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25 Slaw Recipes Perfect for Any BBQ

These slaw recipes are the crunchy side dish your meals have been missing!

From comfort food to light summer fare, there’s a slaw here to go with pretty much any type of cuisine you can dream off.

Bowl of Asian Slaw with Sesame Seeds
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When it comes to slaw, there are two primary options you have: creamy or tangy. The rest of the ingredients are decided from there. 

No matter which one you prefer, I’ve compiled the best of the best.

That way, you can add a side to your finger-licking barbecue, toss some on your tacos, and round out all your dinners. 

Creamy Coleslaw

1. KFC Coleslaw

When it comes to creamy coleslaw, the Colonel is completely unmatched. KFC lovers, you know what I mean. 

Thanks to this recipe, you can have zesty creamy KFC slaw without ever leaving the house. 

Buttermilk is the secret to making it taste like the fast-food chain. Add that with everything else, and your creamy side will be ready in 10 minutes.

2. Simple Healthy Slaw

One of the best ways to meet your daily servings of veggies is with this simple slaw. 

It’s a vibrant mix of colorful veggies packed with vitamins and minerals. Not to mention, it’s super tasty and goes with just about everything. 

Pepitas enhance the crunchy texture and the zesty lemon dressing keeps it lively. 

You can pair this with pretty much any protein. I think this will even taste good in tacos, quinoa bowls, or slapped on a salmon burger. 

3. Ramen Noodle Asian Salad 

Turn your slaw into a meal on its own with this umami salad. 

Like every good slaw, you need some cabbage. This one makes it easy with pre-packaged coleslaw mix. 

What sets this apart from the rest is the crunchy, uncooked ramen noodles. It’s a unique pairing, but it totally works.

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4. Chick-fil-A Cole Slaw

Do you miss the discontinued slaw from Chick-fil-A? Put it back on the menu by making it in your own kitchen.

With just five ingredients you can whip up the Chick-fil-A slaw you love. The key is to let everything sit for a couple of hours before diving in. 

5. Spicy Creamy Coleslaw 

Spicy food lovers, here is one to delight your taste buds. This creamy slaw gets spiced up with jalapenos, horseradish, and a sprinkle of cayenne. 

In fact, it gets an entire tablespoon of chili powder. If that’s too much, you can dial it back some.

6. South Carolina Slaw

You’ll find some of the best comfort food in the south and this one is no exception.

This South Carolina-style slaw is one for those who prefer their slaw bright and tangy. 

It ditches the cream for apple cider vinegar and a hint of mustard. 

This goes particularly well with southern barbecue that opts for vinegar rather than a tomato-based sauce.

7. Cabbage and Pea Salad

Talk about a mean green slaw machine! This slaw-style salad is a great addition to a spring meal.

It’s full of seasonal favorites like cucumbers, peas, and chives. To stick with the theme, opt for a head of green cabbage. 

You’ll want to slice the cabbage very thin, so bust out the mandolin if you have one.

8. Quick Veggie Slaw with Miso Sesame Dressing 

Miso has a funky, umami flavor that pairs exquisitely with slaw.

You can use any array of crunchy veggies you like. This recipe uses cabbage and carrots, which are a foolproof combination.

For an extra punch, toss some ginger into the mix. 

This quick side pairs well with a range of dishes, including some of my Korean BBQ favorites like grilled pork belly and Korean chicken wings.

9. Honey Mustard Brussels Sprout Slaw 

When dreary winter days keep me inside, I like to add some liveliness to my food with recipes like this. 

These shredded Brussels sprouts are a sprightly mix of cranberries and almonds with a zippy apple cider vinegar dressing. 

It will keep well for a few days, but the Brussels will continue to lose its crunch the longer it sits.

10. Fried Cabbage and Bacon Slaw 

This four-ingredient warm slaw is a treat any time of year. 

It’s healthy with a side of guilt from the smoked bacon, but it’s all about living! 

Place this platter on the table and the bacon lovers will come running. It’s a quick side for holidays and a great addition to summer cookouts.

11. Bourbon-Bacon Slaw 

Bourbon and bacon?! I had a feeling this one would grab your attention.

Strips of bacon and thinly sliced red cabbage get drowned in a creamy and sweet bourbon dressing. 

The splash of booze turns this into a remarkably unique slaw that your friends have to try.

12. Grilled Coleslaw

Up your slaw status by tossing it on the grill. 

You’ll want to cut everything into thick enough slices so it doesn’t fall through the grates.

Grill all the veggies just long enough that they get a nice char without getting too burnt. 

If you feel like taking the extra step, you can toss everything together.

