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30 Crawfish Recipes for a Taste of Louisiana

If you’re in the mood for something unique, give these crawfish recipes a try. 

While crawfish, also called crawdads or crayfish, aren’t technically “sea” food, they’ll have a similar taste.

Most people say their flavor is somewhere between crab and shrimp.

Crawfish Boil with Sausage and Corn
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There’s a slight sweetness to crawfish, but the meat is firm and clean. It doesn’t have that muddy water taste that some freshwater fish/shellfish have.

You can enjoy crawfish anywhere in the U.S. Though they may be a bit harder to get if you live in a landlocked state.

Of course, they’re most famously eaten in Louisiana. 

Because of that, there are plenty of Cajun- and Creole-themed recipes on this list.

Ready for a taste of New Orleans? Then check out these crawfish recipes!

1. Crawfish Won-Tons

Whether you realize it or not, you can make wontons out of anything. Beef and chicken may be the most popular options, but you can add whatever meat or seafood you like best. 

These crawfish wontons feature buttery crawfish tails, some veggies, and a ton of herbs, spices, and seasonings. 

Each one may be small, but they’ll pack a massive dose of flavor. 

2. Rich & Creamy Crawfish Bisque

Crawfish bisque is just as thick, creamy, and flavorful as lobster bisque, but there’s a light sweetness in this one that its more well-known lobster cousin doesn’t have. 

It has the perfect amount of spice and takes only 30 minutes from start to finish. Add some crunchy croutons for contrast, and you’re all set.  

3. Crawfish Fettuccine

When you hear “fettuccine,” you probably think of Italian food, but this cheesy, spicy pasta dish is 100% Cajun. If you’re not someone who likes a lot of heat in your food, this one isn’t for you.

However, if you don’t mind a little spice and also enjoy a double-dose of cheese (parmesan and Velveeta), tender noodles, and juicy crawfish, you’ll love it. 

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4. New Orleans Crawfish Bread

Crawfish bread makes a fantastic appetizer for any event, and it’s so easy to make. It requires only 10 minutes of preparation and another 30 to cook. 

It’s slightly spicy and has a ton of garden-fresh veggie and crawfish flavor. It’s tangy and will have everyone coming back for more.

5. Crawfish Fried Rice

This 20-minute side dish takes the traditional recipe for fried rice and adds crawfish tails. Thanks to the Sriracha and soy sauce, it retains its distinctly Asian flavor. It’s just a bit heartier. 

6. Crawfish Boil

Is there anything more NOLA than a crawfish boil? I mean, it’s right up there with Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras! And believe it or not, it’s not that hard to do either.

All you’ll need is water, about three pounds of crawfish, Louisiana crawfish shrimp and crab boil, cajun and lemon pepper seasonings, garlic, corn, potatoes, smoked sausage, and lemons.

It’s fun, flavorful, and full of yummy stuff.

7. Crawfish Etouffee

Crawfish etouffee is another New Orleans favorite. It takes a little more work to get it right – the roux needs to be perfect – but it’s well worth it once you get it on the table.

It’s so delicious, you’ll wonder why you don’t spend more time in the kitchen making things like this.

8. Fried Crawfish Etouffee Balls

If you’re in the mood for etouffee but don’t have the time to sit down and eat a full meal at the table, make these fried crawfish etouffee balls instead. 

They feature all the robust flavor of crawfish etouffee but are much easier to eat on the go. 

9. Louisiana Crawfish Cakes

Who needs crab cakes when you can have Louisiana crawfish cakes?!

Crispy, crunchy, and full of green onions, cheese, and crawfish tails, these fantastic cakes don’t even need a sauce to be good.

(Of course, a little horseradish or Dijon mustard on the side never hurt anyone either.)

10. Cajun Crawfish Burgers with Horseradish Sauce

If you think the burger recipe looks very similar to the crawfish cakes recipe, you’re right. Basically, the burgers are just the cakes with a dash of hot sauce thrown in for flavor. 

The primary difference is in presentation. Serve the cakes alone or with sauce for dipping. Throw the burgers on a bun and top them with your favorite veggies and condiments.

11. Hot Baked Crawfish Dip

Until you’ve had it, you can’t possibly imagine how incredible hot-baked crawfish dip is. It’s indescribably delicious. There’s nothing else like it. 

It’s cheesy, garlicky, packed with umami goodness, and insanely thick and rich. In theory, it’s an appetizer, but it’s so filling, you could easily turn it into an indulgent dinner option instead. 

Either way, it takes only 30 minutes to make, and you won’t find anyone who doesn’t like it. 

12. Crawfish Balls

These crunchy, deep-fried balls of joy are like hush puppies, only they’re full of crawfish flavor. They’ll take about 45 minutes to make, and each one is a masterpiece. 

13. Crawfish Beignets

Don’t let the word “beignets” fool you, as these tasty treats are totally savory. (No powdered sugar in sight!)

In flavor, these are a lot like the crawfish cakes above, but they’re smaller, easier (and less messy) to eat, and the perfect size to dip in flavorful remoulade sauce. 

14. Crawfish King Cake

Again! Don’t let the word “cake” scare you off, either. 

We call this one king cake because it looks like the famous Mardi Gras cake, but it’s really savory bread stuffed with cream cheese, herbs, veggies, and crawfish tails. 

Even the colorful “sprinkles” on top are savory, as they’re dyed bits of parmesan cheese!

15. Crawfish Roll Sandwich

If you’re looking for a quick and easy lunch option, check out this recipe for crawfish roll sandwiches. 

