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20 Easy Bacon Appetizers

Wondering what to make for your next party? You can’t go wrong with these bacon appetizers.

From rich and creamy spinach artichoke dip to the incredible bacon ranch cheese ball recipe, every one of these is delicious. 

Bacon Wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese
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I have a serious weakness for all things bacon. I’ll put it on pretty much everything, from bacon sandwiches to leafy green salads.

And as long as you’re not feeding any vegetarians, these bacon appetizers are guaranteed to be a hit with party guests.

Let’s dive in! 

20 Best Bacon Appetizer Recipes

1. Pimento Cheese Phyllo Cups

These delicious phyllo cups have delightfully thin, crispy shells, and you’ll stuff them with all kinds of yummy goodies. 

Have you ever made pimento cheese? You know, that creamy, cheesy, peppery dip we all fight over at Grandma’s. Yum!

Well, if you’ve never made it and are wondering what are pimentos, don’t worry. They’re little peppers you’ll find jarred in almost every store and market. 

2. Bacon Cream Cheese Bites

If the phyllo cups look good, but you prefer your appetizer recipes with a bit more bacon, you’ll love these bacon cream cheese bites. 

Requiring only four ingredients and 35 minutes to prepare and cook, these are always a big hit at parties or before a meal.

Simply spread the cream cheese and chives on the bread, and then wrap each in a thick, juicy piece of bacon before baking. 

3. Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

If you’re already a fan of asparagus, I probably won’t need to sell you on this one.

However, if asparagus isn’t your thing, take a leap and give this a try. 

The asparagus is tender and well seasoned with black pepper – I add garlic, as well – and the bacon is juicy, salty, and unbelievably yummy.

Plus, they’re relatively healthy and are the perfect light option before a heavier meal. 

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Little Smokies Wrapped in Bacon

4. Little Smokies Wrapped in Bacon

If you’re looking for the ideal appetizer for the meat lovers in your life, these three-ingredient smokies are just the thing. 

A fat, juicy sausage wrapped in flavorful bacon and topped with brown sugar – it just doesn’t get much better than that, especially if you love meat. 

5. Bacon and Cream Cheese Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

Stuffing cherry tomatoes may seem like a difficult task, but it’s not as hard as you’d think. It takes less than 30 minutes to make 20 of these.

Plus, once you pop one into your mouth, their deliciousness makes everything else fade away.

Each one has a delightful freshness, a bit of herb flavor, and plenty of cheese and bacon yumminess.    

6. Mini-Jalapeno Popper Turnovers

Jalapeño poppers have gained popularity as appetizers and party snacks over the last several years.

Honestly, they’re pretty much standard starter fare these days.

But these jalapeno popper turnovers take things to a whole new level.

They’re bacon-stuffed inside a crispy golden-brown puff pastry crust, and they’re superb!

7. Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeno Poppers 

Of course, if you prefer the more traditional jalapeño poppers, I have a recipe for them, too!

Spicy, cheesy, and with a thick slice of bacon around each one – how can you go wrong?

8. Blue Cheese Bacon Buffalo Chicken Dip

Looking for a low-carb, keto-friendly appetizer?

Try this zesty, tangy dip made with blue cheese, ranch mix, cream cheese, buffalo sauce, chicken, bacon, celery, onions, and cheddar cheese.

The robust flavor of this dip isn’t for everyone, but if you like things to have a loud, vibrant burst of flavor, then you’ll probably enjoy it. 

You can serve it with tortilla chips if you like, but if you want to keep it low-carb, pair it with veggies or homemade keto chips instead. 

9. Bacon Deviled Eggs

These are the deviled eggs for people who love deviled eggs.

And thanks to the addition of bacon and chives (which make everything taste better), they’re also deviled eggs for people who don’t love deviled eggs.

The bacon gives them a slightly more savory flavor, and the chives give them that wonderful earthy herb taste that chives bring to everything. 

And don’t worry; you’ll still get plenty of the traditional deviled egg taste, as well. 

10. Bacon Guacamole

Guacamole always makes an excellent appetizer, and when you make it with crumbles of crispy bacon and juicy cherry tomatoes, it’s even better. 

Whip it up in 20 minutes or less, and serve it with salty tortilla chips or veggies. Everyone will love it. 

Bowl of Spinach Artichoke Dip

11. Spinach Artichoke Dip

This rich, creamy spinach artichoke dip has plenty of kick. 

There’s garlic cream cheese spread, sour cream, mayo, artichoke hearts, and spinach.

Plus, there’s parmesan cheese and eight crunchy slices of bacon crumbled up inside it. 

