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25 Best Cold Soup Recipes

With the weather warming up, it’s time to cool down with some delicious cold soup recipes!

From watermelon gazpacho to basil zucchini soup, this list has everything you might need to add a little excitement to your kitchen.

Cucumber soup
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25 Refreshing Cold Soups

It’s time to ditch the heat of hot soups and stews for the coolness of a summer soup.

Simply whip up a big pot and serve this delicious recipe to your guests. 

These slurp-worthy cold soup recipes are sure to become your go-to as the weather warms up. 

Not only are these recipes incredibly light, but they’re also super yummy.

Check out this list of chilled varieties the next time you’re thinking of trying something new! 

1. Gazpacho

If you’re looking for a fresh gazpacho, this recipe is for you!

This soup originates from Spain and is made up of chilled pureed tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. 

It can be either thin or chunky and resembles the taste of salsa. Before you run away, trust me!

This recipe is bursting with summer flavors and is jam-packed with nutrients. 

As for what to serve with gazpacho, I have a few great ideas. But you can’t go wrong with crusty bread!

2. Cold Cucumber Soup

Could there be anything more refreshing than a cold cucumber soup on a hot summer’s day?

This raw and dairy-free recipe is perfect for anyone looking to shed a few extra pounds.

Not only is this cold cucumber soup ideal for weight loss, but it’s also incredibly hydrating. 

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This recipe is filled with endless healthy goodness such as vitamin C, magnesium and a ton of fiber.

Who knew that something so yummy could also be so healthy?

3. Chilled Tomato Basil Soup

Looking for a recipe that tastes like it was just brought out of a restaurant’s kitchen? This chilled tomato basil soup does just that! 

While you can totally opt for fresh tomatoes when available, canned tomatoes also slide. 

This recipe is mostly made up of root vegetables chopped up and mixed with heavy whipping cream. 

Can you guess the magic ingredient to this magnificent recipe? Orange juice! 

A splash of OJ has the power to freshen up the whole pot and add a sweeter taste. 

4. Chilled Avocado Soup

This chilled avocado soup is ideal to whip up if you don’t feel like turning on the stove.

This recipe is made with avocados, broth, sour cream, cilantro, and lime. 

To top it all off, add tomatoes, bacon, and green onions.

The creaminess of the soup paired with the crunchiness of the toppings perfectly goes hand in hand. 

If flavor is what you’re looking for, then this recipe is for you! 

5. Chilled Greek Yogurt Soup

Think of this recipe as Taziki in a soup form. Now before you run away, hear me out! 

Rich yogurt paired with fresh herbs and garlic is everything you ever needed, but never knew. 

Since the recipe is super rich, it’s best to serve smaller portions. Instead, add a piece of toast to the side to dip as you devour this delicious cold soup. 

The best part of this recipe is there is no stove required!

6. Watermelon Gazpacho

This no-cook recipe is a go-to for when you have last minute guests coming over. 

It’s filled with an array of different flavors and textures that perfectly accentuate one another. 

If you’re a lover of watermelon, jalapeños, garlic, and fresh herbs, then you have to give this recipe a try. 

For a pleasing presentation, serve up this watermelon gazpacho in a martini glass and enjoy!  

7. Chilled Peach Soup

Looking to get away with something sweet as a meal? Then try out this luscious fruity cold soup. 

The creamy coconut base mixed with the tanginess of the peach is absolutely mouth watering. 

The coolest part of this recipe is that you can switch out the peaches for any other fruit you might have on hand. 

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to finish off the recipe with a few slices of fresh fruit! 

8. Chilled Green Pea Soup

The summertime flavor in this recipe is absolutely out of this world. 

If you’re worried about slaving away in the kitchen shelling peas, you’re in luck!

You can totally get away with using frozen peas while still getting that fresh flavor. 

Don’t forget to garnish the dish with a few frozen peas, dill leaves, and fried onions on top. 

9. Polish Cold Beet Soup With Yogurt (Chlodnik)

This yummy recipe is ideal for my lovers of Polish chlodnik. Not only is it super low fat, but it’s also vegetarian! 

Filled with beets, cucumbers, and radish, this awesome dish is incredibly nutritious and healthy. 

Be sure to serve this yummy cold soup with a side of rye or pumpernickel bread. 

I love adding a sliced hard-boiled egg on top to truly get a hearty meal! 

10. Ajo Blanco (Spanish Garlic and Almond Soup)

This fun Spanish dish is super similar to a Gazpacho, however it has its own flair! 

Can you guess what the main ingredient is? Almonds! 

This recipe definitely has an interesting mix of ingredients such as almonds, apples, and white bread.

Surprisingly, the ingredients perfectly intertwine to create an ideal bowl of yumminess. 

Don’t forget to top the dish with a flew sliced grapes for a little bit more fun! 

11. Chilled Blueberry Soup with Yogurt

While savory cool soups are amazing, sometimes a sweet option is really what we need. 

Not only does this recipe have a pop of color, but it’s also perfect to serve as a light dish. 

Simply combine some cooled blueberries and yogurt in a blender and process until the ingredients are smooth.

Add a slice of ginger and pinch of cinnamon for some extra taste!

12. Salmorejo (Spanish Chilled Tomato Soup with Bread)

There is nothing I love more than an amazing salmorejo on a hot summer’s day. This classic Spanish recipe is incredibly satisfying and rich in flavor. 

