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17 Types of Avocados (Different Varieties)

When it comes to avocados, Hass gets all the glory. But did you know there are more types of avocados than that? 

Way more! There are over a hundred different varieties of avocados that exist. 

With each variety, you get unique flavors and textures. 

Raw Organic Green Avocados

And you know what that means? More avocados to try for your sandwiches, salads, avocado toast, and then some. 

Want to make the best avocado recipes around?

Then you need to know the subtle characteristics that come with each type of avocado. 

Do yourself a favor and grab yourself a bag of chips. You’ll want some guacamole to go with this list!

17 Types of Avocados

Before we get into all the fun varieties, there are a few things every avocado lover should know. 

To start, every type of avocado falls under one of two categories: Type A or Type B. 

In a nutshell, Type A has female flowers that bloom in the morning whereas Type B has male flowers opening in the morning. 

Aside from that, Type A tends to have thicker skin and higher oil content than Type B. 

Despite which type you’re eating, all avocados can be traced back to Mexico, Guatemala, or the West Indies.

This includes all the tasty hybrids that are born right here in the USA. 

Now that we cleared that up, let’s jump into all the different varieties! 

Sliced Organic Hass Avocado

1. Hass

Let’s start with the most popular avo around, Hass. Walk into a grocery store, and this is the avocado you’ll see on all the shelves. 

Hass got its name from Rudolph Hass who discovered this California variety way back in the 1920s.

Its buttery, slightly nutty flavor has become a signature characteristic and one we compare all avocados to.

Perhaps that’s because of its Type A personality?

Regardless, Hass is the multipurpose avocado we love on everything!

Organic Fuerte Avocado

2. Fuerte

Fuerte is one of my favorites! It has a richer and nuttier flavor than Hass that pairs well with all kinds of dishes. 

That is, if you don’t eat it all first!

I like to add it to a Caprese salad and find it’s a must for my fully loaded-veggie sandwich. 

Green Smooth Bacon Avocados

3. Bacon 

Another favorite of mine is Bacon. 

I know what you’re thinking, and no it doesn’t come from a pig. Although, it does go well in a BLT!

Bacon avocados are super creamy and smooth. They get their name from founder James Bacon who cultivated them in the 50s.

So the next time you’re snacking on one, you can thank your old friend Bacon for the healthy treat. 

Fresh Ripe Pinkerton Avocados

4. Pinkerton

Pinkerton is a Hass and Rincon hybrid born in California in the 1960s. 

It has an oblong shape, yellowish flesh, and green skin that retains its color even when it’s ripe for the picking. 

And it’s just as delicious as the rest! It’s buttery, a touch nutty, and definitely creamy.

Fresh Reed Green Avocados

5. Reed

I once asked an avocado farmer, “What’s the best type of avocado you’ve ever had?” His answer was Reed. 

Reed avocados are notably large. This is partly due to the large pit. But don’t worry, there is plenty to eat!

The bright yellow flesh has an exquisite flavor that no avocado lover can deny.

If you truly love avocados, do yourself a favor and get your hands on a Reed. You won’t want anything with it but a spoon.

Sliced Green Zutano Avocados

6. Zutano

Zutano has a flavor that’s on the mild side. It’s also more fibrous due to the low oil content.

Since it’s not as buttery, it’s a good one for those who want the health benefits of avocados without a strong flavor to match.

Try it in a smoothie for a thicker consistency or in one of my favorite avocado dips like creamy avocado salsa verde. 

Organic Gwen Avocados in a White Background

7. Gwen

Come summer, you’ll find Gwen avocados are in their prime. 

These avocado trees are prized for their heavy fruit product and their amazing flavor. 

The flesh is nice and creamy making it a favorite to smear on sandwiches. But don’t stop just there!

Similar to Hass, it’s great for everything.

8. Brogden (Brogdon) 

The dark, purplish skin gives Brogden away.

It’s a hybrid that can withstand a cold snap and produces fruit late in the season so your good eating doesn’t have to end!

