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24 Easy Crockpot Side Dishes

Looking for the best Crockpot side dishes? From cornbread to potatoes to mac and cheese, these easy fix-it-and-forget-it recipes are guaranteed to delight.

Most Crockpot recipes are for big cuts of meat or main dishes in general. But why not try out some side dishes for a change?

Mashed Sweet Potatoes
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I like to use my smaller Crockpot to make something easy, whether I’m cheating with store-bought rotisserie chicken or just want something simple. 

Be warned: once you’ve tried one of these 24 crazy easy Crockpot side dishes, you’ll need to add one (or two) more slow cookers to your Christmas list!

1. Crockpot Cornbread

If you like your cornbread moist and flavorful, you’ve come to the right place. 

My issue with this southern side is how dry it can be.

But making it in the slow cooker will give you soft and tender cornbread that’s packed with flavor. 

Just don’t forget to line the pot with foil, so it comes out nice and easy. 

2. Crockpot Ranch Potatoes

Being one of those people who puts ranch on everything, you can imagine how often these potatoes are on my table. 

Think of this side like a warm potato salad, full of tender red potatoes, cheese, garlic, and creamy ranch dressing.

The potatoes need to cook for a few hours, but when they’re ready, all you have to do is mix the other ingredients through and serve. 

3. Crockpot Corn on the Cob

Another super quick side, this corn recipe is easy and buttery.

As with the potatoes, you’ll need to cook the corn in some water before adding in butter and letting it melt into the sweet corn. 

This recipe would be the perfect side at a BBQ or to go with that mid-week rotisserie chicken dinner. 

4. Slow Cooker Scalloped Potatoes

Have you ever made scalloped potatoes only to find the middle is undercooked?

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It can be hard to get tender potatoes underneath without burning the top!

The slow cooker version fixes that.

As the whole dish heats slowly and evenly, there won’t be an undercooked potato in sight.

If your pot is oven safe, try popping it under the broiler for a few minutes in the end to get that wonderful crispy top. 

5. Slow Cooker Creamed Corn

I love corn in all forms, but this creamed corn recipe might just take the top spot. 

What’s better than crisp, sweet corn mixed with butter and cream cheese?

But making this on the stove can be a bit of a chore. 

Some recipes have you heat the milk with the butter first and gently melt the cream cheese. Some will have you make a roux for a thicker sauce. 

Not here! Just throw it all in the pot and let the slow cooker do its thing.

6. Slow Cooker Boston Baked Beans Recipe

As far as baked beans go, I like mine thick and savory with just a hint of sweetness, and full of bacon.

The salty bacon adds excellent flavor and texture, especially if you can find smoked bacon. 

It’s essential to cook the bacon and onions down before adding them to the pot.

The molasses is great for that sweet, smoky flavor, but if you can’t find any, dark corn syrup will work, too. 

7. Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes

Even if I’m just cooking for two, I like to keep it simple. After a long day, the last thing I want is a million pots and pans to clean up!

My love of crockpot recipes comes from having them ready to go early. I love walking into the house to the smell of a perfectly cooked dish.

Mashed potatoes are a comforting side that will go with almost any dish, and these are particularly tasty. 

Cooked in stock with rosemary, they will soak up fantastic flavor and become ultra-creamy when you mash through the cheeses and butter. 

8. Slow Cooker Stuffing

What are mashed potatoes without a side of stuffing?

We all know that stuffing is the real star of the holidays, and no matter how much you make, it’s never enough. 

Making it in a slow cooker will allow you to make a nice big batch without it going dry.

Be sure to start with stale bread so that it can absorb as much liquid as possible. 

Once combined, it just needs four hours on low. 

9. Slow Cooker Green Beans with Bacon

Green beans tend to be kind of blah, in my opinion. 

But when slow-cooked with stock, bacon, onion, and potatoes? Total winner!

The most you have to do is cook the bacon and onion. Everything else will cook together in the pot until it’s tender and delicious. 

Chances are you won’t even need to add salt since the bacon will add enough. However, I would probably throw in some garlic for fun.

10. Crock Pot Creamed Spinach

I’m a huge fan of adding cheese to vegetables. Whatever works, right?

This creamed spinach is such a great combination of cream cheese, stock, mushroom soup, and Italian dressing. 

No more sad wilted spinach ruining your chicken. This side is good enough to be the main event!

Using frozen spinach is far easier than fresh, simply because fresh spinach will take up the whole pot and wilt down to very little. 

Using frozen gives you a better idea of how much you will have in the end since it won’t shrink much more during cooking. 

11. Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Wedges

There is no better way to make a big batch of moist, tender, and slightly fruity sweet potatoes.

This recipe adds in orange juice and maple syrup for a sweet and citrusy finish on your wedges. 

If you don’t want the citrus notes, you can switch the orange juice out for stock instead.

After just a few hours, the potatoes will be perfect.

In fact, this is such a nice way to make puree for sweet potato pie!

12. Perfect Rice in the Slow Cooker

When you have limited space, there isn’t room for too many fancy appliances.

