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30 Best Star Wars Recipes In The Galaxy

A long time ago, in a far away galaxy, these Star Wars recipes were beloved by Ewoks and Wookiees alike.

Now, let’s use the Force and recreate them at home.

Star Wars Galaxy Cupcakes
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Each of these tasty treats is 100% Star Wars-inspired. They may not say, “created by George Lucas,” but I think he’d approve.

From delicious drinks and awesome appetizers to decadent desserts, this list has it all – including Baby Yoda Soda to Darth Malt Milkshakes!

And what better way to say, “May the Force be with you” than with some fun Star Wars recipes?

1. Darth Malt Milkshakes

These five-ingredient shakes are the perfect way to cool down on a hot day.

They feature malt chocolate balls, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and more. 

They’re incredibly indulgent, and you may not be able to finish the whole thing. Still, any milkshake lover would approve, Star Wars fan or not.

2. Baby Yoda Cookies (Blue Space Cookies – Macarons)

Crispy outside, chewy inside, and yummy all the way through. That’s the best way to describe these lovely blue macarons.

They’re rich, brightly colored, and just plain fun. 

They’re also a sweet treat you could use for multiple occasions.

3. Star Wars R2D2 Treats

Break out the egg whites, cream of tartar, powdered sugar, and food dye! That’s all you’ll need to make Ding Dongs even sweeter and more indulgent. 

They’ll also look just like R2D2 when you’re done.

Making these takes a bit of skill with a piping bag. However, they aren’t nearly as tricky to decorate as you might think. 

You’re basically just making squares, lines, and circles. Practice a few times beforehand, and you’ll do just fine. 

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(Plus, the more you mess up, the more you can eat! Poorly-decorated sweets have zero calories, you know!*)

*Note: I have no scientific evidence to prove this. It’s simply a little lie I like to tell myself when I’m eating my fourth messed-up cupcake of the day.

4. Baby Yoda Soda

Remember how crazy the world went for Baby Yoda? They’ll go just as nuts for this adorable soda.

It’s blueish-green, fizzy, and fabulously fruity. And with some clever decorating, it really does look just like Baby Yoda.

This version is alcohol-free, so it’s perfect for kids and adults. Add a dash (or four) of rum for a more potent, adults-only drink

5. Baby Yoda Cupcakes

Here are some Baby Yoda cupcakes to serve with your Baby Yoda Soda.

They take a little time to assemble, but just look at how adorable they are! 

Any Star Wars fan is bound to appreciate your effort. Plus, they taste fantastic. They’re sweet, moist, and not too rich.

6. Princess Leia Oreo Truffles

A couple of Rolos give these truffles Princess Leia’s signature hairstyle. But the insides are the standard Oreo truffle we all know and love. 

Dip them in chocolate, draw on a face, and voila! Princess Leia!

With their crunchy shells and rich, creamy interiors, these are hard not to love.

7. Star Wars Bantha Cocoa

Bantha cocoa is jazzed up blue milk.

You’ll sweeten it with vanilla extract and white chocolate chips. Then, you’ll turn it blue with food coloring and pile on the whipped cream.

In essence, it’s vanilla-sweetened milk with a touch of extra decadence.

Of course, any Star Wars lover will instantly recognize it as the specialty drink from Dex’s Diner.

8. Star Wars Cake Stormtrooper

Turn any cake into a Stormtrooper cake with creative cutting and fondant. It takes a little artistic effort on your part, but it’s not as hard as it seems. 

You should be fine as long as you have a Stormtrooper cutout for a guide. The details on the mask aren’t complicated either.

9. Stormtrooper Marshmallows

Of course, if you don’t want to mess with the cake, you don’t have to. Make these simple Stormtrooper marshmallows instead. 

All you’ll need are full-size (or jumbo) marshmallows and black edible markers.

Draw a few simple geometric shapes on them, and you’ll have an army of Stormtroopers in no time! 

10. White Hot Chocolate with Stormtrooper Marshmallows

And here’s the yummy white hot chocolate drink to go with them!