The yellow flesh is very soft and buttery.

Due to the smooth texture, this one is best left for things like smoothies, dips, and super creamy guacamole

9. Holiday

Most avocado trees tease you with their delicious fruit hanging way up high. But not Holiday.

Known as a semi-dwarf tree, Holiday avocado trees don’t grow very tall. So it’s easier to collect all their tasty offerings!

The round fruit is very tasty and it’s easy to peel.

It’s also a great one for planting if you don’t have a large yard. 

Lamb Hass Avocados on a White Background

10. Lamb Hass

Wish Hass avocados were bigger? I introduce to you the Lamb Hass.

This hybrid is a cross between Hass and Gwen. 

It’s got all the flavor you love, except more of it thanks to the large size. 

It also matures later, which means you can extend the avocado season!

Slice it up and toss it on a fresh salad or a healthy vegan lunch wrap.

Green Ripe Mexicola Avocado

11. Mexicola

If you guessed Mexicola avocados came from Mexico, you guessed right. 

These pear-shaped gems have a gorgeous dark peel that makes them easy to identify.

What’s even more unique is it’s common to eat their skin! For anyone curious, they have an anise-like flavor.

12. Pryor/Del Rio

While most avocados thrive in warm climates, Del Rio does well in the cold. 

Out of the Mexico avocados, Del Rio has one of the highest oil contents, which contributes to its creamy texture. 

Compared to Hass, it has less flesh. Keep that in mind if you’re using it in a recipe like avocado hummus or guacamole. 

13. Stewart

If you’re looking for some more seasonal produce to add to the fall and winter rotation, Stewart avocados are a great choice. 

They’re a Mexican variety with smooth dark skin and a delightful nutty flavor. 

Like many other varieties, they’re very creamy. The oil content, on the other hand, is higher than most. 

Buy a bag and try your hand at making homemade avocado oil. They’re a good type of avocado for that!

14. Sir Prize

Sir Prize is a Mexican hybrid that packs a ton of flavor into its sweet flesh. 

This one has smaller pits than other types of avocados, which means more meat!

Buttery and slightly nutty, Sir Prize is one you have to try. 

Its peak season is fall to winter. So be on the lookout for its easy-to-peel dark skin around then.

Green Wurtz Avocados or Little Cado

15. Wurtz

Also known as Little Cado, Wurtz is a type of dwarf avocado. 

Actually, it’s the only avocado tree that is a true dwarf. So, like the semi-dwarf Holiday, Wurtz does well in small yards.

The fruit is smaller in size, but don’t discount the flavor!

It has that signature rich creamy flavor that you want in an avocado. Plus, it’s easier to pick. 

16. Winter Mexican

Do you ever wonder what winter in Mexico is like? It’s like this. 

Winter Mexican is a Type B avocado that’s ripe in the winter. It’s so creamy that it has a reputation for spreading like butter. 

And that can only mean one thing, avocado toast time!

I like to add a few heirloom tomato slices and some cracked pepper to mine.

But any way you eat it, it’s good because you have avocado!

Joey Avocados in a White Bowl

17. Joey

Another Type B avocado that’s fit for cold weather is Joey. The oval fruit has a rich buttery flavor that is seriously divine. 

From salads to dips, the creamy flesh is good for a ton of yummy things. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration, try it as a cold soup or turn it into nice cream! You simply can’t go wrong.

17 Types of Avocados (Different Varieties)

There are 17 different types of avocados, and all are totally delicious! From Hass to Bacon to Joey, each variety has its own unique characteristics.


  • Hass

  • Fuerte

  • Bacon

  • Pinkerton

  • Reed

  • Zutano

  • Gwen

  • Brogden (Brogdon)

  • Holiday

  • Lamb Hass

  • Mexicola

  • Pryor/Del Rio

  • Stewart

  • Sir Prize

  • Wurtz

  • Winter Mexican

  • Joey


  • Select your favorite type of Avocado.
  • Try a fun and exciting new recipe.
  • Enjoy!
Types of Avocados

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