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25 Best Summer Vegetarian Recipes

From bruschetta to cornbread to pizza, here are 25 summer vegetarian recipes that prove meatless meals can also be fun and exciting.

While the healthful benefits are countless, going vegetarian is a huge adjustment. Saying goodbye to meat isn’t easy! 

Summer Salad with Avocado, Spinach and Strawberries
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If you’ve recently made up your mind to go vegetarian, you’d better arm yourself with delicious dishes that will ease you into the practice.

This round-up of vegetarian recipes is exactly what you’ll need.

These dishes are not only delicious and vegetarian but will also help you make the most out of your colorful summer produce. 

If you think vegetarianism is synonymous with boring, just wait until you try these delectable summer dishes! 

20+ Easy Vegetarian Recipes To Make This Summer

Strawberry Banana Granola Parafait

1. Strawberry Banana Granola Parfaits

If you’re a fan of fruity desserts, this sweet and creamy parfait is calling your name.

Imagine enjoying spoonfuls of Greek yogurt, granola, bananas, and strawberries!

It’s not just about the flavors and textures, either.

The eye-catching layers are arranged in a mason jar for everyone to see. It’s Insta-worthy, for sure!

2. Corn on the Cob 

For a hearty, satisfying snack, how about some grilled corn on the cob? This golden beauty is perfect for your summer picnic!

Grilled corn is slathered with butter and maybe sprinkled with a bit of salt.

I love how it’s both simple and mind-blowingly delicious at the same time.

3. Cucumber Tomato Salad 

If you’re looking for a cooling, refreshing side dish to go along with BBQ, look no further than this salad. 

Fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, and basil create the most stunning color combination!

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A drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette, and your salad is complete.

One batch serves 6 to 8 and only takes 10 minutes to make. It couldn’t get any better than that.

Creamy Coleslaw

4. Coleslaw 

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with KFC. I fell in love with the chicken, but I kept coming back for the coleslaw.

It’s crispy and creamy with a hint of sweetness that I thoroughly enjoyed. 

I haven’t been dining at KFC as of late. But that’s okay because this coleslaw recipe is here for me whenever a craving strikes. 

5. Zucchini Fritters  

Oh, how I love snacking on these zucchini fritters! These tasty, crispy treats are a hit even with meat lovers.

Paired with a creamy vegan sour cream dip, don’t be surprised to find yourself devouring one fritter after another!

While they’re wonderfully crunchy, these fritters are baked, not fried. That means no guilt comes with eating them. 

6. Pizza 

While I do admit I prefer meat on my pizza, I also won’t say no to one that’s loaded with tri-colored bell peppers, mushrooms, basil, and vegan parmesan cheese.

The crunch from the crust and the vegetables, the sweetness from the sauce, and the richness from the cheese make this pizza just as delightful as any.

Sliced Cornbread

7. Cornbread 

This recipe is tried-and-true. The cornbread has a crispy exterior and a moist and crumbly interior. The contrast in texture alone makes it impossible to resist.

Its sweet corn flavor is absolutely amazing, too.

Its mild sweetness makes it an excellent side dish to savory meats such as bacon, fried chicken, and of course, chili.

8. Cucumber Salad   

Don’t you just love how cooling cucumber is?

It’s almost always warm where I live, but having this refreshing cucumber salad on my side helps me survive the sweltering heat.

It couldn’t be simpler – just some thinly sliced cucumbers and onions tossed in a sweet and tangy vinegar dressing. The result, however, is 100% delightful.

Corn Pudding

9. Corn Pudding 

This corn pudding is insanely amazing, from the slightly crispy exterior to the creamy custard to the sweet, corn flavor!

While it’s technically a side dish, I won’t be surprised if it steals the whole show.

10. Summer Veggie Quinoa Salad

Combine fresh vegetables, crunchy, quinoa, and a lemon vinaigrette to make a colorful summer salad.

This refreshing appetizer is a fantastic way to beat the summer heat.

This salad gets at 10 out of 10 in terms of color, flavor, and texture.

It gets extra points for being super healthy, vegetarian, and gluten-free, too! 

11. Summer Vegetable Penne Pasta

This pasta salad is a thing of beauty. Just by looking at it, you can already tell how immaculate its flavor is!

Cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and corn kernels are roasted in the oven to achieve a beautiful caramelization.

They’re then tossed with penne pasta and a rich dressing of olive oil with garlic, basil, oregano, salt, and pepper. Who says salads are boring?

Macaroni Salad

12. Macaroni Salad 

This may not be the healthiest salad on this roster, but it’s ridiculously delicious, so who cares?

