creamy delights that take your beloved chai tea break to a whole new level. 

They have a biscuit crust and chai-infused cheesecake filling, all served in a convenient jar!

19. Thandai Tres Leches Cake

This next fusion dessert marries Thandai with a moist and decadent tres leches cake.

Thandai is a refreshing, cooling drink made especially for Holi celebrations. Its name, translating to ‘cooling,’ comes from its effect on the body.

To make Thandai, a special masala, Thandai powder, is prepared. This flavorful mix contains cardamom, saffron, rose, and a host of nuts. Mixed into hot milk and cooled for an hour, it creates a rich, fragrant drink.

Then, the thandai-infused milk is mixed with two others and soaked into a simple cake. What you get is Thandai tres leches. It’s pretty, moist, and brimming with unique flavors.

20. Butterscotch Toffee Sheera

This innovative dessert blends Indian rawa (cream of wheat) with butterscotch pudding. It’s a less sweet, toffee-like version of sheera (Indian pudding). 

By using a mere half tablespoon of ghee, this pudding is super light. The cool butterscotch pudding topping adds an extra layer of flavor.

21. Motichoor Ladoo Truffle 

This scrumptious dessert transforms traditional motichoor laddus into an irresistible confectionery. Laddus are soft balls made from gram flour, sugar, and spices. 

The gram flour batter is deep-fried to create tiny balls (boondi). They’re then mixed with sugar syrup and assorted nuts or seeds.

But here’s the twist: they’re coated with white chocolate for an exciting texture contrast. They’re garnished with nuts and dried rose petals for the perfect finishing touch. 

22. No-Bake Rasmalai Cake With Cake Rusks

Cake rusks are layered with rasmalai cream filling, then covered in cardamom whipped cream. Cake rusks are an Indian biscuit akin to biscotti. They’re soaked in rasmalai milk syrup. 

Next, a layer of rasmalai and cardamom whipped cream is added. The whole ensemble is then covered with the rest of the whipped cream. It’s like icebox cake with an Indian twist.

23. Jalebi Cheesecake Bars 

These bars are creamy, smooth cheesecake squares with an exciting twist! They’re infused with rosewater, cardamom, and saffron for a captivating aroma and flavor.

But what makes this dessert truly unique is the addition of jalebis, a beloved South Asian sweet. These crunchy, syrup-soaked treats add an unexpected crunch and sweetness. What a game-changer.

23 Indian Fusion Desserts (+ Easy Recipes)

These Indian fusion desserts bring excitement to your table! From truffles to tiramisu to trifle, you’ll want to try them all.


  • Paan Cheesecake Truffles

  • Shrikhand Tart

  • Cookies and Cream Burfi

  • Custard Rasgulla

  • Falooda Tres Leches

  • Gulab Jamun Turnovers

  • Rose Kalakand

  • Rasmalai Tiramisu

  • Almond Praline Phirni

  • Mango Panna Cotta Seviyaan Kheer

  • White Chocolate Thandai Bark

  • Rasgulla Falooda

  • Diwali Dessert Jars

  • Rose Mawa Pots De Creme

  • Gulab Jamun Tiramisu Trifle

  • Rice Kheer with Berry Compote

  • Rasmalai Milk Boba

  • No-Bake Chai Cheesecake Jars

  • Thandai Tres Leches Cake

  • Butterscotch Toffee Sheera

  • Motichoor Ladoo Truffle

  • No-Bake Rasmalai Cake With Cake Rusks

  • Jalebi Cheesecake Bars


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep an Indian fusion dessert in 30 minutes or less!
Indian Fusion Desserts

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