I love serving up this Spanish chilled tomato soup as a brunch recipe whenever I have guests coming over. 

This recipe is incredibly creamy and will have you hooked after one spoonful. 

13. Chilled Watercress Yogurt Soup

The array of different spices in this chilled watercress yogurt soup will have you falling in love. 

While the star of the show is totally the watercress, other flavors such as the garlic and yogurt still make their debut without overpowering the dish. 

The yogurt adds a super creamy texture to the soup that is sure to please any food lover. 

14. Cold Pear Soup

This cold pear soup is a fun twist on both sweet and savory. The contrast between the onion and pear is surprisingly a match made in heaven. 

While this recipe can be served hot, it’s on a completely different level when served cold! 

The best part of the recipe is that it’s filled with both Vitamin C and K.

Also, this is a great dish to try out if you’re having digestive issues, due to its richness in fiber. 

15. Chilled Cucumber Buttermilk Soup

Looking for something a little different to enjoy?

Then check out this chilled cucumber buttermilk soup recipe the next time you’re stuck on what to whip up in the kitchen. 

This recipe is an amazing alternative to gazpacho with an added creaminess. 

While this dish is super yummy, it’s also filled with color! The radish and beets add a stunning pink tone that just screams summer. 

Feel free to garnish with a little extra herbs on top! 

16. Chilled Cantaloupe Soup with Yogurt

This easy and quick recipe is a perfect refresher for those hot summer days. If you need a little pick-me-up, then this one’s for you! 

While this dish resembles a smoothie, it’s still technically a soup.

Filled with cantaloupe, orange juice, and Greek yogurt, this cool soup will leave you feeling satisfied. 

17. Cream of Asparagus Soup

While you could get away with serving this dish hot, you should aim for enjoying this dish cool. This recipe is not only super tasty, but it’s also filling. 

I’d recommend whipping up a pot of this soup the next time you’re looking to make an appetizer for your guests.

Infused with garlic, chives, and dill, you’ll adore the strong ingredients throughout the recipe. 

Aside from being absolutely delicious, this dish is super creamy and satisfying. 

18. Disney World’s Strawberry Soup

This recipe is sure to become your household’s favorite dish in no time! The best part is that it doesn’t require you to slay away for hours in the kitchen. 

With only 5 ingredients and 25 minutes to make, you’re sure to love this meal. 

Be sure to chill this recipe before serving it up for maximum satisfaction. 

While you could technically get away with serving this up as a dessert, I’d recommend enjoying this dish as an appetizer.

19. Carrot Ginger Soup

This soup is loaded with nutrients and is pretty simple to make. 

With sweet, savory, and even spicy flavors, this dish is sure to satisfy every inch of your stomach!

With hints of orange zest and ginger, you’ll eat this dish straight from the pot! 

To make it better, this dish is paleo and dairy-free, making it an ideal option for my vegans out there. 

I recommend making a huge batch of this recipe and freezing it for the future. 

20. Cold Pineapple Soup

Is there anything more refreshing than a cool bowl of soup jam-packed with pineapples?

The best part of the recipe is that you can totally take your own spin on the ingredients.

If you happen to have a few ripe strawberries on hand, you can throw them into the mix. 

If you’re feeling even riskier, you can ditch the pineapple base and instead add your favorite fruit. 

The best recipes are the ones where you can add your personal touch to the recipe. Don’t be scared to take a risk with this one! 

21. Basil Zucchini Soup

If your garden is anything like mine during the summer, then it’s completely overflowing with zucchini.

Not only will this basil zucchini soup put those babies to use, but it’s also super delicious! 

This is an ideal meal prep idea if you’re looking to save some time throughout the week.

Simply whip up a huge pot at the beginning of the week for an easy grab-and-go lunch or dinner. 

The secret to truly enjoying this soup is an amazing piece of garlic bread on the side. 

22. Holodnik (Russian Cold Beet Soup)

I can guarantee that once you give this recipe a try, you’ll be absolutely hooked. 

This one-of-a-kind recipe is filled with rich ingredients that not only feed the stomach, but also the soul. 

While the recipe is out of this world, it’s also one of the most aesthetically pleasing meals.

The vibrant shades of pink and purple are sure to fill both your plate and stomach! 

Be sure to add a boiled egg on top to both garnish and enjoy! 

23. Chilled Roasted Red Pepper Soup

This amazing chilled roasted red pepper soup is an ideal light meal to serve up to those around you. 

If you ever find yourself with an abundance of tomatoes and red peppers, then you’ll know what you should try out! 

The best part about this recipe is that you can roast any other veggies that you might have on hand.

The second you try this soup, you’ll become obsessed. 

24. Vichyssoise (Chilled Potato and Leek Soup)

If anything on this list is happiness in a bowl, it’s totally this vichyssoise! 

Not only is this recipe delicious, but it’s pretty easy to make. This dish is made with a few ingredients and has a 10-minute prep time. 

This recipe is definitely one of my go-to dishes to make whenever I’m on a budget. Is there anything cheaper than potatoes and leeks? If there is, let me know! 

25. Corn Soup with Fresh Herbs

While all of the recipes on this list are amazing, this corn soup with fresh herbs is a complete show-stopper. 

The recipe is super creative and only takes a few ingredients.

Grab some corn, shallots, and chicken broth for an amazing meal that will leave everyone feeling satisfied. 

Don’t believe me? Try out this recipe for yourself and leave me a comment below! 

25 Cold Soups To Beat the Heat

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