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What to Serve with Orange Chicken (23 Perfect Side Dishes)

Figuring out what to serve with orange chicken doesn’t have to be challenging. Make life easy with any of these 23 scrumptious sides!

Fried rice, lo mein, and egg rolls are classic Chinese food pairings. You can also mix things up with crunchy sweet potato fries or zucchini noodles. 

Orange Chicken with Creamy Sauce, Topped with Green Onions and Chili
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The secret to finding the right dish is choosing complementary flavors and textures. 

You want sides that pair well with the bold, sticky citrus sauce.

Whether it’s light, rich, healthy, or cozy, there’s an orange chicken side dish here for everybody.

Chopsticks picking saucy noodles from a white bowl.
Source: Thewoksoflife.com

1. Chinese Egg Noodles

Slurp up a side of these Chinese noodles with your orange chicken.

They have the most delightful chewy texture. As for the egg, it gives the noodles an even richer, more savory flavor. 

This duo makes for one comforting meal!

A bowl of white rice sprinkled with chopped herbs served with wooden spoon.
Source: Recipetineats.com

2. Jasmine Rice

There’s a reason fluffy white rice is the go-to side for orange chicken. It’s the perfect match!

The sauce has a ton of flavor. And what better side dish to soak up every last drop than Jasmine rice?

It’s aromatic, satiating, and as simple as it gets. 

A bowl of cauliflower rice with seasoning.
Source: Skinnytaste.com

3. Cauliflower Rice

Trying to watch your carbs? Trade in white rice for the cauliflower version instead. 

It’s light, healthy, and gluten-free. Not to mention, it’s also super easy.

Like regular rice, it’s also neutral tasting. So, it cleans the palate in between each bite of that juicy chicken. 

Chopsticks picking lo mien noodles from a pot.
Source: Damndelicious.net

4. Lo Mein Noodles

You don’t need takeout when you have these lo mein noodles on the table!

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This recipe is a slurp-worthy dish full of slippery noodles, fresh veggies, and an umami-packed sauce. All this savory goodness pairs marvelously with orange chicken. 

And it’s ready fast, so you can skip the long wait.

Spring rolls served with peanut sauce.
Source: Loveandlemons.com

5. Spring Rolls

I’m a big fan of crunchy, fried egg rolls. But when I want something healthier, I opt for these instead. 

These rolls are full of fresh fixings that are completely customizable. So you can find the best flavor combo to go with orange chicken.

Plus, there’s zero frying required. 

Zucchini noodles served on a white plate with fork.
Source: Wholesomeyum.com

6. Zucchini Noodles

Sure, these noodles may not be your typical orange chicken side dish. Still, they’re absolutely delicious!

They’re a great gluten-free option that’s fresh, light, and healthy. They also have fewer carbs than your average Chinese noodle dish. 

You can chow down on these noodles with your orange chicken without the guilt.

Bunch of fries on a brown parchment paper.

7. French Fries

Orange chicken and fries? You have to try it!

It’s just as gratifying as eating chicken nuggets and fries. However, the meat comes with the delicious orange sauce you crave.

Let’s not forget the texture, either! The crunch from the spuds with the juiciness of the chicken is so satisfying. 

Spoon scooping shredded seasoned squash meat garnished with cream and herbs.
Source: Budgetbytes.com

8. Spaghetti Squash

Like zucchini, spaghetti squash is a fantastic noodle alternative. It’s way more nutritious, low-carb, and gluten-free. 

The sweetness of the squash complements the chicken. It also absorbs the leftover sauce, making this pairing extra tasty.

Think of it like spaghetti and meatballs, except with an Asian twist. 

Bok choy soaked in ginger sauce served on a white plate.
Source: Recipetineats.com

9. Bok Choy in Ginger Sauce

One of my favorite sides for orange chicken is bok choy, especially smothered in a ginger sauce. 

These greens have so much umami flavor to boot. 

They enhance the savoriness of the chicken and add a burst of color to your plate. This dish is also quick and easy.

Platter of Panda Express Fried Rice with egg, carrots and sliced green onions

10. Panda Express Fried Rice

Serving copycat Panda Express orange chicken for dinner? Stick with the theme and make this fried rice. 

It tastes just like the fast-food chain. The fluffy rice has colorful veggies, scrambled eggs, soy sauce, and everything. 

Honestly, there’s no reason to dine out again.

Broccoli with Asian-style garlic sauce topped on a white rice in a bowl.
Source: Thegardengrazer.com

11. Broccoli with Asian-Style Garlic Sauce

For a simple and healthy side, go with this Asian-style broccoli. 

The garlicky sauce envelopes the veggies in rich umami goodness. It completely transforms the broccoli, making it irresistible. 

Plus, it’s fast, so it’s easy to time it right with the orange chicken.

Cooked brown rice in a bowl.
Source: Cookieandkate.com

12. Brown Rice

Like white rice, brown rice is also foolproof for orange chicken. 

It’s a little nutty and chewier. Not to mention, it’s inexpensive, easy, and makes enough for the whole family.

Help yourself to a big scoop. You’ll want it to soak up any leftover orange chicken sauce.

