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13 Best Corvina Recipes and Dinner Ideas

Fish lovers will adore these firm, mild, and sweet corvina recipes.

Sear it, bake it, or leave it raw – it’s delicious no matter what.

Grilled Corvina Fish with Tomatoes
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Corvina is a white fish similar to sea bass.

It’s very popular in South America, and since it’s low in fat and high in protein, it’s ideal for a healthy dinner.

Plus, the mild, buttery flavor makes it beginner-friendly and easy to pair with all kinds of yummy sauces and sides.

So fire up the grill or bust out your frying pan and try one of these corvina recipes!

Easy Baked Corvina Recipe and More!

1. Baked Corvina with Lemon Pepper Crust 

No matter the occasion, baked corvina is always an excellent choice for dinner. 

The lemon pepper crust is super flavorful, and all it takes are a handful of pantry staples – lemon pepper seasoning, garlic powder, and paprika, to be exact. 

Coat the fish in lemon juice first so the spice blend sticks, then bake it with butter. 

For a healthy side, you can’t go wrong with a salad. Or make it extra hearty with chunky steak fries.

2. Pan Seared Corvina with Artichoke and Tomato Ssamjang Sauce 

The three key components of this dish will take your tastebuds for a wild ride! 

You’ll keep the fish pretty simple with a pinch of salt and pepper. As for the artichokes, you’ll spruce them up a bit with lemon juice and white wine. 

But here comes the best part: the sauce! The charred tomato and ssamjang blend is what truly makes this dish extraordinary.

Ssamjang is a spicy Korean condiment that takes on an incredible flavor when you add charred tomatoes.

It’s got all the depth you need to make these simple ingredients pop!

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3. Pan Fried Corvina Fish

You can never have too many easy seafood recipes for busy weeknights. So here’s a fresh one that takes less than 30 minutes. 

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, breadcrumbs and a hot skillet are the best way to cook corvina in a hurry. 

Bread one side of the filets and toss them in a hot pan. As they cook, they’ll develop a beautiful golden brown crust. 

To garnish, all you need is a squeeze of lemon juice. How easy is that?

4. Baked Corvina with Tomatoes

Here’s another effortless dinner for a work night! This baked corvina with tomatoes needs just a few minutes of prep and about 15 minutes in the oven.

It sounds simple, but it’s fresh, healthy, and utterly delectable.

Oven roasting the tomatoes is an easy way to enhance the flavor and gives you a tasty tray of juices to pour over the fish.

While that’s cooking, toss the corvina in a pan with olives, capers, and white wine. Then let the oven do the rest. 

5. Corvina with Butter and Herbs

As much as I love complicated meals with a bunch of little extras, it’s nice to have simple recipes in your back pocket.

Like this super straightforward corvina with herbs and butter. 

Just coat the fish in garlic, parsley, and thyme, then go ahead and add some salt and pepper.

Pan-fry the fish in a healthy dose of butter for about 10 minutes, and bam, you’re done! 

6. Corvina Traditional

Do you love fresh ceviche as much as I do? Then just wait until you try corvina traditional. 

This South American ceviche hails from Peru. And from sweet to crunchy, it’s got a wide range of flavors and textures. 

Like all good ceviches, it starts with quality seafood and a zippy citrusy marinade.

The firm flesh of corvina is a stellar choice as it holds up well in the citrus bath.

Next, you’ll need fresh garnishes like red onion and cilantro. 

What truly makes it unique, though, is the candied sweet potato. It may sound a bit unusual, but I swear you’ll love it!

7. Corvina Fish in Coconut Crust 

This filet tastes like a beach vacation on a plate!

The coconut crust adds a tropical twist with a nice crunchy texture to complement the succulent and flaky fish. 

Before coating the fish in breadcrumbs and sweet coconut flakes, give it a generous squeeze of lemon.

You can also add some aromatics, like thyme or oregano if you like. 

When it comes time for cooking, toss it in a pan with some butter and let it bake. 

In the meantime, prepare your favorite seafood side dishes like baked sweet potatoes or Moroccan couscous. Delish!

8. Corvina with Butter and Herbs

I know what you’re thinking, but no, this isn’t the same recipe as the one above.

Yes, it’s flaky corvina cooked in butter and herbs, but a simple twist makes this version extra special – compound butter!

You’ll melt butter and add chopped parsley, scallions, and thyme before tossing it in the freezer.

When it comes time for dinner, just slap a cube on top of the fish and bake it in the oven. 

It’s such an easy way to add flavor to a dish. Plus, you can make all different flavors, and it’ll stop the herbs from going bad. Win-win!

9. Corvina and Idaho Potatoes with Coconut Curry Sauce

Are you’re a fan of all things curry, you’ll go gaga for this comforting, creamy, and spicy fish curry.

Serve the fish and potatoes drowned in the sauce, or serve just enough for dipping. Either way, you’ll love it.

Soak the potatoes in salt water first, then pat them dry. This helps to draw out moisture and make them very crispy.

As for the fish, you’ll fry the fillets with the skins on.

10. Corvina – Louisiana Fry Style

From fried catfish to po’ boys, the folks in Louisiana know how to prepare fish. And that includes corvina. 

This Louisiana-style dish is everything you want from fried fish.

It’s crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and chock-full of flavor in every bite. 

You’ll need a package of Louisiana Fish Fry prepared breading mix, which you can find in supermarkets or online.

I like the Cajun mix since it’s got a nice kick of heat.

11. Simple Grilled Corvina

Get the grill going and invite your friends over because it’s grilled corvina time!

Not only is this recipe made to impress, but it’s also delicious to boot!

Grilling fish can be a hassle because the flesh easily sticks to the grates. So, wrap the filets in banana leaves to ensure they stay whole.

Your friends will love unfolding each packet to see what’s inside!

12. Grilled Corvina

Looking for the best way to cook corvina fresh off the boat? Toss it on the grill with the scales and skin intact. 

It’s got that wow factor you can only get with whole fish. And cooking it on the grill ensures it’s nicely charred and smoky.

Like many other recipes here, you don’t want to add too much seasoning. A pinch of salt and pepper with a brush of butter is all you need. 

13. Corvina Fish with Citrus

Say goodbye to pricey restaurant bills and make this stunning seafood dinner in the comfort of your home – no dress code required!

You’ll love how the fresh citrus accents the delicate sweetness of the fish.

Grapefruit, orange, lemon, and lime all add their own signature flavor making it one lively dish. 

Bright and fresh, you’re just 30 minutes away from this restaurant-quality dish.

13 Best Corvina Recipes and Dinner Ideas

Fish lovers will adore these firm, mild, sweet, and buttery corvina recipes. Sear it, bake it, or leave it raw – it’s delicious no matter what.


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Corvina Recipes

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