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15 Best Summer Sausage Recipes We Adore

Get creative this BBQ season and try these quick and easy summer sausage recipes.

They’re smoky, savory, and perfect for any occasion.

Sliced Summer Sausage with Cheddar Cheese
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From snack plates and delicious sliders to fresh salads and delectable entrees, there’s something for everyone in this roundup.

Richly spiced and slow-smoked, summer sausage is guaranteed to add a zing to your dishes.

So whether you’re hosting a party or just want to spice up your weekly dinner menu, these summer sausage recipes are perfect.

Ready? Dive in to see what scrumptiousness lies ahead!

15 Easy Summer Sausage Recipes

1. Tortilla Pinwheel

Summer sausage, jalapeño cream cheese, roast beef, and turkey rolled up inside a tortilla? Yes, please!

This meaty, cheesy treat packs a mouthwatering combination of flavors and textures.

The sausage adds a hearty bite and smoky flavor, while the cream cheese ensures every mouthful is balanced.

These little morsels of deliciousness make an excellent snack or appetizer.

2. Summer Sausage Quesadillas with Thai Peanut Sauce

Imagine a hot, cheesy quesadilla. Now imagine it with a bit of spice and some Thai peanut sauce.

That’s what I call the ultimate comfort food!

These summer sausage quesadillas with Thai peanut sauce will have your taste buds doing backflips.

It’s a culinary fusion you don’t want to miss.

The smoky, savory summer sausage combined with the creamy peanut sauce is an absolute delight.

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And the best part? They’re ready in just 30 minutes.

3. Summer Sausage Farfelle

Looking for a meal that’s as easy as it is delicious? You’ve got to try this summer sausage farfalle!

It features a tasty mix of veggies, creamy sauce, and smoky summer sausage in one package.

The bright taste of tomatoes perfectly complements the rich flavors in this dish.

Plus, you’ll even love the juicy and savory summer sausage with its refreshing backdrop.

Serve this hearty farfalle at your next cookout for a memorable flavor experience.

Each bite is guaranteed to brighten up your day in an instant. The only problem is, once you start eating, it’s tough to stop!

4. Creamy Pasta Salad with Burgers’ Smokehouse Summer Sausage

Are you craving a light, delicious, and satisfying lunch? This creamy pasta salad with summer sausage will knock your socks off!

It’s creamy and flavorful without being heavy or greasy. And the summer sausage adds smoky, meaty goodness to keep things interesting.

This dish is so good, you’ll be clamoring for more after your first bite.

5. Summer Sausage Cheese Ball

Are you on the hunt for the perfect appetizer that’ll make your guests drool? This summer sausage cheese ball is the answer!

Featuring summer sausage, sharp cheddar cheese, and cream cheese rolled into a ball, it’s a recipe you’ll turn to again and again.

Trust me – your guests will be begging you for the recipe.

6. Greek Pasta Salad

Summer is a time for bright and delightful flavors. And this Greek pasta salad with summer sausage will make your belly happy!

It’s a harmonious blend of crisp veggies, salty feta cheese, and smoky summer sausage.

Every bit of this dish bursts with colorful goodness.

Light, refreshing, hearty, and filling, it’s the perfect snack or light lunch to get you through the rest of the day.

7. Spicy Sausage Mini Pizzas

Forget ordering takeout, and try these spicy sausage mini pizzas instead!

Glazed with Sriracha peanut sauce and topped with summer sausage, these little morsels are guaranteed to delight. 

Plus, they have a pleasant kick of jalapeños and melty cheese for good measure.

Whether you’re hosting a party or just want a snack, you can’t go wrong with this one!

8. Cheesy Sausage Potato Bake

Craving something creamy, cheesy, and meaty? This cheesy sausage and potato bake is exactly what you need!

Loaded with ham and summer sausage, this hearty potato dish is cozy, filling, and comforting to the max.

It’s the kind of meal that’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

So be sure to make extra!

9. One Pot Cheesy Sausage Pasta

The next time you need a mid-week pick-me-up, do yourself a favor and make this hearty bowl of pasta.

It features a rich mix of soft pasta, creamy cheese, and tomatoes with lots of smoky summer sausage to enhance all the flavors.

Oh, and did I mention it only takes 30 minutes to make? Perfect for busy weeknights!

10. Italian Chopped Salad

One bite of this Italian chopped salad with summer sausage, and you’ll dream of it for weeks.

It’s a light and refreshing dish that is hearty enough to fill you up but not so filling you’ll need a nap when you’re done.

Full of fresh, crisp vegetables and chewy pasta with a hint of smokiness from the sausage, it’s pretty much incredible.

But it doesn’t stop there! It’s also drizzled with a tangy vinaigrette dressing that’ll tingle your taste buds.

This salad is ideal for a summer afternoon in the sunshine.

11. Cheese Platter with Summer Sausage

Need a show-stopping appetizer for the Super Bowl?

This cheese platter recipe boasts a mouthwatering selection of cheeses, pickles, crackers, and sausage.

With flavors ranging from mild to sharp, there’s something for everyone.

It comes together in a flash, and you can change it with an assortment of add-ins. Easy peasy!

12. Grilled Summer Sausage with Fennel Slaw

When it comes to backyard BBQs, there’s nothing like a juicy grilled sausage.

And these grilled summer sausage sliders are about as flavorful and juicy as it gets.

The soft slider buns are piled high with smoky summer sausage and tangy fennel slaw.

It also features the mild taste of Gouda cheese and crisp lettuce for the perfect bite.

This recipe is so simple and so delicious, you’ll want to make it all summer long.

13. Summer Sausage Chips

Are you tired of the same old bag of chips sitting in your pantry? Make these summer sausage chips instead!

The thick slices of summer sausage are baked to crispy perfection and served with creamy horseradish sauce.

Crunchy, smoky, and salty – what more could you ask for?

14. Dilly New Potato Salad with Summer Sausage

This potato salad recipe brings a unique twist to the classic summer side dish we all know and love.

You’ll start with the usual creamy potato base, then pack it with smoky, salty summer sausage.

Mix in some fresh dill and chives for a bright flavor sensation, and you’re all set.

Once you try this recipe, it’ll become a staple for every picnic with the family.

15. Garlic Summer Sausage Pretzel Bun Sliders

Are you ready to drool? These garlic summer sausage pretzel bun sliders are so insanely good, you won’t want to share.

They’re fully loaded with smoky, savory garlic summer sausage and slathered in a unique apricot and mustard spread.

Layer on a bit of Manchego cheese for melty, gooey goodness, and you’ll have one helluva slider on your hands.

15 Best Summer Sausage Recipes We Adore

Get creative this BBQ season and try these quick and easy summer sausage recipes. They’re smoky, savory, and perfect for any occasion.


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Summer Sausage Recipes

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