This is one 30-minute appetizer that’s guaranteed to wow any crowd. 

12. Bacon Cream Cheese Pinwheels

These cheesy bacon pinwheels are an adorable, five-ingredient option for a quick and easy appetizer.

You can make two dozen of them in 30 minutes, and half that time is idle bake time.

All you’ll need is bacon, cream cheese, milk, an onion, and crescent rolls.

They’re flaky, crunchy on the edges, and softer and more delectable the closer you get to the middle. 

Plus, the buttery flavor of the crescent rolls pairs flawlessly with the salty bacon.  

13. Mini-Apple, Cheddar & Bacon Filo Snack Tart Recipe 

If you can’t get enough of thin, crispy phyllo dough, here’s another option for you.

These tasty, tiny treats combine bacon, apples, cheddar cheese, honey, and cinnamon.

They’re the perfect balance of sweet and savory, and they look and smell as good as they taste.

These are wonderful appetizers for any time of year, but I often make them in the fall. 

There’s just something about the apple, cinnamon, and honey that gets me in the mood for cooler weather. 

14. Bacon Cheddar Dip

Thick, creamy cheese dips always make amazing appetizers, and this bacon cheddar dip is no exception. 

Despite the 12-item ingredients list, you can make it in only 5 minutes! And there’s enough there to feed a crowd!

It’s gooey, cheesy, and full of bacon, herb, and onion goodness. 

The half cup of sliced almonds doesn’t add a lot in taste, but it adds quite a bit of crunch and texture. 

You can serve it with chips if you like, but it’s thicker than other dips, so you might want to opt for crackers or chopped veggies instead. 

15. Bacon Zucchini Fritters

Other than vegans and vegetarians, these bacon zucchini fritters are the ideal appetizer for just about anyone. 

They’re gluten- and dairy-free. Additionally, they’re paleo-friendly and Whole30-compliant, not to mention low-carb and keto-friendly!

Seriously, practically anyone who eats meat can eat these. 

(I’ve never tried them with soy bacon before, but that might be an option for your veggie-inclined friends.)

They take a little time to prepare, but you can fry the whole batch in 10 minutes once you get them ready. Best of all, they’re crunchy, salty, and 100% delicious. 

16. Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball

You can whip up this scrumptious bacon ranch cheese ball in 15 minutes or less and then comes the hard part — letting it chill for 2 hours instead of eating it immediately.

Of all the excellent cheese ball options out there – and there are plenty – people seem to like this one most. 

It just has such a remarkable depth of flavor. The Worcestershire sauce adds a rich savoriness, while the bacon adds crunch and salt. 

Between the cream cheese, sharp cheddar, goat cheese, and ranch, there’s also a tangy zestiness that’s hard not to love. 

The parsley and the pecans just add even more yumminess to an already near-perfect appetizer. 

In short, if you set this out on the table before dinner, you’ll get an idea of what a piranha tank must look like at feeding time.

17. Bacon Blue Cheese Dip

You can’t go wrong with this five-ingredient bacon blue cheese dip.

It takes only 30 minutes to make, and it’s thick, velvety, and full of tangy, herby flavor. 

Serve it with crackers, chips, fruit, or veggies. Either way, it’s sure to be a hit.

18. Bacon Bruschetta

Anyone who loves Italian food can tell you how fresh and tasty bruschetta is.

Those juicy tomatoes, salty olives and capers, and crunchy baguette slices are hard to beat. 

If you’re already a fan yourself, though, it’ll be hard for you to believe how much better it can be with crispy, crumbled bacon added to it.

It retains the same vibrant, garden-fresh flavor, but the bacon makes it smokier and savorier.

19. Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp

Pigs and shrimp may not spend a lot of time together in the real world, but when it comes to cooking, they’re two animals that were simply meant to be.

You can make these phenomenal starters with nothing more than bacon, shrimp, olive oil, salt, and pepper. 

The natural flavors of both are so good and pair so well together that you won’t need a lot of extra herbs and seasonings to make them taste exquisite.

These low-carb, keto-friendly treats are succulent, savory, and so insanely delicious.

The only problem you’ll have is getting yourself to stop eating them before you’re stuffed.

20. BBQ Bacon-Wrapped Tater Tot Bites 

When it comes to bite-sized, single mouthful appetizers, it’s hard to beat these bacon-wrapped tater tots.

They just pack so much flavor into such a tiny package. 

If you have the time, though, make the homemade BBQ sauce.

It has a sweet, much more robust flavor than the varieties you buy in the store, and it really sets these off.

20 Easy Bacon Appetizers


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Bacon Appetizers

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