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23 Best Dried Fig Recipes and Ideas

With their concentrated honey sweetness and delicious chewy texture, these easy dried fig recipes are just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Because although they’re delicious right out of the bag, there are more ways to enjoy dried fruits than just as a sweet and juicy snack.

Homemade Oatmeal Fig Cookies
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Unlike fresh figs, dried figs are pretty easy to get your hands on.

They’re also jam-packed with all the same natural sugars, vitamins, and minerals. 

And just like recipes with dried apricots, dates, raisins, and prunes, these dried fig recipes are sweet, easy to make, and full of incredible texture.

20+ Fantastic Ways to Cook with Dried Figs

1. Oatmeal Fig Bars

If you’re a fan of oatmeal and raisin cookies, these homemade fig bars should be right up your alley.

They’re wonderfully chewy with a little bite from the baked oats.

They’re also loaded with dried figs, nutmeg, cinnamon, and maple syrup. So every mouthful is like a warm, cozy hug!

2. Fig Jam

The enhanced figgy flavor in this fig jam is irresistibly delicious. It’s so yummy, you’ll never buy store-bought fig jam again! 

A squeeze of lemon and a hint of vanilla are simple, but take this jam to the next level.

Spread it on your morning toast or a warm, fluffy biscuit. Or use it on an appetizer platter!

Bruschetta with fig jam and goat cheese, anyone?

3. Dried Fig Cake

Now, this is the ultimate fig dessert!

Picture it: brandy-soaked dried figs, boozy chocolate cake, and gooey caramel. Are you drooling too? 

This is the upside-down cake of your dreams. From the caramelized dried figs to the moist chocolate sponge, every bite is better than the last. 

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The brandy deepens the flavor of the figs. So, make sure you soak them and the raisins before you bake the cake!

(The alcohol cooks off as it bakes, so you don’t need to worry about this being boozy.)

4. Chewy Oatmeal Fig Cookies

Take your favorite oatmeal cookies to new heights with delicious, chewy figs!

These oatmeal fig cookies are sweet, chewy, and brimming with buttery pecans. So, they have the most amazing texture and natural sweetness. 

The next time you’re looking for the perfect sweet treat to have with your coffee, turn to these cookies. They’re perfect for dunking!

5. Dried Fig Smoothie

If you’ve never made a smoothie with dried figs before, let this be your sign!

Between the concentrated sweetness of the figs and the natural fruity, sweet taste of the bananas, this is one helluva way to wake up.

Plus, it’s picky-eater approved!

Better yet, because the two fruits are so flavorful, you don’t need to add any extra sugar or sweetener.

Just be sure to soak the figs in water before you blend them. That way, the smoothie is as smooth and creamy as possible. 

Just pop them in a bowl of water and leave it overnight. When you wake up, they’ll be ready to blitz.

6. Apple Fig Oatmeal Muffins

I love muffins in the morning. They’re sweet, fluffy, hearty, and just a little naughty.

If that sounds familiar, you need to bake these apple and fig oatmeal muffins.

The crumbly topping is just as tasty as the muffin itself. It practically melts in your mouth and pairs so well with the fig, oatmeal, and apple sponge. 

What better way to eat oatmeal than as a muffin? 

7. Fig Custard

You only need five ingredients to whip up this fig custard. It’s the perfect quick-and-easy dessert for a hectic weeknight.

This custard is jam-packed with dried figs, and it’s thick, sweet, and oh-so-creamy to boot.

How can you resist that? 

The only hard part is waiting for the custard to set. But it’s definitely worth it!

8. Fig and Walnut Cake

This homey fig and walnut cake is a fabulously rustic bake for a warm and cozy weekend. 

This is a yeast-based sweet cake which means it needs time to proof. But don’t worry, it couldn’t be more straightforward.

And when it’s ready, you’ll be happy you took the time to make it. Your house will smell incredible, and it’ll be all you can do not to dive in while it’s still hot!

9. Savory Fig Ricotta Toast

Calling all avocado toast lovers!

Get ready for a whole new morning toast obsession because this savory fig ricotta toast is loaded with deliciousness.

Sourdough bread is piled high with whipped ricotta, arugula, salami, and dried figs.

Need I say more?

Each of those ingredients complements each other to the max. From the salty salami and creamy cheese to the sweet figs, it’s pure bliss.

10. Turkish Fig Pudding

This rich and creamy Turkish fig pudding is simply amazing. And it only uses two main ingredients: milk and dried figs!

Known as “incir uyutması,” which means “sleeping figs,” it used to be made by leaving figs to steep in warm milk overnight.

Here the process is sped up. So, you’ll puree chopped figs with simmered milk, then season and leave to chill for a few hours.

Add some chopped nuts, and it’s ready to devour.