You’ll only need three ingredients: white chocolate, heavy cream, and vanilla extract.

It’s thick, creamy, and delightfully sweet. Serve it on a cold night while watching a Star Wars marathon. 

11. Storm Trooper Cupcakes

These chocolate cupcakes are moist, fluffy, and delectable. Frost them with vanilla icing for the uniform white look.

Of course, you can go with a different flavor if the white color isn’t important to you. They just won’t look like Stormtroopers.

Then, top each one with Stormtrooper marshmallows from the recipe above. It’s a super easy process that shouldn’t take more than an hour or so.

12. Death Star Whoopie Pies

What’s totally decadent, scrumptious, and melt-in-your-mouth soft? These homemade whoopie pies, of course!

They also look like tiny death stars, and what’s cooler than that? 

These chewy pies are full of cocoa goodness and have rich marshmallow cream fillings. Both the kids and adults will go nuts for them. 

13. Cheese and Cracker TIE Fighters

Did you know you can turn cheese and crackers into a Star Wars-themed snack with ease.

All it takes is a little creativity in shaping and assembling, which takes just five minutes and three ingredients.

They’re the creamiest, crunchiest, and cheesiest TIE fighters you’ll ever taste.

14. TIE Fighter Oreo Pops – Star Wars Party

Want TIE fighters that are just as cute but much sweeter? Try these Oreo pops instead.

They combine chocolate-dipped Oreo truffles and chocolate wafers.

They look just as awesome as the ones above and are just as easy to make. Fortunately, they’ll satisfy your sweet tooth, as well. 

15. No Bake Wookie Cookies

You’ve likely had a variation on these cookies before. Maybe they had a different name, or perhaps they had colorful M&Ms stuffed inside.

If not, you really should give them a try.

You’ll combine oats, coconut, and peanut butter to make them. And the best part is they’re chewy and nutty without any baking at all! 

My family usually has them at Christmas. But they’ll be just as tasty for Star Wars Day.

16. Star Wars Bento Lunch Box

Check out this phenomenal Star Wars bento box! It even comes complete with lightsaber chopsticks!!!!

(Note to self: Must acquire these now!)

This is a traditional bento box with rice, eggs, apples, and more. It’s quite a healthy lunch option, even if you don’t do all the fun shapes. 

Still, if you want to make a Star Wars fan’s day, go all out. Get the egg shapers and cut the other things in the strategic manner outlined in the recipe. 

It may seem like a lot of work for something that someone will devour. But who wouldn’t appreciate opening their lunch box to that?

I know I would.

17. Galaxy Popcorn

This sweet and colorful popcorn looks downright magical. Luckily, it’s incredibly easy to make, even without the Jedi mind tricks.

Add a touch of edible glitter to make this out-of-this-world amazing!

The best part is that you can easily change the colors. So, if you want to make Christmas popcorn, use red and green.

Valentine’s Day? Halloween? Pride Day? Simply swap out the Jello for colors that suit your needs.

How easy is that?

18. The Twins Rice Balls

These rice balls might be the coolest recipe on the list. And all it takes to make them is some creative shaping and decorating. 

Even better, the seasonings you’ll add for color make the rice taste great, too. These are a total win-win. 

Top Tip: Even if you don’t want to shape these, use the furikake seasonings listed. You won’t regret it.

19. Star Wars Bantha Kabobs

Need a Star Wars recipe that’s a bit more substantial? These tasty kebabs are just the thing.

Loaded with fresh fruits and veggies, they’re both healthy and hearty. Plus, you’ll add bacon, and that makes everything better.

They’re flavorful, filling, and paleo-friendly. Even Star Wars haters will appreciate these. 

20. Cirilian Noodle Salad

This colorful salad certainly looks like something from outer space. It’s fresh, tangy, refreshing, and full of things that are good for you.

And since it takes less than 30 minutes to make, it’s the ideal quick lunch option.

21. Star Wars Tartlets

These galactic pastries are golden brown with a fantastic fruit filling.

