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What to Eat with Tomato Soup

Bowl of Tomato Soup
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Here are 11 side dishes that pair perfectly with a bowl of creamy tomato soup. From grilled cheese to mozzarella sticks, these sides are sure to satisfy!

Tomato soup is a creamy and refreshing comfort food. It’s perfect to warm you up on those cold rainy and wintery nights! 

It’s not filling at all, though. Even if you gobble up one bowl after another, it’s just not enough.

That’s where these dishes come in. Not only do they complement the flavor of tomato soup, but they’re also filling. 

So go ahead, serve tomato soup with these dishes for a scrumptious and well-rounded meal.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

1. Grilled Cheese 

Tomato soup and grilled cheese: can there be a more classic combo than that?

Truly, there’s nothing like dipping crisp bread with a gooey cheese filling in a creamy bowl of tomato soup. It’s one heck of a satisfying meal.

I’m sure you’ve got your favorite recipe for the perfect grilled cheese, but here’s my personal favorite. It’s got melty Swiss cheese, smoky Gruyere, and creamy Cheddar; making a rich and flavorful sandwich even the adults can agree on! 

Aside from the cheeses, the secret also lies in the bread. I like using peasant bread and slathering the outsides with mayo instead of butter. The mayo gives the bread a much better flavor and texture when grilled.

Grilled Cheese and Avocado Sandwich

2. Grilled Cheese and Avocado Sandwich

While nothing beats the classic, you can definitely elevate your grilled cheese by adding ingredients that complement its flavor. Case in point: avocado and grilled cheese. 

Avocados give this tasty sandwich another layer of richness to it. Plus, the color contrast makes it even more appetizing.

Here’s how to make it: Cheddar, Gruyere, Monterey Jack together in a bowl. Next, combine butter, mayo, Manchego cheese, and onion powder. And finally, slather the tops of the bread with Brie. Because the more cheese, the better! 

Top the bread with rich avocado slices and the cheese mixture. Slather mayo on the outsides of the bread and cook both sides until all that cheese has melted. Serve and enjoy!

Grilled Cheese With Bacon

3. Grilled Cheese with Bacon

Another variation of the timeless classic is grilled cheese with bacon. There’s just something about combining cheese and bacon that makes the sandwich even more irresistible!

For this recipe, I use Cheddar and Swiss for my cheeses. Aside from the bacon, I also add a slice of tomato and onion. For the spread, I like using a combo of mayo and mustard. Yum!

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Grilled Cheese with Pesto

4. Grilled Cheese with Pesto

Here’s an Italian take on the American classic. Pesto is an incredibly zesty sauce made with basil, garlic, pine nuts, and olive oil. It’s fantastic as a pasta sauce, but it also makes a wonderful addition to your grilled cheese!

To make your own grilled cheese with pesto, spread a mayo pesto mixture over your bread. Add ham, basil, peppers, tomato, provolone, and American cheese. Spread the outsides with mayo and toast away!

Hawaiian Grilled Cheese

5. Hawaiian Grilled Cheese

This last variation adds a tropical flair to your grilled cheese. If you’re a fan of pineapple on pizza, this one’s a must try.

The sandwich is predominantly rich and savory, so the addition of pineapple gives it a sweet contrast. 

To make, just add sweet ham and a pineapple ring to your regular grilled cheese recipe. So easy, yet so so good!

Breaded Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

6. Mozzarella Sticks

This is for when you want the goodness of cheese, but not the bread. Mozzarella sticks are incredibly crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside. And when dunked in tomato soup? It’s pure bliss.

Toasted sandwich with bacon, tomato, cucumber and lettuce

7. BLT

Who says you can’t eat tomato soup with other sandwiches? If you’re not in the mood for grilled cheese, try a BLT! 

And while bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes are the stars of the sandwich, nothing should stop you from upping your game.

Add bacon, sprouts, avocado slices, and pesto to your BLT and you’ve got yourself a spectacular sandwich!

Lettuce Salad with Corn

8. Salad and Corn

Soup and salad is another classic pair. If you’re looking for a light and refreshing meal, this is the dish for you. A simple salad made with arugula, spinach, mozzarella, and vinaigrette is all you need!

Here’s another option: lettuce, onions, olives, and a creamy dressing. The fresh ingredients add a crispy contrast to the thick tomato soup. Yum.

If you’ve got some corn on the cob, great! It makes another refreshing addition to your healthy meal. And since it’s starchy, you’ll have a filling meal, minus the guilt!

Roast Sausage With Garlic and Onions

9. Sausage

How about some spicy sausage for more protein? A strong and pungent sausage will do a fine job at cutting through the sweetness of your tomato soup.

Shrimp Ceviche

10. Shrimp Ceviche

Here’s another mouthwatering match: shrimp and tomato soup! The sweet, tangy, and crisp shrimp tastes marvelous with the creamy soup. The flavors and textures balance each other out wonderfully.

Shrimp ceviche may sound intimidating to make, but it’s surprisingly easy! Just mix onions, garlic, tomatoes, cilantro, salt, pepper, vinegar, olive oil, jalapeno, clam juice, cumin, and honey.

Marinate cooked shrimp in the mixture, chill for two hours, and it’s ready to serve. 

If this combination is too light for you, go ahead and serve it with your favorite salad. Yum!

Loaded Baked Potatoes

11. Baked Potato

Last on our list is a classic side that also works well with the flavors of tomato soup. Plus, it’s guaranteed to fill your tummy as well!

And did you know that you can make baked potatoes without the oven? Just microwave the spuds on high for 10 minutes, flipping it over halfway through, and it will cook beautifully.

Scrape off the centers of the potatoes and fill them up with sour cream, chives, and cheese. Top with bacon crumbles for a truly divine treat!

What to Eat with Tomato Soup


  • Grilled Cheese

  • Grilled Cheese and Avocado Sandwich

  • Grilled Cheese with Bacon

  • Grilled Cheese with Pesto

  • Hawaiian Grilled Cheese

  • Mozzarella Sticks

  • BLT

  • Salad and Corn

  • Sausage

  • Shrimp Ceviche

  • Baked Potato


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious side dish!
What to Serve with Tomato Soup

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