Otherwise, load the veggies up on a plate, drizzle on the creamy dressing, and dig in. 

13. Brussels Sprouts Slaw

If you love Brussels sprouts as much as I do, you’re probably always looking for new ways to make up. So here’s one easy recipe to add to the list. 

It’s a sweet and fresh combination that includes chewy Medjool dates, almonds, and parmesan.

It’s just enough to add a little more complexity without going over the top. 

I like to massage the shredded Brussels with the zesty dressing so everything gets evenly coated. Then, I add some cracked pepper at the end.

14. Creamy Broccoli Slaw

Need to use up a head of broccoli? I’ve got just the recipe.

Broccoli is the star of this slaw with some shining help from red cabbage, carrots, and almonds.

You use the stems and the florets, so it reduces kitchen waste too. 

As for the dressing, smother this with as much creamy coleslaw dressing as you want. I think a poppyseed dressing goes well, too.

15. Kohlrabi Slaw 

Looking to incorporate more kohlrabi recipes into your cooking? This is an easy and tasty way to do just that. 

The matchstick kohlrabi and apple have a clean, crisp crunch. To keep things light, there’s an apple cider vinegar-based dressing to match. 

I love the nutty addition of hazelnuts, but I think you could get away with almonds, too.

16. Asian Coleslaw with Sesame Dressing

I love pairing a crunchy cabbage slaw with my Asian dishes because it’s healthy and easy. I find this one in particular pairs well with a range of Asian dishes. 

It dresses up cabbage, carrots, and cilantro in a tangy homemade dressing. If you want an umami element, you can add a splash of soy sauce. 

What’s also great about this one is there’s some room for improvising with the veggies.

Edamame, bell pepper, and even kohlrabi can make a fantastic addition. 

17. Japanese Coleslaw

There are a whole slew of incredible easy Japanese side dishes you can pair with your main course.

However, I think this is probably the most versatile of them all.

The slaw mix doesn’t call for much. All you need is green onion, carrots, and cabbage. 

The four-ingredient dressing is also very simple. 

If I have it on hand, I’ll replace the sugar with plum sauce. It’s sweet and sour, adding yet another layer to this simple slaw.

18. Fennel Slaw with Mint Vinaigrette 

The licorice taste of fennel may not be for everyone. But if you’re a fan, this is a marvelous spring side dish.

It features fennel in a light and fresh mint dressing. You’ll want to let it marinate for a bit, but prep time is only 10 minutes. 

I like to serve this with clean eating proteins like chicken and salmon. It also goes well with homemade crab cakes.

19. Coleslaw Salad with Grilled Chicken 

Speaking of coleslaw and chicken, this is one of those dishes that I could eat all summer long.

Firing up the grill means I don’t have to heat up the house. It also means I get darn scrumptious chicken. 

This colorful coleslaw is the perfect side to match. It’s light and fresh without weighing you down in the summer heat.

20. Korean Spicy Slaw

Having friends over for Korean barbecue? You’ll need a crunchy side to go with it like this spicy slaw.

It’s got a rainbow of crunchy veggies spiced up with gochujang sauce. You can even prep it the night before to get some of the work out of the way.

21. Celery Slaw

Celery has all the crunch you need to make a crisp slaw.

It’s the base of this recipe, which is a little sweet from the raisins and salty from the bacon.

It’s a great alternative to cabbage for those who like their slaw with vinegar rather than creamy dressings. 

22. Sweet and Spicy Coleslaw

This potluck pleaser is a quick and affordable dish you can add to the spread.

Instead of spending time thinly slicing cabbage, use a store-bought coleslaw mix.

The dressing is also very easy and calls for ingredients that are likely already in the fridge. 

23. Summer Slaw

No summer picnic or barbecue is complete without a side of coleslaw. So here’s one just for summer.

It’s a creamy slaw that takes all but 15 minutes. It’s similar to some of the others, except it’s got fresh tomatoes and cucumbers in the mix. 

24. Beet Carrot Apple Salad

Come autumn, trade in your summer slaw for this festive seasonal salad.

It’s a beautiful bowl full of vibrant beets, glowing carrots, and crunchy granny smith apples.

The trick to getting the slaw effect is cutting your produce in matchsticks. 

You could make this creamy, but I prefer the simple lemon dressing.

25. Crunchy Winter Slaw

Eating fresh veggies that aren’t root veggies can be hard in the winter. But this recipe makes it easy.

It’s rich in cruciferous veggies, including broccoli and two types of cabbage. It also has some leftover apples from the fall for a sweet crunch.

25 Slaws Perfect for Any BBQ


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