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17 BEST Sauces for Gnocchi to Try Tonight

From classic tomato and Alfredo to the more unique pumpkin and blue cheese, these easy and delicious sauces for gnocchi will make your dinner sing.

Because let’s be honest, these little Italian dumplings just aren’t the same without a scrummy sauce on top!

Gnocchi with Pesto Sauce and Basil
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Gnocchi are fluffy potato dumplings (they can also be made with pumpkin, cauliflower, and more!) with a heavenly chewy texture.

And just like penne, rigatoni, and tagliatelle, they demand a flavorful sauce to bring them to life.

Luckily, I’ve got 17 sauces for gnocchi right here – and each is better than the last!

15+ Easy Gnocchi Sauce Recipes You’ll Love

1. Easy Creamy Gnocchi Sauce

If you think making sauce from scratch is too time-consuming, let me introduce you to this stunning two-ingredient recipe.

You’ll need cheese and butter (plus salt and pepper) and about 15 minutes of prep. So you can make it while the gnocchi cook!

The tanginess of the pecorino cheese – made from sheep’s milk – is entirely unique. It provides a robust earthiness that’s unlike any other sauce on this list. 

It’s thick and flavorful, which is just what you need for soft, fluffy gnocchi. 

2. Pomodoro Sauce

Full disclosure: this Pomodoro sauce is on the opposite end of the “easy” spectrum.

It’s not complicated; it just has a lot of ingredients compared to the recipe above.

I’m talking parsley, oregano, rosemary, basil, garlic, onions, red pepper flakes, tomatoes, and more.

But as you can see, they’re pantry staples and mostly herbs and seasonings. And if you make a big batch, you’ll have it the next time you’re craving pasta!

The heavy cream is optional, but I always add it to keep it from being too acidic. Though the mozzarella balls and Parmesan cheese help with that too.

If you want a truly saucy sauce, this recipe is for you. 

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3. Parmesan Cream Sauce

Need an easy sauce the kids will love? This Parmesan cream sauce is just the thing.

It combines two of everyone’s favorite flavors: Parmesan and garlic. And there’s even some hearty broccoli in the mix for color and texture.

It’s decadent, nutritious, and calls for just seven ingredients.

Ready in less than 20 minutes, it’s just the ticket for busy weeknights!

4. Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce in a can or jar is often overloaded with sugar, salt, and preservatives.

So if you want something a little more wholesome, it’s best to make it yourself. And when it’s this easy, there’s no reason not to!

Diced tomatoes, butter, garlic, tomato paste, and chicken broth come together to create something tangy, herby, and deliciously balanced. 

Use veggie broth, vegan butter, and dairy-free cheese to make it vegan. Then smother the gnocchi with as much as you can handle!

5. Creamy Blue Cheese Sauce

This one likely isn’t for the kids, but if you enjoy punchy flavors, I think you’ll really enjoy it.

The blend of blue cheese, Parmesan, and creme fraiche is superbly rich and creamy. And it’s ready in under 10 minutes!

I love how the green peas pop in the bowl, but you can add any extras you prefer, like mushrooms, corn, or cauliflower.

6. Vodka Sauce

We add alcohol to food for a couple of reasons.

The acidity helps to tenderize meats, and the alcohol enhances the flavors of the individual ingredients, making them more fragrant and flavorful.

Wine is often used, but it imparts flavor once the booze burns off. But believe it or not, you don’t taste the vodka in vodka sauce.

Instead, it acts like wine, helping to create a creamy, cohesive texture and drawing out the flavors in the dish.

And while you could use wine instead, this tangy sauce is rich enough, so vodka is the perfect binder!

Give it a try, and I think you’ll love it!

7. Alfredo Sauce

Homemade alfredo sauce is positively divine. Seriously, it’s so good, it’s almost addictive.

You can use it for gnocchi, fettuccine, penne, or even with grilled cheese (think Croque Monsieur).

It works well with juicy chicken, tender fish, bold steak, and pork chops.

Better still, you don’t need a ton of ingredients to whip it up. Just butter, garlic, spinach, heavy cream, salt, pepper, and Parmesan.

It’s the creamiest, butteriest Alfredo you’ll ever try. So what are you waiting for?

