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20 Polish Recipes That Are Easy to Make

This collection of Polish recipes is simply irresistible!

From pierogi to haluski, you’ll love making these dishes that have been passed down for generations.

Homemade Plum Dumplings with Bread Crumbs
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Poland is known for its history and mesmerizing cities, but did you know that its cuisine is also just as mind-blowing? There’s more to Polish food than just pierogies!

Polish dishes typically contain meats, sauerkraut, cucumbers, mushrooms, and are flavored with a wide array of herbs and spices.

The cuisine might not be as popular as French or Italian, but it deserves the spotlight just as much.

Today, I’m featuring the best food that Poland has to offer so that you can get to know the cuisine better.

From appetizers to sides and mains to dessert, I have you covered! 

These dishes are super-rich and high in calories! But trust me, they’re worth it. Let’s dig in!

1. Polish Babka 

Let’s start things off with the Polish babka: a type of sweet bread served at Easter. What makes it extra special is the dried fruit, rum syrup, and icing.

Whether you have it for breakfast or dessert, you can’t go wrong. It’s best paired with a hot cup of coffee.

2. Polish Potato Soup

Kartoflanka is a rich and hearty soup loaded with potatoes, meat, and other veggies. It’s the perfect way to warm up on a cold, winter night.

It’s a complete meal that comes together in no time. Just 30 minutes, and dinner is served.

3. Polish Carrot Salad  

Polish carrot salad is a medley of grated carrots, apples, and raisins coated in a dressing made with lemon juice, sunflower oil, sugar, and salt.

It’s a crisp, light, and refreshing side dish that pairs well with any rich and heavy entrée.

4. Polish Gingerbread Loaf

Pernik is the Poles’ version of the gingerbread loaf, and it’s amazing. Sweet, dense, and buttery cake is infused with candied ginger.

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What a wonderful way to start the day! Top it with more butter and honey, and your breakfast is ready.

5. Polish Crepes

Polish crepes are thin, crepe-like pancakes that can be stuffed with either sweet or savory fillings. You then roll them and bake or pan-fry.

Whether you’re a fan of jams and preserves or prefer ham and cheese, these crepes make a perfect vessel. 

6. Polish Apple Pie 

Polish apple pie, or szarlotka, is similar to ours, but the crust and filling aren’t as sweet. It’s also typically loaded with almonds and raisins. Yum!

Some pies have a crumble topping, others with meringue. Either way, it tastes fantastic.

7. Blueberry Pierogi 

We’re more used to savory, meat-filled pierogi, but did you know that you can also stuff them with a sweet filling? This sweet and fruity pierogi is a must-try!

In Poland, they use bilberries, which are smaller and darker. For this recipe, however, you’ll use blueberries. They’ll taste different, but delicious just the same.

8. Polish Potato Pancakes 

Poles often use potatoes in their dishes, and these pancakes are a perfect example. 

Called placki kartoflane, these potato pancakes are loaded with carrots, zucchini, and other veggies, and flavored with garlic and onion.

They’re hearty, savory, and oh-so-yummy!

9. Polish Plum Dumplings 

Knedle ze sliwkami are potato-based dumplings stuffed with plums.

Topped with a dollop of whipped cream and dusted with cinnamon, it’s a sweet and light dessert sure to please your palate.

10. Polish Plum Cake 

Polish plum cake, or placek z sliwkami, is a plum-filled dessert. The plums are sweet and slightly tart, which gives the cake a wonderful balance of flavors.

The cake is super-light and has just the right amount of sweetness. Since it’s not too heavy, it’s a great way to end a hearty meal.

11. Polish Cabbage Casserole

Cabbage, tomatoes, and chicken in one casserole may sound boring, but it’s actually the opposite!

Polish cabbage casserole turns the bland cabbage into the ultimate comfort food.

It also couldn’t be easier to make. Just throw in all the ingredients in a Dutch oven, stir from time to time, and voila! 

12. Polish Hunter’s Stew 

Bigos is a rich and hearty stew loaded with smoky sausage and bacon, wild mushrooms, and juniper berries. I

It’s called Hunter’s Stew for good reason! This soup takes the best ingredients from the forest and turns it into one delectable dish.

13. Polish Haluski 

Haluski is a traditional Polish dish made with egg noodles, caramelized cabbage, and onion coated in an umami-filled butter sauce.

Serve it with pierogi, and you’ll have the ultimate Polish comfort food.

14. Polish Rogaliki 

Rogaliki are crescent cookies filled with jam. They are perfectly sweet, buttery, fruity, and seriously addictive.

It’s impossible to stop at one (or 6)! You’d better double the recipe, because these cookies will be a huge hit.

15. Polish Strawberry Soup 

Strawberries in a soup? It sounds strange, I know, but it just works.

Called zupa truskawkowa, strawberry soup is a thick soup with a sweet strawberry flavor. You can eat it hot over a bed of egg noodles, or cold on its own. 

16. Polish Leek Salad

Made with leeks and apples, Polish leek salad has a wonderful combination of sweet and savory.

Coated in a simple dressing of lemon juice, honey, and vegetable oil, it’s a simple salad packed with flavor.

17. Polish Apple Pancakes 

Apple slices dipped in a sweet pancake batter and fried to golden perfection: how amazing is that?! 

It doesn’t end there, as these pancakes are also dusted with powdered sugar to make them even more addictive.

18. Polish Beetroot Soup 

If you aren’t a fan of beets, this dish will change your mind. Polish beetroot soup is a sweet, earthy, and refreshing appetizer.

19. Smoked Polish Sausage and Sauerkraut

Smoked sausage with sauerkraut is a traditional dish served in Polish households, and it is simply delightful.

The smokiness of the sausage and the tang from the sauerkraut make a wonderful contrast of flavors!

20. Polish Donuts

Rounding off this list is the paczki – a soft and pillowy Polish donut filled with lemon curd, custard, or jam. 

These guys are popular during Mardi gras or Fat Tuesday, but with this recipe, you can have them any day of the year.

20 Traditional Polish Recipe Collection

These authentic Polish recipes are simply irresistible! From pierogi to haluski, these easy recipes have been passed down for generations.


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