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23 Easy Filipino Soup Recipes

These Filipino soup recipes capture the country’s vibrant food culture and traditions in a bowl.

From the comforting arroz caldo to the tangy sinigang and hearty nilagang baka, there’s something to love.

Filipino Chicken Macaroni Soup with Sausage
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Whether you’re seeking a light appetizer, a hearty main, or a culinary adventure, you’ll find it here.

Prepare to immerse yourself in these comforting, delicious, and soul-soothing Filipino soups. Stir, simmer, and discover the essence of Filipino comfort food, one soup at a time.

1. Arroz Caldo (Filipino Chicken and Rice Soup)

Experience the warmth of Filipino culture with a bowl of arroz caldo. It’s a heartwarming medley of tender chicken, creamy rice, and aromatic spices. 

This soup wonder is gently simmered in a ginger-infused broth. It transforms the humble ingredients into a flavor-packed delight. 

It’s topped off with crunchy garlic bits, sliced scallions, and a dash of Philippine lime. With each spoonful, wrap yourself in a tasty hug of Filipino comfort!

2. Chicken Tinola

Embrace the soulful goodness of Filipino cuisine with chicken tinola. This traditional soup is a hearty combo of juicy chicken, vibrant green chayote, and healthy moringa leaves. 

Infused with lemongrass and ginger, the broth offers a burst of zingy and refreshing flavors. It’s the perfect pick-me-up when served over steaming hot rice on a chilly day. 

Chicken tinola isn’t just a meal. It’s a nourishing experience that’ll delight your senses.

3. Sinigang

Prepare for a tangy explosion of flavors with Sinigang soup. It’s a classic Filipino recipe celebrating the country’s love for sour profiles. 

This tamarind-based dish brims with tender meat, whether pork, beef, or shrimp. Plus, it’s loaded with assorted tropical vegetables like water spinach, radish, and okra.

The ingredients are all packed in a unique lip-puckering sour broth. Each spoonful of sinigang promises a refreshing burst of the Philippines in a bowl.

4. Filipino Chicken Macaroni Sopas

Filipino chicken macaroni sopas is a creamy, hearty soup that makes every day like a special occasion. A fusion of shredded chicken, elbow macaroni, and diced vegetables is enveloped in a creamy broth. 

Whether it’s a chilly day or just need a pick-me-up, this whimsical dish is for you. With one sip, you’ll feel instantly warm and gratified.

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5. Bulalo (Filipino Beef Marrow Stew)

Meet bulalo, the meaty maestro of Filipino cuisine that showcases the underrated magic of bone marrow. Slow-cooked beef shanks and bone marrow make for a rich, savory, collagen-filled broth. 

Adding cabbage, corn, and potatoes provides a textural symphony to the decadent broth. Serving bulalo is an act of love and patience. It’s perfect for a family Sunday dinner!

6. Filipino Cocido

Celebrate the bounty of Filipino produce with the one-pot wonder that is Filipino cocido. 

A melange of hearty beef, succulent chicken, and luscious pork simmer in a rich broth. It packs various vegetables, chickpeas, and saba bananas for a satisfying meal.

Cocido showcases the multicultural influences of Filipino cuisine in a bowl of warmth and heartiness. 

7. Pancit Molo

Are you craving a warm, comforting soup with a delightful twist? Pancit molo is your answer. 

This soup features delicate wontons filled with seasoned ground pork and shrimp. They float in a garlicky, chicken-infused broth. It’s so nourishing and flavorful. 

Garnished with green onions and fried garlic, it’s a delicate blend of flavors and textures. This soup is a Filipino version of wonton soup hailing from Iloilo.

8. Sinabawang Isda at Gulay

When it comes to home-style cooking, nothing beats the comfort of sinabawang isda at gulay.  The name translates to fish and vegetable soup, a light and healthy dish. 

Fresh fish and various vibrant vegetables simmer together in a clear, delicately flavored broth. This soup is a testament to the Filipino appreciation of natural flavors. Plus, it pays homage to the archipelago’s incredible marine and agricultural bounties. 

9. Chicken Sotanghon Soup

Chicken Sotanghon is Filipino comfort food at its best. Tender morsels of chicken, crisp vegetables, and silky sotanghon simmer in a clear, savory broth. Adding crispy garlic and aromatic green onions on top provides a delightful contrast. 

Chicken sotanghon soup is a reminder that the simplest ingredients make the most heartwarming meals.

10. Pancit Lomi

Immerse yourself in the thick, luxurious goodness of pancit lomi, a popular noodle soup from Batangas. It features thick, hearty noodles and proteins, including chicken, liver, shrimp, and quail eggs. 

The ingredients are simmered in a glossy, cornstarch-thickened broth with stick-to-your-ribs deliciousness. 

Don’t forget the sprinkling of fried garlic on top for an extra layer of flavor!

11. Filipino Monngo Guisado (Mung Bean Stew)

A traditional Friday staple for many Filipinos, monggo guisado showcases the humble mung bean. This hearty stew stars mung beans paired with vegetables and aromatics. It creates a delectable balance of flavors and textures. 

This nourishing dish is perfect if you’re looking for a vegetarian soup to keep you warm.

12. Utan Bisaya

Hailing from the Visayan region, Utan Bisaya embodies simple, wholesome Filipino cooking. It’s a soup loaded with regional vegetables like okra, eggplant, squash, and moringa leaves. Adding fried fish for a salty touch increases the soup’s flavor.

It’s a light, nutritious, and flavorful meal that’s as healthy as it is delicious.

