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20 Easy Vegan White Bean Recipes

Hungry for dinner? Why not try one of these vegan white bean recipes

If you follow a plant-based diet, you’re probably no stranger to the mighty legume.

If you’re not so familiar, allow me to get you familiar with this variety. 

Cannellini beans also go by the name white and butter beans. 

Vegan White Bean Soup with Carrots and Bacon
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The latter is the most appropriate since these legumes have an unmistakably rich flavor that tastes like, well, butter!

You can use these beans in a variety of ways, including soups, spreads, or even as a pizza sauce!

I’ll cover all these methods and more below. Keep reading these vegan white bean recipes to discover all the amazing possibilities. 

1. 1-Pot Vegan White Bean Soup

Can you imagine a better way to ring in the colder months than making a big batch of this white bean soup?

Every spoonful overflows with nourishing veggies and beans bathed in a creamy, coconut-milk broth.

You can’t beat the simplicity of this one-pot meal.

They’re tasty enough to serve when company is in town, but also easy enough for a quick weeknight dinner.

2. Vegan White Bean Stew

Are you craving a little taste of the Tuscan countryside? Do yourself a favor and make yourself this rustic stew.

Your palate won’t know what’s better, the rich, velvety broth, the buttery white beans, or the fresh herbs.

This wholesome, healthy vegan stew needs to be on your menu this winter.

3. Tuscan White Bean Skillet

You won’t believe how easy it is to make this Tuscan white bean skillet. 

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In just 30 minutes, you can have this scrumptious, one-pot meal ready for dinner.

You’ll appreciate how the kale and white beans add some nutritious goodness to this meal. 

Don’t think this recipe falls short in the flavor department.

There are plenty of garlic, artichoke hearts, and sun-dried tomatoes to add a savory, tangy taste to each bite.

All you need is a side of toasty bread to complete this delicious, nutritious feast.

4. Smoky and Creamy White Beans With Greens

This recipe will make you yearn for cooler temps so you can cozy up next to this soothing bowl.

If you think no fall is complete without a creamy risotto, you’ll appreciate these smokey, creamy beans. 

Every bite is creamy and nourishing like its pasta counterpart, except that it’s vegan and free from carbs.

5. Simple White Bean Hummus

Are you ready to revamp your hummus? 

With this white bean hummus recipe, you use cannellini beans instead of chickpeas to achieve an ultra-smooth and creamy dip.

This method also allows you to inject even more nutrition into your hummus since white beans have more protein and fiber in each serving.

All you have to do is toss a can of the pale legumes into a food processor, add some tahini, lemon juice, and a few spices, et voila! 

You now have a quick and easy hummus ready for dipping.

6. White Bean Burgers

If you’re trying to cut down on meat without sacrificing flavor, these white bean burgers are here to save the day.

When you sink your teeth into these plant-based patties, you’ll be blown away by how much deliciousness is in each bite.

Between the nutritional yeast, fresh herbs, garlic salt, and spices, your taste buds will be taken on a one-way trip to flavor town. 

7. Vegan White Bean Arugula Pasta

Whipping up this recipe is easy-breezy, making it perfect for balmy summer days.

You’ll love how many fresh flavors are in this vegan pasta.

Every forkful is equal parts citrusy and peppery, creating one scrumptious bite. 

8. Vegan White Bean Tacos With Jalapeno Cilantro

You can’t get more refreshing than this brilliant recipe. 

Every time you sink your teeth into one of these white bean tacos, you’ll instantly be transported to a Baja state of mind.

Yearning for a seaside getaway? These tacos will provide you with the next best thing.

9. Salsa Verde and White Bean Casserole

If you’re a fan of Tex-Mex, (and honestly, who isn’t), you’re going to fall in love with this recipe.

You need eight simple ingredients to create this fuss-free casserole, and the result is outstanding. 

It’s the perfect vegan comfort food that’s full of bright, spicy flavors.

It’s light enough to enjoy during the summer months but cozy enough for a winter weeknight meal.

10. Vegan White Bean Chili

Vegans and omnivores alike will obsess over this white bean chili.

You’ll be blown away by how much thick creaminess is in every bite, thanks to the tapioca flour.

It’s velvety, nourishing, and has the perfect amount of heat. 

11. White Bean Green Chili Enchiladas

How delicious do these white bean enchiladas look? Just staring at this picture makes my mouth water.

If you’re intimidated to replicate the Mexican staple, allow this recipe to show you the light. 

It’s actually easy to make homemade enchiladas that are absolutely delish!

All you need are 40 minutes, a handful of pantry ingredients, and an appetite for a delicious dinner. 

