Home Recipe Roundup What to Serve with Cacio E Pepe (17 Perfect Side Dishes)

What to Serve with Cacio E Pepe (17 Perfect Side Dishes)

Wondering what to serve with cacio e pepe? This simple yet stunning dish pairs well with so many tasty options!

From toasty garlic bread to bruschetta to Caesar salad, these side dishes make your pasta dish sing!

Cacio E Pepe: Spaghetti with Cheese and Pepper in a White Plate
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Don’t worry, these tasty side dishes are so easy to throw together. Plus, they beautifully complement the buttery, cheesy flavor of cacio e pepe.  

Whether you want something veggie-forward or rich and meaty, I have you covered. 

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the best sides for Cacio e Pepe.

Caorese salad on an oval plate with tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella drizzled with oil.
Source: Loveandlemons.com

1. Caprese Salad

This salad is a simple pairing of tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella, and oil. It’s so light and delicious!

Plus, it comes together quicker than it takes to boil pasta. The fresh flavors of this dish complement the buttery notes of cacio e pepe. 

It almost looks too pretty to eat!

Noodles with Shrimp Scampi garnished with chopped parsley leaves.

2. Shrimp Scampi

Buttery, garlicky, and slightly sweet, Ina Garten’s shrimp scampi has it all. 

Tender linguine noodles are the perfect vehicle for a nutty, garlicky sauce. Adding tender pieces of shrimp adds a kiss of sweetness. 

Would you believe me when I say this dish comes together in 15 minutes? 

Sliced beef tenderloin drizzled with red wine sauce with green beans on side.
Source: Onceuponachef.com

3. Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce

Looking for a more meaty main course? Then look no further! This beef tenderloin with red wine sauce is sure to steal the spotlight. 

The beef tenderloin is so moist and tender, you can cut it with a fork. Paired with a vibrant red wine sauce, it lifts the flavors of the beef. 

Homemade Garlic Bread with Fresh Parsley and Parmesan Cheese

4. Garlic Bread

Does garlic bread even need a formal introduction? Skip the frozen bread and try this homemade recipe! Trust me on this one. 

The bread crisps up golden, and garlic permeates every bite. It’s great for sopping up all that extra sauce from cacio e pepe. 

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Sliced crostini topped with tomato and herbs drizzled with balsamic vinegar
Source: Natashaskitchen.com

5. Bruschetta

Bruschetta is a perfect pairing with any pasta dish, but especially with cacio e pepe. The juicy tomatoes, herbs, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar taste amazing.

This dish’s simple yet flavorful notes are a match made in heaven for buttery cacio e pepe. 

Triangle sliced focaccia bread with rosemary and drizzle of olive oil.
Source: Gimmesomeoven.com

6. Rosemary Foccacia Bread

If you’re a little tired of garlic bread (impossible!), this rosemary focaccia bread may be your new favorite. 

The buttery bread is infused with warm rosemary and a generous drizzle of olive oil. Trust me, you’ll want to serve this bread warm out of the oven. 

Garlic bread who? 

Caesar salad on a bowl with leafy greens, buttery croutons, and grated Parmesan cheese.
Source: Natashaskitchen.com

7. Caesar Salad

You can never go wrong with pasta and a crisp salad. This recipe for Caesar salad is a wonderful pairing with cacio e pepe.

Leafy greens, buttery croutons, and grated parmesan cheese make this salad sing. 

Add a homemade Caesar dressing, and it may steal the show from your entree!

Pasta topped with turkey meatballs in tomato sauce garnished with cheese.

8. Italian Turkey Meatballs

I have the recipe for you if you want something meaty yet healthy. These Italian turkey meatballs are low in calories but so flavorful!

With fresh herbs and plenty of cheese, they’re hard to resist. I mean, is there anything better to pair pasta with than meatballs? 

Sauteed spinach on plate.
Source: Wellplated.com

9. Sauteed Spinach

Need a good Italian vegetable side? This simple and flavorful sauteed spinach recipe will be your new favorite. 

The earthy flavors of spinach work so well with the buttery, nutty flavors of cacio e pepe. Bonus points: it comes together quicker than you can boil pasta!