Roasted broccoli, squash, cucumber, pepper and onion tossed by a ladle on a sheet pan.
Source: Easyfamilyrecipes.com

13. Garlic Roasted Vegetables

I love the versatility of roasted vegetables. They pair wonderfully with practically any protein, orange chicken included. 

The garlic seasoning plays well with the sauce. The sweet, caramelized veggies also complement the savoriness of the meat. 

You can customize the vegetables, too, so this side never gets old.

Cucumber salad with sliced onion tossed by a wooden spoon on a white bowl.
Source: Thestayathomechef.com

14. Cucumber Salad

Orange chicken is full of big flavors. So I enjoy serving it with a cucumber salad for a refreshing contrast. 

It’s a very light, summery dish that adds a burst of freshness.

It’s effortless, so o you can spend more time mastering your orange chicken recipe. 

Sweet potato fried dipped on a mayo sauce.

15. Sweet Potato Fries

Orange chicken with sweet potato fries is a guilty pleasure of mine. Actually, I should say guilty-ish because these baked spuds are nutritious. 

They’re crispy, tender, and delightfully seasoned. Part savory, part sweet, they’re a super complementary side. 

The hard part is not filling up on them!

Couscous cooked on a stainless pot.
Source: Onceuponachef.com

16. Couscous

When I want an easy dinner, I pair my 3-ingredient orange chicken with couscous.

These teeny-tiny pearls cook super fast. You can have a pot ready in just 10 minutes. 

Couscous is also pretty neutral in flavor. Like rice, it absorbs all the goodness of the orange chicken.

Mashed potato served on a wooden bowl.

17. Mashed Potatoes

Orange chicken is a Chinese-American dish. So what better pairing than serving it with mashed potatoes?!

It’s a classic comfort food we can’t get enough of in the States. The buttery, fluffy spuds melt in your mouth. 

The richness completes the sweet, savory, citrusy flavors of orange chicken.

A bunch of fried egg rolls served with sweet and sour sauce.
Source: Dinneratthezoo.com

18. Egg Rolls

No one can resist these crunchy egg rolls! They’re a classic Chinese appetizer no one can resist.

They’re very savory, umami, garlicky, and a little ginger-flavored. All those flavors are a great match for orange chicken. 

You can also use these rolls to scoop up leftover sauce. 

Baby corn spears, mushrooms, red pepper and broccoli stir fried on a white pan.
Source: Natashaskitchen.com

19. Vegetable Stir-Fry

You can never go wrong with a veggie stir-fry. 

It’s a fast side for a more substantial meal. Plus, it’s a smart choice for trying to eat more healthily. 

Paired with a sweet, umami sauce, it’s perfect for orange chicken. Skip the takeout and save money with this dish!

A bowl with steamed dumplings and a pair of chopsticks.
Source: Mamalovestocook.com

20. Chinese Dumplings

Chinese dumplings plus orange chicken equals one tasty meal! 

I can’t resist these pillowy pockets of umami goodness. The filling features pork, egg, and cabbage with savory flavorings. 

Alongside orange chicken, it’s Chinese food heaven! Sure, they’re a labor of love. But they’re beyond worth it.

A serving of edamame on a plate sautéed with chili paste, garlic, and miso.
Source: Justonecookbook.com

21. Spicy Edamame

As an appetizer or side, these spicy edamame are a must.

The pods are tender as can be. As for the sauce, it puts them on another level. They’re very umami, delightfully spicy, and garlicky. 

All those flavors pair perfectly with the sweet and savory orange chicken.

Deep Fried Crab Rangoon with Dipping Sauce

22. Air Fryer Crab Rangoon

I always get orange chicken and crab rangoon whenever I order Chinese takeout. They’re two of my favorites!

Most commonly, crab rangoon comes as an appetizer. But I prefer it on the side. 

These crunchy dumplings add more texture and savoriness to orange chicken. You have to try it!

A bowl of green beans with sauce and chunks of pork.
Source: Spicysouthernkitchen.com

23. Sweet and Sour Green Beans

These green beans are addicting. Seriously, I kid you not!

They’re smothered in an enticing sweet and sour sauce. And they’re mixed with thick-cut bacon and sweet onions. 

All the flavors contrast and complement the orange chicken perfectly. Serve these beans, and everyone at the dinner table will polish off their veggies.

What to Serve with Orange Chicken (23 Perfect Side Dishes)

The best side dishes for orange chicken include fried rice, lo mein noodles, spring rolls, bok choy, cucumber salad, and more! Each one makes the meal even better.


  • Chinese Egg Noodles

  • Jasmine Rice

  • Cauliflower Rice

  • Lo Mein Noodles

  • Spring Rolls

  • Zucchini Noodles

  • French Fries

  • Spaghetti Squash

  • Bok Choy in Ginger Sauce

  • Panda Express Fried Rice

  • Broccoli with Asian-Style Garlic Sauce

  • Brown Rice

  • Garlic Roasted Vegetables

  • Cucumber Salad

  • Sweet Potato Fries

  • Couscous

  • Mashed Potatoes

  • Egg Rolls

  • Vegetable Stir-Fry

  • Chinese Dumplings

  • Spicy Edamame

  • Air Fryer Crab Rangoon

  • Sweet and Sour Green Beans


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a side dish for orange chicken in 30 minutes or less!
What to Serve with Orange Chicken

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