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30 Easy Condensed Milk Desserts

Thanks to its ultra-thick, silky smooth texture, and caramel sweetness, these condensed milk desserts are about as rich and creamy as they come. 

Condensed milk is basically sweetened and concentrated milk.

Because of its low water content, it thickens as it’s heated, which is perfect for making desserts luscious and fudgy.

Homemade Dark Chocolate Fudge with Condensed Milk
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Making your own condensed milk is as easy as gently heating milk and sugar until it turns syrupy.

You can even make it using coconut milk if you need it for vegan recipes!

You’ll be amazed at the difference this one little ingredient can make. I think I’ll start with some brownies!

1. Magic Cookie Bars Recipe

Magic cookies bars are made using layers of yummy ingredients that bake together to create this sweet and delicious treat.

It starts with a graham cracker crust, though you could use any cookie you prefer. I’ve made it with Oreos in the past for something super chocolatey.

Over this, you’ll pour condensed milk and top it with chocolate chips, coconut, and chopped nuts.

As it bakes, the milk will thicken enough so that you can slice it.

Creamy Chocolate Bavarian Mints

2. Bavarian Mints

Condensed milk is often used in fudge because it’s super creamy, and, like caramel, it continues to thicken as it cools. 

Bavarian mints are like chocolate and mint candies, with a wonderfully chewy texture and decadent chocolate coating. 

Unlike fudge, though, the texture of these is a little bit lighter. That’s because you’ll whisk the mixture as it cools to add extra air.

3. Tres Leches Cake Recipe

As the name suggests, tres leches cake contains three different types of milk. 

You’ll need condensed milk, heavy cream, and evaporated milk, and since you’ll mix the three and pour them over the baked cake, the crumb here is ridiculously moist.

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Evaporated milk is often confused with condensed milk, but luckily there’s an easy way to tell them apart: evaporated milk is not as sweet or as thick. 

4. 3-Ingredient No-Churn Ice Cream

Did you know you can make luxurious ice cream at home with nothing more than a whisk and 10 minutes of your time?

It’s true! You don’t need a fancy ice cream maker, just a can of condensed milk, real vanilla, and whipped cream.

The best part is that this is an excellent base for other flavors. So feel free to swirl through some cookie dough, chocolate chips, caramel, or peanut butter. 

5. Condensed Milk Chocolate Chip Cookies

Some recipes make things easy and use full cans of condensed milk, but others require just half a can. 

Of course, you could use the leftovers in your morning coffee (be careful because it’s addictive).

But why not make a batch of tender, sweet, and dreamy cookies?

Not only do these taste like yummy shortbread cookies, but they’re so easy to make vegan because they don’t contain any eggs. 

Just swap out the butter for vegan butter and use coconut condensed milk instead. 

Millionaire's Pie

6. Millionaire Pie

I remember being so pleasantly surprised the first time I tried this pie.

With all that condensed milk inside, I thought it would be too sweet and overwhelming. 

But it’s also loaded with cream cheese, pineapple, chopped cherries, and pecans, making it tangy, fruity, and full of great texture to boot.

There’s also plenty of Cool Whip, which lightens the whole thing up.

7. Sweet Cream Cold Brew Fudgesicles

You should know that if you make these cold brew fudgesicles, you won’t want to share them.

Instead, you’ll want to devour the whole batch in one sitting, and I wouldn’t blame you one bit.

Fudgesicles are tasty, but when you add cold brew coffee and indulgent sweet cream to the mix, they’re out of this world amazing.

I highly recommend making this in two parts to give you that incredible contrast.

But if you’re in a rush, you can just mix everything together to create a lighter fudgesicle.

8. Slice of Life

I first tried a ‘slice of life’ in a cafe in Melbourne many years ago. It was soft, crumbly, sweet, and not at all what I expected (in a good way!).

It also had a marshmallow layer to make it more like an iced Vovo.

The base for this is a no-bake cookie and condensed milk blend. However, it’s not just any cookie base. 

These need to include malted milk biscuits and powder to keep their signature flavor, but, unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find malted milk cookies in the states. 

So, I just make my own! Grab some malted milk powder online, and you’re good to go. 

9. 2-Ingredient Condensed Milk Chocolate Truffles

Amazingly, these truffles are both vegan and chocolate-free. 

Instead of adding a ton of expensive, high-quality chocolate, you just need premium cocoa powder and coconut condensed milk. 

Oh, and a bit of elbow grease. 

You’ll make a simple and smooth dough using condensed milk and cocoa.

Add the powder a little at a time and finish by kneading it on the counter. 