As handy as a rice cooker may be, I’m not willing to give up storage when I already have a crockpot (ok, two).

Rice can be such a terrific side to many dishes, so I like to make up a big batch and keep it in the fridge, ready to go when I need it. 

It will cook evenly in the slow cooker, and you don’t have to worry about the bottom burning because you got distracted by that new book!

13. Slow Cooker Glazed Carrots

Spiced glazed carrots are a colorful, healthy, and delicious side for a roast chicken, pork loin, or even meatloaf. 

The carrots will become lovely and tender after cooking, and the glaze can easily be thickened by cooking the last 15 or so minutes without the lid on the pot.

Serve in a big dish with a drizzle of honey.

14. Slow Cooker Red Cabbage recipe

When you have a table full of food, it’s nice to have a colorful variety. 

This red cabbage dish more than makes the cut. 

 The vibrant color will have everyone reaching for a spoon of this spiced and tender side. 

Feel free to adjust the seasonings if you prefer your cabbage more or less sweet.

15. White Hot Chocolate

This adorable and pretty hot chocolate isn’t just for Valentine’s Day.

I think it would be just as fun to have during the holidays when dark and rich hot chocolate just won’t do. 

Made from white chocolate cocoa, condensed milk, and extra sugar, it is far sweeter than the usual hot chocolate mixes. 

But if you can’t go extra sweet over Christmas, when can you?

16. Slow-Cooker German Potato Salad

Similar to scalloped potatoes, this potato salad will give you tender and flavorful potatoes that are perfectly cooked every time. 

The sauce is made using bacon, onion, cider vinegar and seasoning, and is thickened up with a little flour. 

Once combined, everything will meld together to form a warm and satisfying side that will be devoured in no time. 

17. Crock Pot Mac and Cheese

Being a bit of a mac and cheese snob, you won’t find any powdered cheese in my cupboard.

Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time to steep the dairy with a selection of herbs, make a roux, and gently fold through all my cheeses. 

Sometimes, I want the easy option, and this is it!

The most work you have to do is cook the pasta, which is hardly working.

Once the pasta is ready, you can add it to the pot with the evaporated milk, whole milk, half & half, the Velveeta, cheddar cheese, and salt and pepper.

You might as well make a little extra because this will be your side of choice for the next few days!

18. Super Easy Slow Cooker Balsamic Brussels Sprouts

If you find your Brussels sprouts start to burn during roasting, this slow cooker method is a fantastic alternative. 

I would suggest adding some thinly sliced onion and bacon to the pot, too, because everything tastes better with bacon. 

You don’t even really need the balsamic reduction f you have that added flavor. But it will make the whole dish pop!

19. Copycat Cracker Barrel Fried Apples

We’ve talked about these fantastic fried apples before, though that recipe is a little more involved. 

This super simple version combines apples, spices, brown sugar, apple juice, and corn starch in the slow cooker, and let it go. 

After three to four hours, you will have juicy, tender apples in a thick and glossy sauce. 

20. Crockpot Sweet Potato Casserole

Like with mashed potatoes, this sweet potato casserole is hassle-free. 

Be sure to peel the skin since the potatoes are quite tough and can ruin the creamy texture. 

I love the use of pumpkin spice here, but you can always change it up if you like more or less cinnamon, ginger, or allspice. 

When cooked and mashed, top with butter, brown sugar, and pecans, letting it melt into the top of the potatoes. 

21. Slow Cooker Lipton Onion Potatoes

I add onions to everything and always far more than the recipe calls for. 

Depending on the variety, they can be sweet, peppery, subtle, or in your face. Whichever you choose, they elevate pretty much everything. 

As much as I enjoy the creaminess of a potato gratin, these garlic and onion roasted potatoes are to die for. 

I love the spiral pattern, but you can throw them in however you like. Just be sure to grease the pot so nothing sticks. 

22. Slow Cooker Colonial Hot Buttered Rum

Mulled wine just isn’t my thing. 

But warm, spiced rum with whipped cream? I’ll take two!

This is the perfect holiday drink that comes together in the slow cooker and can be served right from the pot. 

Keep the cooker on ‘warm’ and have an iced bowl of whipped cream on hand. 

23. Crock Pot Green Bean Casserole

Another home-grown comforting dish, this green bean casserole is so easy to make. 

The recipe calls for cream of mushroom soup, but I think it would be excellent with chicken or cheddar. 

Either way, just mix everything in the pot and let it go for two to three hours. 

The best thing about this dish is the topping of crispy onions!

24. Slow Cooker Cheesy Broccoli Casserole

As I said before, I’m not afraid to cover veggies in cheese if it means they get eaten!

And this casserole is as cheesy as it gets.

The broccoli will cook in gravy and water until tender before being topped with a heaping of cheese. 

Even the little ones will be asking for more!

24 Easy Crockpot Sides You Need To Try

Looking for the best crockpot side dishes? From cornbread to potatoes to mac and cheese, these easy fix-it-and-forget-it recipes are guaranteed to delight.


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  • Prep a crockpot side in 30 minutes or less!
Crockpot Side Dishes

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