13. Nilagang Baka (Filipino Beef Soup with Vegetables)

Imagine a slow, simmering pot filled with tender beef, chunky vegetables, and a clear, peppery broth. That’s nilagang baka for you. It’s a quintessential Filipino soup that satisfies the soul. It’s often enjoyed with fish sauce and red chili to elevate the flavors.

This beef and vegetable soup is perfect for a cozy night in. Each sip will warm you from the inside out with its lovely flavors.

14. Dinengdeng

Dinengdeng is a testament to the Ilocos region’s love for simple, vegetable-based dishes. This soup showcases an array of regional vegetables cooked in a salty fish paste-infused broth. It often features grilled or fried fish for added depth that goes perfectly with rice.

This dish is a harmony of fresh, earthy flavors that’ll make you love nature’s bounty.

15. Beef Pares Mami

Take your tastebuds on an exciting culinary adventure with beef pares mami soup. This soup perfectly encapsulates the Filipino-Chinese culinary crossover. 

It features succulent beef stew and springy mami noodles swimming in a meaty, savory broth. 

It’s topped with scallions, toasted garlic, and boiled egg, bringing a medley of flavors. This soup truly deserves its place as one of the beloved Filipino comfort foods.

16. Nilagang Baboy (Boiled Pork Soup)

Are you looking for something light yet filling? Delight in the pure flavors of nilagang baboy. This hearty dish packs succulent chunks of pork and bone that are gently boiled until fork-tender. It’s combined with cabbage, potatoes, and saba banana.

The clear, flavorful broth is seasoned simply with peppercorns and fish sauce. This ensures every ingredient shines. This dish is a hearty homage to Filipino rustic cooking. 

17. Lugaw

Often dubbed the Filipino congee, Lugaw is a thick rice porridge that offers comfort and nourishment. 

Whether it’s a rainy day or you’re nursing a cold, this creamy concoction is a warm embrace in a bowl. It’s made from glutinous rice and seasoned with ginger, garlic, and onions. 

This soup is best served with crispy garlic, green onions, and lemon to elevate the flavors.

18. Pork Menudo (Filipino Pork and Liver Stew)

Dive into a vibrant pot of Filipino flavors with pork menudo. This rich and hearty stew is a medley of diced pork, liver, potatoes, carrots, and bell peppers. It’s simmered in rich umami sauce made with a blend of soy sauce and tomatoes. 

Menudo is a dish full of Filipino festivity. Serve it on top of steaming hot rice for a wonderful dining experience!

19. Linat Ang Baboy (Filipino Pork Soup with Mixed Vegetables)

Explore the comforting depths of linat ang baboy. It’s a dish that masterfully combines tender chunks of pork with various colorful vegetables. The pork and veggies are simmered in a clear, seasoned broth loaded with aromatics. 

Whether it’s the sweet bite of kabocha or the earthiness of greens, every ingredient complements the next. It’s a testament to how Filipino cuisine celebrates the natural flavors of its ingredients.

20. Sinigang Na Hipon (Shrimp in Sour Soup)

Are you seeking a light yet flavorful meal? Experience a tantalizing dance of tangy and savory with sinigang na hipon. This soup celebrates plump shrimp as they simmer in a sour broth derived from tamarind. 

Complemented by vegetables like radish, okra, and eggplant, this dish offers a delightful balance of flavors.

21. Suam Na Mais

Simplicity and comfort shine through in a bowl of suam na mais. This corn soup is a popular Filipino delicacy. It celebrates the creamy, natural sweetness of corn. It’s combined with hearty shrimp and savory greens in a rich, aromatic broth. 

Often enjoyed as a mid-day snack or light meal, it features simple, everyday ingredients.

22. Pinatisang Manok

Pinatisang manok is a chicken soup that genuinely packs a punch. This dish turns up the saltiness with a broth infused with patis (Filipino fish sauce). 

It’s loaded with chili leaves and ginger broth, contrasting the saltiness with bright flavors. The crushed egg yolks added to the soup make this dish extra special.

If you’re looking for a dish that exudes bold Filipino flavors, pinatisang manok is your perfect match.

23. Soup Number 5

Brace yourself for a culinary adventure with soup number 5, which is as interesting as its name. This dish is not just a soup. It’s a daring delicacy known for its main ingredient. It stars bull’s testicles simmered in a rich beef broth

Soup number 5 is considered an aphrodisiac in Filipino cuisine. Often enjoyed with a cold beer on the side, this dish will challenge your explorer side.

23 Easy Filipino Soup Recipes

These classic Filipino soup recipes are full of flavor! From arroz caldo to sinigang to pork menudo, you’ll want to sample them all.


  • Arroz Caldo (Filipino Chicken and Rice Soup)

  • Chicken Tinola

  • Sinigang

  • Filipino Chicken Macaroni Sopas

  • Bulalo (Filipino Beef Marrow Stew)

  • Filipino Cocido

  • Pancit Molo

  • Sinabawang Isda at Gulay

  • Chicken Sotanghon Soup

  • Pancit Lomi

  • Filipino Monngo Guisado (Mung Bean Stew)

  • Utan Bisaya

  • Nilagang Baka (Filipino Beef Soup with Vegetables)

  • Dinengdeng

  • Beef Pares Mami

  • Nilagang Baboy (Boiled Pork Soup)

  • Lugaw

  • Pork Menudo (Filipino Pork and Liver Stew)

  • Linat Ang Baboy (Filipino Pork Soup with Mixed Vegetables)

  • Sinigang Na Hipon (Shrimp in Sour Soup)

  • Suam Na Mais

  • Pinatisang Manok

  • Soup Number 5


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Filipino soup in 30 minutes or less!
Filipino Soup Recipes

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