Home Recipe Roundup 23 Best Summer Salmon Recipes (+ Easy Dinners)

23 Best Summer Salmon Recipes (+ Easy Dinners)

Eat fresh all season with these summer salmon recipes!

Hot off the grill, tossed in a salad, or smoked in a dip, salmon is the star of summer. 

Orange Salmon Salad with Lettuce, Orange and Tomatoes
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Packed with Omega-3s and protein, it’s a smart choice full of essential nutrients.

Plus, there are so many ways to prepare it. 

Pair it with fresh veggies for an easy chopped salad or skewer it for the perfect cookout bites. 

From pasta salad to poke to blackened with chimichurri, these easy-to-make and flavorful summer salmon recipes are sure to be a hit!

1. Easy Chopped Salmon Salad

When I make salmon in the summer, I make extra just for this salad. 

The combo of colorful veggies, juicy salmon, and the simple three-ingredient dressing are crave-worthy.

Use leftover salmon and there’s no need to turn on the oven. Plus, it cuts down on prep time.

2. Mediterranean Salmon Salad

Healthy meets happy taste buds in this satisfying salad. 

Adding salmon to your leafy greens makes it super satiating. Add quinoa to the mix, and it’s also rich in protein.

Not only that, but you’re getting Omega-3 fatty acids along with a bunch of other nutrients, too. 

3. Salmon Pasta Salad

Have you tried adding salmon to your pasta salad? It’s genius!

Creamy and savory, this is one of the best pasta salad recipes for summer.

It’s the comfort food you crave without a hot bowl.

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The ingredients are easy, making it a great dish for sharing. Or, make it for yourself and have leftovers all week.

4. Salmon Macaroni Salad

Potlucks, barbecues, and picnics all need a great side dish. And I have just the thing!

This macaroni salad melds canned salmon with tender pasta in a mayo-based dressing and fresh herbs. 

It’s the perfect dish for all kinds of summer gatherings, and it takes 30 minutes. 

5. Mexican Grilled Salmon Salad

For lunch or dinner, this salad is a no-brainer you can throw together whenever hunger strikes. 

It needs only 3 minutes per side. 

So before you start cooking, mix Romaine lettuce with your salad fixings. 

This one opts for tomatoes, corn, cucumber, cilantro, red onion, and queso fresco. 

There’s plenty of room to customize it, too. 

6. Honey Mustard Salmon with Summer Vegetable Salad

If you have a quality salmon filet that you want to honor, do it justice with this recipe. 

Mustard, paprika, and honey accentuate the salmon with a well-balanced contrast of flavors. 

The only way to go forward from there is a garden-fresh adornment of veggies. 

Keep it seasonal with zucchini, summer squash, and cherry tomatoes.

If you can swing it, add micro greens and pine nuts.

7. Blackened Summer Salmon with Chimichurri

I for one am speechless. Just look at that stunning fish!

It’s popping with bright summer colors and plenty of flavors to back it up.

The blackened seasoning is on point and the chimichurri is next-level stuff. 

It’s not only dripping with savory and tangy flavors, but it also has a fresh summer salad condiment to top it off.

8. Greek Salmon with Lemon Feta and Orzo Summer Salad

This quite possibly might be the most picture-perfect summer salmon dish!

It checks all the boxes of healthy, summery, and fresh, and the salmon is grilled!

The orzo salad is just a bonus at this point.

9. Grilled Salmon with Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad

For a refreshing flavor combination, top grilled salmon with a creamy cucumber dill salad. 

The salad cools you down, while the fish fills you up. 

It’s a terrific light meal that doesn’t take a ton of time or a bunch of fuss.  

10. Roasted Salmon and Spicy Orange Cucumber Salsa

Have I mentioned how much I love salmon? If not, let me reiterate, I love salmon and I love this dish!

It’s as pleasurable to eat as it is to look at. 

A large salmon filet gets roasted to perfection and then topped with a refreshing spicy cucumber orange salsa. 

Do you want to know what else you’ll love? Anyone can make it!

11. Grilled Salmon Kebabs

Salmon kebabs are the perfect finger food for a summer cookout.

They go with a wide range of sides, and they’re absolutely scrumptious. 

They also don’t take a ton of effort. Skewer lemon slices in between cubes of seasoned salmon and grill. 

You can pass them out in about 10 minutes. 

12. Perfect Salmon Burgers

Everyone loves a good burger at a barbecue, and salmon is such an extra special treat!

These thick juicy patties are jam-packed with salmon and smoked salmon.

You won’t find any fillers or binding agents here. 

Just a simple seasoning giving you the perfect salmon patty.

The question is, what are you going to do with it once it’s on the bun?

13. Maple Soy Grilled Salmon Steaks

Forget red meat, this summer it’s all about salmon steaks

They have an Asian flair, giving them a sweet, umami, and garlicky flavor.

It requires minimal ingredients, 15 minutes, and leftover white rice

Okay, that last one is optional, but you know it’s a great idea.