10. Eggless Chocolate Cake

How many times have you rushed to the kitchen to make a cake and found that you’re out of eggs? It’s frustrating, right?

That’s why every avid baker should have an egg-free recipe up their sleeve, and this one is a doozy!

It’s light, fluffy, super flavorful, and wickedly easy to make. You’ll just need one big bowl and a simple ganache topping. How easy is that?

11. Easy Moist Banana Bread

When it comes to making banana bread, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

The first thing is that you’ll need super ripe bananas. That means they should be brown (almost black) and pretty soft. 

Next, try not to mix the batter too much. Keep it loose and even a little lumpy, and it will come out light and moist.

You’ll also use condensed milk for added moisture and a hit of creamy sweetness. 

12. Chocolate Bourbon or Rum Balls Recipe

These might look like Brigadeiros, but they’re actually sinfully fudgy brownie truffles. 

You’ll start by making up a boxed cake mix. Of course, chocolate will give you the best flavor, but, believe it or not, you shouldn’t use a brownie mix. 

Brownies are already super fudgy, and if you add condensed milk and rum, they’ll be far too wet.

So, start with cake, and then once you’ve broken it down into crumbs, gently stir through rum or bourbon and condensed milk. 

13. Vietnamese Coffee

Like Thai coffee, Vietnamese coffee is sweet and incredibly flavorful.

This is the kind of coffee where you can actually taste that rich deliciousness, not just sugar and milk. 

Use espresso or a cafetière if you have one. That way, the coffee will drip to perfection. Then, just pour it right over the condensed milk and enjoy. 

But if you want to impress, buy a few of these filter sets. It will leave you with something authentic and Insta-worthy!

Plus, your guests will love the added fun and flair.

14. Fruit Salad With Condensed Milk

Fruit custard is a traditional Indian dessert made using a selection of yummy fruits and custard powder.

It’s a little like crème anglaise; only it will set thicker. In the states, we would typically substitute it with instant pudding. 

But this recipe is a little easier, using condensed milk for that thick and creamy texture.

This won’t set in the same way, but it’s still luscious and loaded with fresh fruits. Trust me, after one bite, you’ll never eat plain fruit salad again. 

15. Easy No-Bake Cheesecake

As convenient as they are, I typically shy away from no-bake cheesecakes because they’re lighter and taste more like whipped cream than cheesecake to me.

But believe it or not, this recipe doesn’t even use heavy cream.

Instead, you’ll beat cream cheese with condensed milk and then incorporate lemon (or lime) juice.

There’s a complicated scientific explanation somewhere, but the gist is this: citrus juice will thicken the already thick condensed milk. 

That’s how this baby sets and how it stays dense and delicious. 

16. Instant Malpua

Malpua are little pancakes made using thickened milk and flour, which are soaked in a sweet, saffron-infused syrup after frying.

Of course, using condensed milk is a shortcut and provides added sweetness to the mix too. 

Add crushed fennel seeds, cardamom powder, salt, and semolina to the flour, and then slowly whisk in the condensed milk until it’s smooth and totally lump-free.

The batter should be relatively thick, and it needs to rest. Make the syrup in that time, so it’s warm when you add the cooked pancakes.

Homemade Dark Chocolate Fudge

17. Eagle Brand Fudge

If you like to make fudge, you really need to try this Eagle Brand recipe. It comes right off the can, so you know it’s tried and true!

Not only that, but you don’t need any special equipment or skills to make this.

Just melt the chocolate chips with condensed milk and salt and pour them into a dish to set. 

Leave it plain, or jazz it up with chopped nuts, mini marshmallows, or even cookie crumbs.

18. Sweetened Condensed Milk Frosting

I was kind of skeptical when I saw this recipe. I mean, frosting with no powdered sugar or complicated sugar syrups? Could it be true?

Yes! It’s not only super straightforward; it uses just three ingredients. 

Start by whisking the butter until it’s nice and airy, and then slowly incorporate the condensed milk and vanilla. Leave to set in the fridge, overnight if possible. 

19. Rava Ladoo With Condensed Milk

This traditional Indian treat almost always has a base of flour, ghee, and sugar.

You may have seen ladoo (or laddu) in the past, but this is a variation that specifically uses rava flour. 

Rava is a kind of semolina, which is similar to flour, only it’s more coarse. That gives this ladoo a slightly different texture.

Along with that, this recipe calls for coconut and condensed milk, for something creamy and tasty,

20. Hot Chocolate with Condensed Milk

Hot chocolate is already pretty decadent, but why not go all out?

Condensed milk will make your next cup of cocoa extra thick and creamy, and it provides added sweetness, too. 