All you’ll need is crawfish meat, Dijon mustard, mayo, lemon juice, salt, pepper, hot dog buns, butter, and watercress. It’s a healthy, hearty lunch that takes only 13 minutes to make. 

16. Authentic Louisiana Crawfish Pie

Crawfish pie looks like a smooth and creamy dessert pie; you’ll even use refrigerated pie crusts to make it. However, it’s an entirely savory dish full of crawfish, herbs, and cheese sauce.

And man, oh man, that cheese sauce is divine. You’ll make it with flour, butter, half and half, and mild cheddar, and it’s so good, you’ll want to add it to everything. 

17. Spicy Crawfish Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is an easy favorite all over the country, but why have plain mac and cheese when you could have spicy crawfish mac and cheese instead?

The butter, heavy cream, and two types of cheese make the sauce thick, creamy, and extra cheesy. The jalapenos, pepper jack, and Creole seasoning bring the heat. 

Add in the crawfish, and you’ll have one seriously scrumptious meal (or side dish if you prefer). 

18. Overstuffed Fried Crawfish Po’Boy

If you like fried or popcorn shrimp, you’ll likely enjoy fried crawfish. The two have very similar tastes. 

Take it a step further with this recipe and pile the fried crawfish on a po’boy loaf with mayo, tomatoes, lettuce, hot sauce, and whatever other toppings you like. 

It’s a quick, 25-minute lunch option that’ll keep you full all day.

19. Crawfish Hand Pies

These hand pies feature perfectly golden, flaky hand pie crusts stuffed with the savory yumminess of crawfish, veggies, garlic, and other seasonings. 

They’ll take some time to make. However, if you’re looking for good, old-fashioned, southern cooking at its finest, you can’t beat these. 

20. Eggs Trivette

Eggs Trivette is the eggs Benedict of the south. It’s a slice of salty bacon, a fried (or poached) egg, crawfish tails, and spicy Creole hollandaise sauce on an English muffin. 

21. Cajun Crawfish Enchiladas

When you just can’t choose between Mexican and Cajun, whip up these Cajun crawfish enchiladas and have both at the same time. 

They’re cheesy and umami-packed, and they perfectly blend the typical flavors of both Cajun and Mexican cuisines.

22. Air Fryer Cheese Ravioli with Crawfish Cream Sauce

Crunchy, cheesy ravioli are pretty hard to resist. Just grab ready-made pasta and coat it in breadcrumbs, then toss it in the air fryer.

You can serve these tasty morsels with marinara sauce, pesto, and more.

Or, make them extra special with a generous helping of crawfish cream sauce!

23. Crawfish Scampi Recipe (Garlic Butter Crawfish Tails)

While crawfish doesn’t taste exactly like shrimp, this crawfish scampi is similar enough to shrimp scampi that fans of one will undoubtedly like the other. 

When it comes to scampi, much of the flavor comes from the tasty garlic butter sauce, and this recipe is no exception. If you’re in the mood for juicy, tender, buttery seafood, you’ll love it.

24. Crispy Crawfish Egg Rolls

These crawfish egg rolls have everything a good egg roll needs:

  • The crunchy, deep-fried wrapper.
  • The perfect blend of veggies.
  • A creamy crawfish filling. 

Serve them with dipping sauce for a unique appetizer, or pair them with the crawfish fried rice above for a complete meal. 

25. Crawfish Pasta for One

If you like the commingled flavors of seafood, garden-fresh veggies, and Creole seasoning, you’ll love crawfish pasta for one. It’s so simple to make, taking only about 45 minutes.

Plus, it’s the perfect portion size for one person. It also reheats well, so you can make it ahead of time and bring it for lunch to work or school. 

26. Crawfish Jambalaya

Spicy, bold, and full of flavor, crawfish jambalaya is another of those typical Louisiana meals that just screams “Cajun cooking!” 

It’s spicy, filling, and even though it’s full of ingredients, it takes only 35 minutes to make. 

27. Crawfish Nachos

Crawfish nachos is another flavor- and ingredient-packed meal that takes only 35 minutes to whip up. The trick to ensuring this one is perfect is getting the spices and seasonings right. 

Once you’ve done that, you can play with the other ingredients in the recipe however you like. Personally, I stick pretty close to the recipe as it’s written. 

The only changes I make are adding salsa, extra tomatoes, and substituting pepper jack cheese for the cheddar. 

28. Southern Style Crawfish Gravy

This sauce may look much too chunky to be gravy, but I genuinely believe you can turn anything into gravy if you put it on something or sop it up with biscuits. 

This particular gravy tastes terrific over mashed potatoes, a bed of rice, or even on biscuits. (To be perfectly honest, it tastes pretty excellent by itself, too.)

29. Crawfish Monica

You can never have too many pasta dishes featuring chewy pasta and creamy sauce, so here’s another one for your repertoire. It’s buttery, garlicky, and full of Creole seasoning. 

Thanks to the parmesan cheese, green onions, crawfish tails, and lemon juice, it’s also earthy and just a tiny bit zesty. It’s like a flavor explosion on your tongue. 

30. Crawfish Risotto

If you’re looking for a tasty gluten- and dairy-free dinner option, give crawfish risotto a try. It takes less than an hour to make and has a delicious (but not too bold) taste.

While it’s hard for any seafood dish to be truly “mild,” this one is pretty close, so if you want something light and tasty, give it a try. 

30 Best Crawfish Recipes

Try these crawfish recipes for a true taste of Louisiana! From etouffee to beignets to po’ boys, these Cajun dishes are sure to please.


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Crawfish Recipes

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