This is the same creamy macaroni salad your grandma used to make!

Macaroni, chopped celery, bell peppers, and onions are tossed with mayo.

It’s a basic recipe and anyone can do it. It’s also guaranteed to blow you away.

13. Avocado Summer Rolls 

Give your summer fruits the spotlight that they deserve! These summer rolls are a stunning masterpiece.

A medley of fruits is seasoned with herbs and wrapped in rice wrappers and drizzled with a creamy basil coconut sauce.

What a brilliant way to showcase fresh summer produce!

14. Zucchini Noodles 

While it’s a lot easier to get it from the grocery, nothing beats freshly prepared zucchini noodles.

This pasta alternative tastes significantly better than store-bought.

This recipe teaches you how to cut zucchini four ways. Whether you want them long and curly or flat and fat, this article has you covered. 

15. Gazpacho 

Soup lovers, this one’s for you! This chilled gazpacho is delicious and refreshing.

It’s an excellent way to stay cool in the hot summer sun.

This gazpacho has just the perfect consistency – not too thin, not too chunky.

With a rich base and bits of cucumbers, tomatoes, and pepper, this soup is a winner!

16. Corn Guacamole 

Crunchy sweet corn and creamy avocado join forces to make one epic guacamole!

From the color combination to the flavor and texture contrast, these two are made for each other.

Flavored with lime juice, cilantro, cumin, salt, and pepper, this guacamole is every Tex Mex lover’s dream.

You’ll want to the recipe – this guacamole won’t last long.

17. Tomato Basil Bruschetta 

Ripe red tomatoes, fresh green basil, and wonderfully pungent garlic go on top of toasted French bread.

It’s full of flavor as it is, but the thick balsamic glaze takes it over the top.

This bruschetta is the ultimate summer appetizer! I won’t mind snacking on this all day long!

18. Eggplant with Garlic Sauce

Eggplant slices are grilled until deeply caramelized and then cooked in soy garlic sauce.

The eggplant absorbs the sauce like a sponge, giving it such bold flavors. Delish!

Serve this with rice or noodles for a satisfying vegetarian meal.

Tip: don’t add too much oil to avoid soggy and greasy eggplant. Moderation is key!

19. Carrot Salad 

Carrots are often used as a supporting ingredient to a main dish.

Rarely are they ever featured as the star, but in this recipe, it is given the spotlight it deserves.

Grated carrots are tossed in a sweet and tangy vinaigrette to make a crunchy, delicious, and nutritious salad.

This salad is simple, but it definitely delivers.

20. Panzanella Salad 

Red, ripe tomatoes, plump and juicy peaches, chewy chickpeas, and sweet and crunchy corn all in one salad? I won’t say no to that! 

It doesn’t end there, though. The salad also features cubes of crusty stale bread to give it more heft and texture.

Tossed with a dressing made of olive oil, lemon juice, mustard, and garlic, this salad is the epitome of summer flavors! 

21. Black Bean Burritos 

You had me at burritos. The fact that it’s vegan is just a bonus.

This burrito is bursting with black beans, coconut rice, and avocado slices. With all those amazing layers, who needs meat?

The best part is, homemade burritos are easy to make and significantly cheaper than store-bought.

22. Mini-Custard Fruit Tarts 

There’s always room for dessert! With these delectable mini fruit tarts, you’ll make sure there is.

These tarts come with a crispy oat crust, a glorious coconut cream filling, and fresh fruits on top. In short, they’re impossible to resist. 

And don’t worry, these delights are dairy-free and gluten-free, so everyone can get in on the fun.

23. Grilled Fruit Kabobs

These mouthwatering fruit kabobs are legendary!

Cook these colorful skewers in your grill to make them even sweeter and more sensational than ever.

This recipe calls for cantaloupe, bananas, pineapple, and strawberries. But any fruit works, so make it your own!

24. Fruit Salad 

A medley of kiwi, grapes, berries, and citrus make one refreshing salad.

Drizzle the fruits with a sweet honey mint syrup and you have an appetizer, side dish, and dessert all in one.

25. Grilled Peaches 

Peaches are brushed with melted butter, sprinkled with brown sugar and cinnamon, and grilled to caramelized perfection.

Topped with vanilla ice cream, this summer dessert is unbelievably delicious. Yup, I definitely saved the best for last.

25 Best Summer Vegetarian Recipe Collection

From bruschetta to cornbread to pizza, these summer vegetarian recipes that prove meatless meals can also be fun and exciting. You’ll love trying these simple dishes!


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Summer Vegetarian Recipes

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