8. Bolognese Sauce

Bolognese sauce takes a bit more effort. But when you get it right, it’s mouth-wateringly delectable.

And this recipe can help you get it right every time!

Just remember it needs time on the stove, so don’t wait until the last minute.

9. Creamy Pesto Sauce

Want a sauce for gnocchi that makes your whole house smell like an Italian restaurant? Then check out this recipe for pesto sauce.

It’s as fragrant as it is flavorful and delightfully creamy to boot. 

Stick to classic basil pesto for a more traditional flavor. Or go wild with fun variations!

Sun-dried tomato pesto is one of my favorites. But walnut pesto with nutritional yeast is also pretty impressive. 

10. Pumpkin Sage Sauce

Making gnocchi in the fall? Then you’ve got to try this pumpkin sage sauce.

It has an incredible sweet and savory flavor with just enough herbiness to give it a kick.

Featuring pumpkin puree, garlic, shallots, sage, and Parmesan, it’s comfort food at its best.

And if you’re making gnocchi from scratch too, try adding pumpkin to the mix for a double dose of fall flavor.

11. Brown Butter Sage Sauce

I think gnocchi is best served after a quick spin in a hot skillet. That way, you get a nice crispy edge to contrast the pillowy filling.

If you feel the same, you may not want a seriously saucy sauce. Instead, you may want something that lends flavor without creaminess. 

That’s where this brown butter and sage sauce comes in.

It doesn’t saturate the gnocchi, so it’s still crisp and fried outside. However, it does lend plenty of nutty, sage-infused flavor to every bite.

12. Sun-Dried Tomato Sauce

If you’re anything like me, you’ll eat sun-dried tomatoes with anything. But that’s especially true of pasta and gnocchi!

And this thick, creamy, and cheesy sauce is possibly the best around.

It’s got plenty of sun-dried tomato goodness. Plus, it also gives your gnocchi a gorgeous orange color, making it impossible to resist.

Add a sprinkle of bright green parsley for an even more beautiful dish. 

13. Marinara Sauce

Although gnocchi are technically dumplings, they’re almost always served like pasta and tortellini.

So it shouldn’t be surprising that good, old-fashioned marinara is on this list. 

Marinara is the go-to pasta sauce, after all. And as it turns out, it also tastes fantastic on gnocchi.

All that’s missing is a side of soft garlic knots. Yum!

14. Vegan Lemon Garlic Sauce

Looking for a vegan-friendly sauce to serve over gnocchi?

Try this creamy, dairy-free lemon and garlic recipe that doesn’t use a drop of butter or cream.

Made with lemon juice, dry white wine, coconut milk, and more, it’s not quite as thick and creamy as other options on this list, but it’s just as flavorful. 

Not only that, it’s also exceptionally bright and punchy. So if you like lemon and garlic with earthy herbs, seasonings, and kale, you’ll love it.

15. Cherry Tomato Sauce

Here’s another excellent sauce for gnocchi that goes especially well with pan-fried dishes.

It features whole cherry tomatoes, garlic, honey, balsamic vinegar, and more. 

The robust, bright flavor is full of natural ingredients. And the garlic adds a bit of umami flavor that pairs well with the fresh basil and juicy tomatoes. 

And just like the butter and sage recipe above, it won’t saturate the dumplings.

16. Mushroom Cream Sauce

This delicious mushroom cream sauce is warm, earthy, and oh-so-rich.

It requires quite a few ingredients but is easy to prepare. Oh, and it’s also totally dairy- and gluten-free. 

If you want to make it vegan-friendly, as well, swap out the ghee for vegan butter. And remember to use gluten-free gnocchi if you’re going that route.

17. Gorgonzola Cream Sauce

Think of Gorgonzola cream sauce as the fancy cousin of that blue cheese sauce above.

They taste so similar (aka, phenomenal), and they’re both thick and deliciously creamy.  

The main difference is the cheese, of course. So it’s up to you to decide which you prefer.

17 BEST Sauces for Gnocchi to Try Tonight

From classic tomato and Alfredo to the more unique pumpkin and blue cheese, these easy and delicious sauces for gnocchi will make your dinner sing.


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Sauces for Gnocchi

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