12. Vegan White Bean Salad

You’re going to fall in love with this vegan white bean salad.

Every mouthful is light, tangy, and briny. It’s a great way to get more plant-based protein in your diet.

Whether you need a summer lunch or a vegan side dish, this salad is the way to go.

13. Cannellini Beans With Zucchini and Vegan Chorizo

This is one powerful plant-based meal you absolutely need in your life.

To create this fantastic recipe, you start with a base of creamy white beans topped with pan-fried zucchini and vegan chorizo.

After garnishing your dish with chopped capers, chili oil, and fresh thyme leaves, you’re ready to chow down on a hearty vegan dinner.

14. One-Pot Vegan White Bean Shakshuka  

If you haven’t heard about shakshuka, let me introduce you to the Middle-Eastern specialty.

Traditional shakshuka consists of poached eggs inside tomato sauce, along with a side of pita for dipping. 

In this innovative plant-based version, you add cannellini beans to the tomato sauce.

Then, swap in dollops of vegan cream cheese for eggs.

If you’re searching for that perfect brunch recipe to impress your guests, this one will serve you well.

Did I mention it’s ready in just 20 minutes?

15. Vegan White Bean Alfredo Sauce

When you’re meal-prepping for the week, be sure to add this recipe to the menu.

It takes just 15 minutes and makes the perfect topping for noodles, sandwiches, you name it! 

If you think using beans as a base for Alfredo is not appealing, prepare to change your mind.  

You won’t believe how much creaminess is in this tasty sauce.

Plus, unlike its milk-based counterpart, it’s actually good for you, too!

16. Vegan White Lasagna

Lasagna is one of life’s greatest pleasures Just because you follow a plant-based diet doesn’t mean you have to miss out.

This vegan masterpiece comes complete with layers of velvety white sauce, creamy ricotta, and soft noodles.

The spinach and white beans allow you to make this dish equally nutritious and delicious.

If you’re trying to get the young ones to eat some greens, give this recipe a shot. 

17. Smoky Tomato White Bean Soup

If you need to warm up after shoveling snow, this smoky tomato soup will have you defrosted in no time.

You can thank the hearty beans, fire-roasted tomatoes, and smoked paprika for creating such a nourishing soup.

18. Best-Ever White Bean Curry

If you go cuckoo for curry, be prepared to meet your new favorite recipe. 

This white bean curry is insanely delicious. Every spoonful is uber-creamy thanks to the addition of full-fat coconut milk

If that’s not good enough, you’ll appreciate the hint of spice from the sriracha.

Trust me, there’s a reason why this white bean curry is described as the “best ever.”

19. Vegan White Bean Meatballs With Mojo Sauce

Are you intrigued to learn what exactly is mojo sauce? Read on to find out!

This delectable sauce consists of flavorful ingredients like jalapeño, garlic, lime, and cilantro. 

Let’s not forget about the main player, the mouthwatering vegan white bean meatballs.

I’m convinced that these bad boys might be the best vegan meatball out there. Intrigued? Take this recipe for a spin.

20. Easy White Bean Sauce Pizza

Legumes on a pizza? You might be wary, but allow me to change your mind.

This recipe uses white beans to create a silky white sauce that requires just four ingredients.

To make this sauce, chuck some beans, lemon juice, olive oil, and garlic into a food processor, and let the machine work its magic.

Add salt, pepper, and rosemary to flavor for a healthy sauce ready to slather on your pizza.

20 Easy Vegan White Bean Recipe Collection

These simple vegan white bean recipes are hearty and delicious! From soup to hummus to burgers, cannellini beans make up some fantastic meals.


  • 1 -Pot Vegan White Bean Soup

  • Vegan White Bean Stew

  • Tuscan White Bean Skillet

  • Smokey and Creamy White Beans With Greens

  • Simple White Bean Hummus

  • White Bean Burgers

  • Vegan White Bean Arugula Pasta

  • Vegan White Bean Tacos With Jalapeno Cilantro

  • Salsa Verde and White Bean Casserole

  • Vegan White Bean Chili

  • White Bean Green Chili Enchiladas

  • Vegan White Bean Salad

  • Cannellini Beans With Zucchini and Vegan Chorizo

  • One -Pot Vegan White Bean Shakshuka

  • Vegan White Bean Alfredo Sauce

  • Vegan White Lasagna

  • Smoky Tomato White Bean Soup

  • Best-Ever White Bean Curry

  • Vegan White Bean Meatballs With Mojo Sauce

  • Easy White Bean Sauce Pizza


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  • Prep a vegan recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Vegan White Bean Recipes

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