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13 Best Almond Milk Smoothie Recipes

Even though these almond milk smoothie recipes are dairy-free, they’re still wonderfully creamy, deliciously sweet, and totally filling.

Almond milk has a terrific shelf life, and it’s an excellent source of plant-based protein to boot. 

Refreshing Strawberry and Banana Smoothie with Almond Milk
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It’s a quick fix for turning any smoothie into a velvety dream. And it comes in different flavors, so you can mix and match it to suit your tastes. 

Whether you’re all about berries or can’t get enough peanut butter, these almond milk smoothie recipes are a fantastic way to start your day.

So grab your blenders, and let’s make some smoothies!

1. Smoothie King Peanut Power Plus Chocolate Smoothie

Don’t have time to wait in line at Smoothie King on your way to work? I hear you! 

That’s why I make their super creamy peanut power plus chocolate smoothie at home instead. Phew, what a mouthful!

It’s super thick, chocolatey, and packed with protein.

Not only does it contain protein powder, but there’s also protein from the peanut butter, nonfat yogurt, and unsweetened almond milk. 

It would be a shame to ruin this masterpiece with artificial sugar. So use a banana and dates to sweeten the deal.

2. Strawberry Beet Smoothie

Pink may not be everyone’s color, but it sure does look good in your smoothie! 

This healthy creation is a vibrant blend of nourishing ingredients to jumpstart your metabolism and revitalize those sleepy eyes. 

Strawberries are rich in antioxidants, and beets are fantastic for digestion.

Toss in a banana to sweeten things up a bit, and add cinnamon, ginger, and lemon for a zippy kick. 

Then drown everything in almond milk and hit that blend button. It makes everything tastier and is the ideal protein component. 

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3. Chocolate Chia Smoothie

Here’s how to do chocolate milk the adult way. 

You take a banana, unsweetened cocoa powder, spinach, and chia seeds and turn them into a luscious smoothie. 

To keep things healthy and dairy-free, almond milk is a fine choice. 

It’s like dessert for breakfast, and it’s good for you too!

Since it does call for unsweetened cocoa powder, you may want things a little sweeter.

I like to use honey or agave, but if the bananas are ripe, they should do the trick.

4. Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie

It’s peanut butter and banana smoothie time! This magical duo is an impeccable combination in pretty much everything, amirite? 

In my house, it’s one of those easy smoothie recipes we love and can’t seem to get enough of! I must make this at least three times a week.

For a non-dairy option, almond milk is an excellent choice. The creamy, nutty taste goes perfect with this classic, and it’s good for your body. 

If you’re allergic to peanuts, use your preferred nut or sun butter to achieve the same effect. 

5. Strawberry Banana Smoothie 

Next to peanut butter, strawberries are the best natural pairing for bananas. They add a juicy tanginess to the dense sweetness of the banana. 

And you know what makes it even better? Almond milk!

I like my smoothies super thick, so I go a little light on the liquid. But if you’re the opposite, add as much almond milk as you please. 

6. Berry Smoothie with Oatmeal

Turn your oatmeal into a luscious smoothie with this recipe.

It’s brimming with a melody of berries and a handful of oats. And we can’t forget the almond milk, of course.

It’s fast, vegan-friendly, and perfectly sweet. 

I’m fond of blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries, but you can use whatever you prefer. 

Just make sure they’re frozen, so your smoothie turns out cold rather than room temp.

7. Orange Creamsicle Smoothie

Remember the Orange Julius?

While the mall may no longer be the hangout spot, you can bring back memories with this orange smoothie.

This whimsical delight has all the nostalgia of childhood without the heavy dose of added sugar.

It calls for just four ingredients and is a snap to whip up. 

Not only will the kids love these smoothies, but parents will also approve of the ingredients.

8. Banana Raspberry Smoothie

Raspberry lovers will go nuts over this recipe for breakfast or an afternoon boost. 

Raspberries have a sweet and tart fruity taste that does wonders in a creamy smoothie.

Oats help thicken this one up, while bananas add a natural sweetness.

A dollop of Greek yogurt is a fine choice for adding in probiotics and making it even more creamy. 

As for the almond milk, I prefer the unsweetened kind. But if you want to make this taste more like dessert, vanilla almond milk works too.

9. Green Smoothie

This green dream is an easy way to get more leafy greens in your diet.

It’s practically glowing with immune-boosting ingredients and has a delightful flavor to match.

Spinach is my top choice, but you can use kale too. 

You’ll love the creamy avocado and tanginess of the pineapple. Add a spoonful of chia seeds, and you’ll pack this beauty with a bounty of energy. 

You could blend this all up with water and save the calories. But almond milk just makes it taste better. 

Plus, it doesn’t load it up with extra sugar like fruit juices would.

10. Oatmeal Cookie Smoothie

Are you feeling a little indulgent? Grab your blender and make this divinely sweet treat.

It tastes like dessert, but it’s surprisingly nutritious. 

Oats, bananas, and almond milk are the base. Meanwhile, it’s got some warming spices and a touch of vanilla to turn it into a decadent delight.

For breakfast, as a snack, or even for dessert, you won’t feel guilty slurping on this smoothie or whipping one up for the kids. 

11. Almond Breeze Tropical Sunshine Smoothie

Believe me when I say this smoothie is sunshine in a glass!

It radiates tropical fruit flavors and makes you feel good drinking it. 

It’s got juicy papaya, mango, pineapple, banana, and coconut flakes.

If you’re not a fan of bananas, you can omit it for a healthy no banana smoothie, and it’s still just as good.

Use coconut-flavored almond milk, and it gets even better!

12. Healthy Shamrock Shake (Avocado Mint Smoothie)

Go all out on St. Paddy’s Day with this healthy shamrock shake

Avocado, spinach, and mint give this smoothie a gorgeous green glow.

Add some almond milk and sweetener, and it tastes like a McDonald’s shamrock shake! 

Of course, a treat like this just wouldn’t be the same without the toppings. So pile on the whipped cream and add on the dark chocolate shavings. 

Use coconut milk whipped cream, and you can keep it vegan-friendly too.

13. Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Dragon fruit is the fun, exotic ingredient your smoothies have been missing. 

It tastes like a cross between a kiwi and a pear and goes great with banana and mango in a smoothie.

Plus, it’s rich in antioxidants. 

Toss it all in the blender with some almond milk and a scoop of protein powder, and you’ll be hooked.

13 Best Almond Milk Smoothies

Even though these almond milk smoothie recipes are dairy-free, they’re still wonderfully creamy, deliciously sweet, and totally filling.


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