Arugula salad on an oval dish with peppery arugula, almonds, and cranberries.
Source: Cookingclassy.com

10. Arugula Salad

This bright arugula salad adds a pop of freshness and tartness to complement your cacio e pepe. 

Peppery arugula, almonds, and cranberries take the flavors over the top. 

Since cacio e pepe is so rich and buttery, the pop of cranberries offers a nice balance. 

Chicken cutlets on a bowl with brown parchment paper lining.
Source: Spendwithpennies.com

11. Chicken Cutlets

There’s no wrong time for chicken cutlets! This recipe is crispy, crunchy, and will be your family’s new favorite. 

What’s great about this simple protein is that it accentuates any pasta dish. It’s simple, flavorful, and adds a nice crunchy texture. Plus, it’s easier than you think. 

A bowl of sauteed mushroom with herbs tossed by a wooden spoon.
Source: Acouplecooks.com

12. Sauteed Mushrooms

My mouth is watering thinking about these meaty sauteed mushrooms. They add such a wonderful balance of flavors with any pasta dish, but especially cacio e pepe. 

With loads of fresh herbs and a bright kick from lemon juice, they’ll make your pasta sing. Sauteed mushrooms create a meaty texture and are incredibly filling. 

Baked tomatoes stuffed with  rice, herb, and cheese filling.
Source: Cravingsomethinghealthy.com

13. Baked Stuffed Tomatoes

You’ve heard of stuffed peppers. But what about stuffed tomatoes? With cacio e pepe, the flavors of the tomatoes shine through without being overly heavy. 

This recipe stuffs juicy tomatoes with a satisfying rice, herb, and cheese filling. Seriously, they’re so good, you may want to make them the main course!

Bunch of garlic butter breadsticks.
Source: Thecomfortofcooking.com

14. Garlic Butter Breadsticks

Get ready because your house is about to smell amazing! These garlic butter breadsticks are light and fluffy and heavy on the garlic. 

I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

The dough comes together in a snap and oozes with fragrant butter and garlic sauce. 

(Want an easier option? Try these frozen breadsticks in the air fryer!)

Pieces of roasted asparagus with lemon slices served on a blue plate.

15. Roasted Asparagus

Roasted asparagus is rich and earthy. It’s excellent with any buttery pasta dish. 

This recipe is super simple and uses olive oil, salt, and a drizzle of lemon juice. The outsides crisp up in the oven, and the insides are fork-tender. It’s a fantastic veggie side with pasta!

Bowl of julienne cut roasted pepper and onions.
Source: Fromscratchfast.com

16. Roasted Peppers and Onions

It’s sweet, salty, and oh-so-pretty. This vibrant recipe for roasted peppers and onions is more than just a pretty face. 

The sweetness from the peppers complements buttery, cheesy cacio e pepe like a dream. 

Chop, toss, bake, and it’s ready to go!

Buttered shrimp seasoned with pepper and lemon garnished with chopped parsley served on a round plate.

17. Lemon Pepper Shrimp

If you are searching for a healthy protein for your cacio e pepe, look no further. This lemon pepper shrimp recipe is sweet with an acidic pop from lemon juice. 

It’s so easy to prepare in a snap and goes great with any buttery pasta dish for added protein and flavor.

What to Serve with Cacio E Pepe (17 Perfect Side Dishes)

The best side dishes for cacio e pepe include garlic bread, shrimp scampi, Caprese salad, chicken cutlets, and more! Whip up a delicious pasta feast today.


  • Caprese Salad

  • Shrimp Scampi

  • Beef Tenderloin with Red Wine Sauce

  • Garlic Bread

  • Bruschetta

  • Rosemary Foccacia Bread

  • Caesar Salad

  • Italian Turkey Meatballs

  • Sauteed Spinach

  • Arugula Salad

  • Chicken Cutlets

  • Sauteed Mushrooms

  • Baked Stuffed Tomatoes

  • Garlic Butter Breadsticks

  • Roasted Asparagus

  • Roasted Peppers and Onions

  • Lemon Pepper Shrimp


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a side for cacio e pepe in 30 minutes or less!
What to Serve with Cacio E Pepe

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