With that in mind, this is best made with unsweetened cocoa powder. If you opt for instant cocoa, it will be very sickly.

21. Semiya Payasam | Semi-Homemade Vermicelli Kheer with Evaporated and Condensed Milk

Vermicelli is a type of pasta, and it’s kind of like thin spaghetti. Kheer is a type of sweet pudding that’s often made with rice. 

In this case, you’ll use vermicelli, which adds a fun texture. Rice can be a little mushy, after all.

This is pretty similar to sweet lokshen kugel, which also uses pasta and a sweet custard to help it set. 

If you’re not a fan of cardamon, feel free to use vanilla and cinnamon instead. I also like to throw in some golden raisins. 

22. Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

What could possibly be better than a batch of thick and chewy chocolate chip cookie bars?

How about these insanely rich and gooey chocolate chip cookie bars with heavenly chocolate and sweetened condensed milk filling?

As if that’s not enough, this recipe also calls for brown butter. If you’ve never made or baked with brown butter before, you’re in for a real treat!

23. Rice Pudding (Arroz Con Leche)

When I was young, I used to sit and watch as my grandma made rice pudding every Sunday. 

First, she’d grease the glass dish with butter and scatter it over the rice.

Then she’d sprinkle plenty of sugar and finish it with lots of evaporated milk. 

As an adult, I like to skip that middle step. I know rice pudding isn’t exactly healthy, but if I don’t see the sugar go in, I can at least have a second helping, right?

Plus, I think that using condensed milk makes this insanely indulgent and creamy.

Serve it hot or cold, with cinnamon or chocolate, or even mango if you like. You can’t go wrong.

24. Old-Fashioned Macintosh Toffee

Macintosh’s toffee has been around since 1890. It’s not too hard nor too soft, and it’s surprisingly easy to make at home. 

A lot of English toffee recipes will leave you with something pretty hard. They even come with mini-hammers in some specialty stores!

But this recipe uses corn syrup and condensed milk, so it stays nice and chewy while keeping that intense toffee taste.

25. Milk Cream Using Condensed Milk

Milk cream is a type of milky fudge that is made and served during the Christmas holidays in east India. 

This recipe uses condensed milk, leaving it slightly creamier and more golden in color. 

You’ll also add cashew powder to this for a pleasant nutty taste. Substitute that with almond flour if you prefer. 

26. Pumpkin Pie with Condensed Milk

This recipe is pretty similar to my favorite pumpkin pie recipe, and they’re both excellent. 

You’ll notice that this version doesn’t include any added sugar. That’s because condensed milk is already sweet.

Not only that, but I found this pie to be much more dense and very rich.

I prefer it that way, but you could quickly lighten it up with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

27. Traditional Brigadeiros (Brazilian Fudge Balls)

These Brazilian fudge balls are impossible to resist.

I love making them as gifts, and I’ve always had nothing but great feedback as people munch on them right out of the bag.

This recipe is a blend of sweet condensed milk, chocolate powder, and butter.

Some older recipes may include eggs, but you won’t see that too often these days.

The key to getting this to the right consistency is to use low heat and keep it moving.

You’ll see it thicken as it cooks, and then it needs to cool before you roll into balls. 

28. Condensed Milk Brownies

How do you like your brownies? Soft, cakey, fudgy, falling apart, or maybe a little bit slutty? Is there a wrong answer?

In this case, yes. If you like your brownies to be cakey and firm, this isn’t the recipe for you.

But if you want them insanely chewy and fudgy, get to the kitchen asap!

Since there are no eggs in here, you can easily make these vegan, too!

Just remember that white chocolate isn’t vegan, so you’ll need to go for dark chunks instead. 

29. Caramel Pie

This caramel pie needs just three ingredients and a few hours of your time.

But don’t worry, you won’t have to hover over the stove during that time!

Just submerge your can of condensed milk and let it boil. After a few hours, you’ll have homemade dulce de leche.

Keep it simple and sweet, or maybe add a layer of sliced bananas under the caramel and make banoffee pie instead!

30. Macaroons

Macaroons are a crazy-easy little treat that’s naturally gluten and nut-free.

The most you’ll have to do is whip up some egg whites and then mix everything together. 

Since this is such a sticky mix, I like to use baking wafers. Pop them on the tray, and then scoop the macaroon mix on top. 

Finally, these are super yummy when they’re drizzled with dark chocolate!

30 Easy Condensed Milk Dessert Collection

These condensed milk desserts are about as rich and creamy as they come. You’ll love making fudge, cookie bars, cheesecake, and more tasty treats!


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a condensed milk treat in 30 minutes or less!
Condensed Milk Desserts

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