Even without the fun shapes, they’re a terrifically tasty treat. 

You can make them Star Wars-friendly with paper templates or cookie cutters. (Pancake or candy molds work, too.)

Either way, these are sure to be a hit. 

22. Star Wars Popsicles – Death Star

All you’ll need to make these are death star-shaped popsicle molds. Fill them with whatever liquid you like best, and you’re good to go.

You can even mix and match!

I like lemonade and fruit punch, though various Kool-Aid flavors make them more colorful. 

You can fill the entire mold for solid colored popsicles. Or you can fill and freeze the bottoms first for dual colors.

23. Star Wars Pretzel Rods

Have you ever wanted your very own lightsaber? How about an edible one?

To recreate these fun treats, you’ll need pretzel rods, candy melts, M&Ms, and sprinkles.

Decorate the pretzel rods however you like, but be sure to save the blue one for yourself!

Top tip: Use this basic recipe to make Harry Potter wands!

24. Star Wars Baby Yoda Deviled Eggs

I know! It’s another Baby Yoda recipe; I just can’t help myself.

He’s so stinking cute!

Spoiler alert: This will not be the last Baby Yoda recipe on this list. 

That said, these are some of my favorites. They take traditional deviled eggs and turn them into mini Baby Yodas. 

Adding avocados to the mixture makes them green. Then, add black peppercorns for eyes and snow peas for ears.

It couldn’t be simpler, and they’re still just as tasty as ever.

25. Bantha Blue Butter Sandwich Cookies

These thick blue sandwich cookies are a genuine delight. They look incredible and taste even better. 

The cookies are mildly sweet and chewy. Then, you’ll spoon a generous helping of ice cream between them for an extra special treat. 

Finally, decorate them with sprinkles.

Not only do they look great, but they add a bit of crunch, as well. It’s a nice contrast to the softness of the cookies.

26. Galaxy’s Edge Blue Milk

You don’t have to visit the Galaxy’s Edge to enjoy blue milk.

Instead, you can whip some up in your very own kitchen! You’ll only need five ingredients to do it, too!

It’s a cold, sweet, kid-approved drink, but I won’t judge you if you feel like indulging.

After all, there’s no age limit on a not-so-stiff drink.

27. Princess Leia Apple Snacks

Need a tasty Star Wars appetizer that doesn’t take long to make? These apple snacks fit the bill. 

They’re plain apple slices topped with homemade icing. You’ll make it with whipped cream cheese, cocoa powder, cinnamon, and powdered sugar.

It’s sweet, rich, and has a hint of cinnamon yumminess. Pipe it on in the shape of Leia’s signature buns, and everyone will instantly recognize them. 

28. Baby Yoda Nachos

How do you turn a messy plate of nachos into Baby Yoda? With guacamole and jalapeño peppers! 

You can still add all of your favorite nachos toppings. Just be sure the guacamole (and black olives) make a recognizable face.

Stick some sliced jalapeños on for ears, and you’re all set.

A cowl of sour cream and diced onions makes it even more authentic. Of course, people will quickly mix it all up, but, hey, it’s cute while it lasts, right?

29. Star Wars Galaxy Cupcakes

These galaxy cupcakes are stunning. And you could make them for far more than just Star Wars Day. 

Simply leave off the Star Wars decorations, and they’ll work well for anything.

No one will turn down a sweet, beautiful cupcake that looks like the galaxy!

30. Rings of Hudalla

I’ve never actually seen the rings of Hudalla. However, I can’t imagine they’re any more impressive than these tasty culinary versions. 

After all, rings of brown sugar-coated bacon are pretty hard to beat.

Add some caramelized onions and a little hot sauce, and WOW. These things are downright addictive. 

30 Best Star Wars Recipes In The Galaxy

A long time ago, in a far away galaxy, these Star Wars recipes were beloved by Ewoks and Wookiees alike. Now, let’s use the Force and recreate them at home.


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Star Wars Recipes

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