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15 Best Taro Recipes to Make With the Root

If you haven’t tried taro recipes yet, you’re missing out!

Taro root is used to make delicious dishes in many cultures. Its popularity in the US is largely from the popularity of taro boba tea. 

If you’ve seen purple bubble tea, you’ve seen taro in action! 

Being a root, it is often compared to a potato, though it has a few differences. Most cultures use this ingredient to boost flavor and add mild sweetness. 

Fried Taro Fritter in a Bowl
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You’ll find taro in a variety of Asian, Middle Eastern, and Polynesian recipes. The complex flavor of taro root is perfect for warm spices.

Taro can grow in pink or purple colors and is loaded with vitamins! Its light sweetness and earthy flavor is irresistible in so many ways.

It adds beautiful color and flavor to a variety of dishes. Use it in sweet or savory dishes, there really isn’t a wrong way.

Cook it like any potato and take your dishes to a new level.

Tasty Taro Root Recipes

1. Taro Fries

Crispy fried taro root is the new fried potato. 

These are a sophisticated side dish for your next dinner. The light sweetness is extremely flexible for any seasoning. 

Add some spice and or load them up for a full meal.  No matter how you serve them, you will certainly love these fries!

2. Taro Cake

Don’t let this recipe intimidate you. While there are several steps in the preparation, these taro cakes are cozy and delicious.

These are great as a side with dim sum but can easily be a whole meal in themselves! They’re balanced, flavorful, and totally scrumptious!

3. Taro Fritters

If you love potato fritters, you have to try these.

These are totally gluten-free and have an incredible fried potato flavor. Pan-frying makes for golden crispy outsides and tender insides. 

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Enjoy them as a side dish or as an appetizer to start your night out right!

4. Taro With Coconut Milk

Steamed taro is perfectly tender and comforting.

Adding coconut cream and a dash of sugar makes this root irresistible! This recipe is so simple and is a staple in Hawaiian culture.

This is one creamy, delicious sweet snack or dessert. 

5. Mashed Taro

Sure, mashed sweet potatoes are popular in the fall. But have you had sweet and savory mashed taro root?

These are so flavorful, warm, and fluffy! Take your favorite comfort food to a new level, and scoop up mashed taro.

Simply boil, season, and mash. That’s really all it takes!

6. Simmered Taro

Craving Korean and not sure what to serve on the side? Look no further.

This simmered taro root is both savory and sweet. You will love this undeniably delicious addition to the dinner table. 

Beautiful flavors come together with mirin, soy, and dashi.

The sauce compliments the naturally complex flavor of taro. Serve it with egg, vegetables, and any Korean protein.

7. Taro Ice Cream

Homemade ice cream holds a high level of nostalgia for me. Taro ice cream is a beautiful twist on classic ice cream. 

In this recipe, coconut and taro work together in harmony for the flavor. The cream is custardy and thick, and perfect on a hot day. 

If you’re looking for that beautiful purple taro color, add in a dash of taro powder before blending. Grab your spoon and dig in.

8. Instant Pot Taro Root

If Indian scalloped potatoes were a thing, this recipe would be just that.

Delicious taro coins are cooked in a simple spiced gravy. The gravy is warm and full of spiced flavors that make this a comforting meal.

It doesn’t get easier than throwing it together in your Instant Pot. Serve it alone for a vegetarian dinner, or add your favorite proteins!

9. Homemade Taro Paste

Having taro paste on hand makes adding thickness and flavor so simple. 

Even better, it’s easy to make! With just three ingredients and a few steps, your taro paste is ready to go. 

This recipe is freezer-friendly, so make some to save for taro milk tea weeks down the road. 

10. Taro Root Stew

Being so similar to potatoes, taro is sweet starch to switch out in stew. 

This stew is Egyptian-inspired and full of herbs and spices. Being hearty and filling, the taro is the star of this recipe.

You won’t find meat on the ingredients list, but it isn’t missing.

This meal is comforting, vegetarian, and flavorful. Three words I love to write!

11. Savory Roasted Taro

You’re just six ingredients away from tender, savory roasted taro. 

Roasted taro is a great side for curry chicken. The crispy roasted texture is elevated with warm herbs and spices.

These are easy, delicious, and ready in no time! 

12. Fried Taro Puff

Where have these little taro dumplings been all my life?

The process to make these seems a bit tedious, but the result is totally worth the effort. The flavorful filling is surrounded by fluffy taro dough. 

It’s finger food the whole family will love. 

13. Fried Pork With Taro

Taro recipes come together so easily, and this meal is no exception!

Fry up pork riblets, cubed taro, scallions, and loads of garlic. The final dish is flavorful and hearty.

Garlic, sweet taro, and savory pork are the perfect partners for this dinner. 

Serve as is, or with a heaping scoop of fried rice. 

14. Sugar-Coated Taro Sticks

Taro makes for the perfect sweet treat, with less guilt than other starches. 

These sugar-coated taro sticks are deep-fried and totally delicious. Four ingredients and three steps are all you need to make a delicious dessert.

You’ll come back to these time and time again!

15. Taro Milk Tea

This list would be incomplete without that pretty purple drink. Milk tea is a popular drink sweeping the nation. 

Gently sweet, creamy milk, and jasmine green tea are an unmatched trio! Not to mention, there are sweet bursts of tapioca boba pearls. 

This recipe uses two forms of taro: paste and powder. This makes for a nutty, sweet, and creamy tea that is taking the nation by storm. 

15 BEST Ways to Cook with Taro

Try these taro recipes for tasty root vegetable dishes! From fries to fritters to ice cream, you just might gain a new favorite ingredient.


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Taro Recipes

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