14. Salmon Sushi Bowl

This bowl is speaking to my soul!

The only thing better than a salmon sushi roll is a giant deconstructed one in a bowl. 

And this one comes maxed out with all the best fillings.

It has cucumber, avocado, nori, and a very garlicky sweet umami salmon on top of brown rice. 

Your local sushi joint might not have this on the menu, but you can have it on the table in 15 minutes. 

15. Firecracker Salmon

Firecracker salmon is an explosion of flavor!

Each filet bathes in a sweet, spicy, and umami marinade for hours.

For a longer infusion, you can also let them rest overnight. 

When it’s time to eat, either bake or pan-fry. Either way, it’s not long now until mealtime. 

16. Almond-Crusted Salmon

Almond-crusted salmon is always a crowd-pleaser. It looks fancy, tastes divine, and it’s seriously easy to make. 

It’s also a terrific gluten-free option that adds texture to salmon without covering it in flour. 

All you need are almonds, parsley, mustard, and honey for the crust.

If you’re on keto or watching your sugar intake, you can skip the honey. 

17. Poached Salmon

If you’re looking for a foolproof way for cooking salmon, try poaching. 

As the salmon simmers in white wine with fresh herbs and shallots, it soaks up all that goodness. 

Plate it with lemon slices and it’s ready for your spread. 

If you need more healthy dinner inspiration, try green vegetable sides.

Roasted asparagus, air fryer Brussels sprouts, or balsamic roasted green veggies go great with it.

18. Salmon Cakes

I’ll trade in my crab cakes for salmon cakes any day when they taste like this.

Each plump cake is crispy, flaky, and fresh. 

You can use canned salmon too, just be sure it’s drained well so they don’t fall apart. 

They make for a fantastic appetizer or a light lunch.

I’ve also been known to make my patties a little bigger and turn them into a burger. 

19. Smoked Salmon Dip

Friends, meet the new party appetizer you’ll bring to every summer shindig. 

Creamy, smoky, and herby, it turns salmon into an irresistible dip.

Serve it with crackers, crostini, or veggie sticks.

It’s also fun to smear on mini bagels to eat as a cream cheese and lox spread.

20. Spicy Salmon Poke Bowls

There is a special place in my heart for this spicy salmon poke bowl

Poke is a traditional Hawaiian dish that just so happens to be my favorite! 

There are many variations, but this is one of the best that uses salmon.

You’ll love the big chunks of spicy sockeye, pickled cucumbers, and Sriracha mayo. 

Trust me, I’m an expert on this one.

21. BBQ Salmon

Summer plus the weekend equals BBQ salmon time!

You’ll want to grill out all summer long with this finger-licking good salmon. 

It’s oozing with an addicting sweet and tangy homemade barbecue sauce. 

While you could always use store-bought, there’s nothing quite like barbecue sauce made from scratch. 

So while you’re whipping it up, make a large batch. It will get used up, I guarantee.

22. Cedar Plank Salmon with Lemon, Garlic, and Rosemary

Cedar plank salmon is a whole new level of grill master. 

As the salmon cooks, the cedar infuses it with a wood-smoked flavor. It also helps cook it perfectly. 

Be sure to soak the planks ahead of time so they don’t burn.

Once you get the hang of it, you can experiment with other types of planks like hickory, maple, or cherry.

23. Grilled Teriyaki Salmon

Are you still using store-bought teriyaki for your salmon?

If so, it’s time to retire those bottles and make your sauce from scratch. 

This homemade sauce will elevate your cooking and the flavor of your salmon. 

It’s the perfect balance of sweet, tangy, garlicky, and umami, and it’s fresh!

That is what your salmon deserves and so do your tastebuds. Now, grab your salmon, and let’s eat!

23 Best Summer Salmon Recipes (+ Easy Dinners)

These summer salmon recipes are tough to beat! From salads to pasta to kebabs, salmon on the grill is such a treat!


  • Easy Chopped Salmon Salad

  • Mediterranean Salmon Salad

  • Salmon Pasta Salad

  • Salmon Macaroni Salad

  • Mexican Grilled Salmon Salad

  • Honey Mustard Salmon with Summer Vegetable Salad

  • Blackened Summer Salmon with Chimichurri

  • Greek Salmon with Lemon Feta and Orzo Summer Salad

  • Grilled Salmon with Creamy Cucumber Dill Salad

  • Roasted Salmon and Spicy Orange Cucumber Salsa

  • Grilled Salmon Kebabs

  • Perfect Salmon Burgers

  • Maple Soy Grilled Salmon Steaks

  • Salmon Sushi Bowl

  • Firecracker Salmon

  • Almond-Crusted Salmon

  • Poached Salmon

  • Salmon Cakes

  • Smoked Salmon Dip

  • Spicy Salmon Poke Bowls

  • BBQ Salmon

  • Cedar Plank Salmon with Lemon, Garlic, and Rosemary

  • Grilled Teriyaki Salmon


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a salmon recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Summer Salmon Recipes

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