11. Bacon Wrapped Figs

Bacon-wrapped anything is always a winner. But these bacon-wrapped figs are the perfect balance of salty and sweet.

Wrap dried figs in pepper bacon and hold them together with a toothpick. After a spin in the oven, they’re crispy, salty, chewy, and to die for.

Serve these delectable bites by themselves or as a part of a cheese board or charcuterie board. 

Because bacon makes everything better, right? 

12. Homemade Fig Syrup for Cocktails

This homemade fig syrup is guaranteed to become your new favorite cocktail ingredient.

They’re super sweet with a beautiful honey flavor that’s ideal for sweetening cocktails without artificial sugar.

Figs even have a slightly citrusy taste, which means they pair really well with orange and lemon flavors.

So, try this syrup in a sour, highball, margarita or daiquiri. Cheers!

13. Fig Scones

You need to pair your next cup of tea with one of these fig scones. They’re sweet, buttery, and oh-so-mouthwatering.

These orange-scented buttermilk scones are brimming with soft, juicy dried figs and smothered in a dreamy orange and cardamom glaze.

They’re lovely on their own. But a little butter never hurt.

Give them a try – and don’t forget that cup of tea!

14. Walnut Fig Bread

Sweet and nutty, this walnut and fig quick bread is perfect for breakfast, brunch, or a mid-morning snack.

It’s bursting with buttery walnuts and sweet, fruity figs. And might even be good enough to beat your favorite banana bread recipe!

Toast up a slice, slather it in butter, and get ready to swoon.

15. Caramelized Onion Dried Fig Pizza with Feta

While this caramelized onion, feta, and dried fig pizza may sound fancy, it’s pretty simple to whip up.

The sweet and savory onions are a flawless base, bringing the figs and creamy, salty feta together in one perfect bite.

And there’s no need to cook up a tomato base – all you need is olive oil.

Crank up the heat with some chili flakes and treat yourself to something special tonight.

16. Fig, Goat Cheese and Prosciutto Bruschetta

Looking for a quick and easy appetizer? This fig, goat cheese, and prosciutto bruschetta is my go-to for parties.

Sweet, honey figs + tangy, creamy goat cheese = a match made in heaven. And they only take a few minutes to whip up.

Tasty and quick? That sounds like a win-win to me!

17. Dried Fig and Farro Salad with Arugula and Feta

This dried fig and farro salad is the perfect side for all your favorite fall entrees.

Loaded with sweet, dried California figs, chewy farro, peppery arugula, and feta cheese, it’s bright, light, and wonderfully colorful.

A light and refreshing salad of red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, and Dijon mustard ties everything together just right.

18. Pork Loin with Balsamic Fig Sauce

Pork loin with a sweet, tangy balsamic and fig sauce that practically melts in your mouth? Yes, please!

This might just be the most tender pork you’ll ever eat. And while the sauce is quite strong, it pairs well with most sides.

So, serve this with rice, potatoes, pasta, or roasted veggies. You can’t go wrong!

19. Boneless Pork Chops with Balsamic-Fig Sauce

If you’re intimidated by a whole pork loin, try this recipe instead.

An easy balsamic-fig sauce turns these ordinary pork chops into something extraordinary.

This simple, sweet, and savory meal tastes like a restaurant-quality meal. It’s sure to satisfy and impress your friends and family.

20. Fermented Cranberry Sauce

Forget sugary, canned cranberry sauce, and make this for your next holiday dinner.

Made with cranberries, dried figs, maple syrup, citrus, and spices, there’s so much flavor in just a teaspoon.

Serve up this chunky condiment, and it’s bound to steal the show. 

21. Rosemary Fig and Nut Bread

On the hunt for a simple gluten-free bread recipe?

This rosemary, fig, and nut bread has the most delightful texture. The secret?Lots of almond butter!

Jam-packed with nuts and seeds, each bite has lovely crunch and depth. Plus, that hint of herby rosemary balances out the sweet figs perfectly. 

Pair a slice of this delicious bread with some creamy goat cheese and a drizzle of honey. Yum!

22. Fresh Fig Muffins

There’s nothing better than a warm, fluffy, fresh fig muffin with your morning coffee.

They’re best when they’re fresh out of the oven and slathered with cream cheese, ricotta, or butter.

You can even jazz these up with vanilla ice cream, chopped nuts, caramel sauce, or warm fig jam for dessert.

23. Anjeer Kulfi

If you’ve never tried anjeer kulfi before, you’re in for a real treat!

Anjeer kulfi is an Indian ice cream made with dried figs, heavy cream, and evaporated milk.

Usually served with boiled vermicelli and known as falooda, this is a great dessert to serve at the end of your next Indian feast.

23 Best Ways to Use Dried Figs

With their concentrated honey sweetness and delicious chewy texture, these easy dried fig recipes are just what you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.


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Dried Fig Recipes

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