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17 Best Quinoa Flour Recipes for Baking

Add some extra protein to your baked goods with these fantastic quinoa flour recipes.

From cookies and cakes to pizza and pancakes, they’re easy peasy.

Quinoa Flour Chocolate Chip Cookies with White Milk
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Rich in protein, high in fiber, and super versatile, quinoa flour is a terrific alternative for baking.

Its lightly nutty flavor works well in brownies, muffins, pizza crusts, and more. Plus, it’s gluten-free, making it a healthy choice everyone can feel good about.

Ready to feel inspired? Here are 17 incredible quinoa flour recipes you can whip up today.


How to Use Quinoa Flour: 17 Easy Recipes

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies 

What’s the secret to the best gluten-free chocolate chip cookies? Quinoa flour, of course. 

These quinoa and coconut oil chocolatey delights are just as chewy as regular chocolate chip cookies. Only they’re better for you. 

You’ll definitely want to double the batch and store some in the freezer for later. Of course, that is if you don’t gobble them all up first!

2. Best-Ever Quinoa Brownies

Now that you know how to make the best chocolate chip cookies, let’s talk about the best-ever brownies. 

The trick to making these super fudgy and perfectly chewy is the mix of quinoa powder and cocoa powder.

Well, that and dark chocolate chips. 

Combine it all in a skillet and start counting down the minutes. Just don’t burn your tongue when you dig in!

3. Lemon Berry Muffins 

There are a ton of irresistible gluten-free muffin recipes. But these are probably my faves.

Bright and bursting with berries, every bite is zippy, moist, and fruity.

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You’ll add lemon zest to the decadent cream cheese filling, giving it a little zing. And the quinoa flour makes them extra wholesome. 

As for the berries, you can’t go wrong with blueberries. But raspberries would be really lovely too.

Just make sure they’re frozen!

4. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread 

You kids will go crazy for this chocolate chip banana bread. And you can feel good about giving it to them, thanks to the quinoa flour. 

It ditches refined sugar for maple syrup and calls for unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of whole milk or sour cream.

And while it’s already super high in protein, you can add even more with a handful of walnuts. They also add a nice texture and flavor!

To make these fully vegan, replace the egg with a flaxseed egg and use dairy-free chocolate. 

5. Gingersnap Cookies 

You don’t need to wait for the holidays to make a platter of these gingersnap cookies.

These spiced treats are easy to make and are ideal for a crowd.

Everyone will love the itty-bitty bits of crystalized ginger you get with every nibble. And the sweet kiss of molasses doesn’t hurt, either.

Crisp on the outside and chewy on the inside, you’d never guess these are gluten-free.

6. Banana Quinoa Flour Muffins

Want to turn that banana bread into a batch of morning muffins? Go for it! 

Muffins are a great grab-and-go meal when you need something quick. And these are sweet, nutty, and deliciously cinnamony.

You’ll especially love the vanilla glaze frosting on top!

If you’re trying to be healthy, skip the glaze – they’re yummy either way. 

7. Chai Spice Oat and Quinoa Flour Muffins

Not a banana lover? Then how about these warming chai spiced oat and quinoa flour muffins?

Sweet and spiced in the best way, there’s even almond meal in the mix, making them super tender and nutty.

Have one for breakfast or as a mid-morning snack with coffee. Yum!

8. Quinoa Flour Pancakes

Looking for a healthy take on your favorite morning pancakes? Use quinoa flour!

It’s a simple substitution that turns the usual sugary stack of flapjacks into a high-protein meal.

If you’re wondering about the texture, I promise you’ll be pleased. Baking powder, baking soda, and apple cider vinegar give them the perfect rise. 

Whip up a batch of these healthy pancakes for the family and watch them disappear.

9. Banana Chocolate Chip Quinoa Flour Waffles 

Are you more of a waffle person? Then you’re in for a real treat with this recipe!

These bad boys are jam-packed with protein and are super tasty too. 

Full of mashed bananas, cinnamon, and nutmeg, they’re perfectly sweet and lightly spiced.

As for the chocolate chips, add in as many or as few as you like.

Load them up with butter and syrup, then dive right in!

10. Quinoa Flour Pizza Crust

Quinoa flour isn’t all about baked goods, you know! It’s an excellent choice for pizza crust too!

This five-ingredient crust is so simple, you’ll want to eat pizza all the time. 

And if you choose the pizza toppings right, you can keep things super healthy. For example, low-fat mozzarella and fresh tomato slices would be awesome.

Or, forget the calories, and go for shredded chicken with bacon, cheddar, and lots of BBQ sauce!

11. Quinoa Bread

I think we can all agree that the hardest part of going gluten-free (for whatever reason) is giving up bread.

But now you can eat all the bread you want thanks to this quinoa flour recipe.

It’s a simple loaf that doesn’t fuss around with yeast. And you only need eight ingredients. 

There’s zero refined sugar or dairy, and it can be used for your morning toast, lunch sandwich, or as a side for dinner.

12. Homemade Quinoa Crackers 

As much as I love salty chips, they’re not the healthiest snack in the world. So, I’ve made the swap for these homemade quinoa crackers.

They call for just five ingredients and about 30 minutes. Once they’re out of the oven, get your dip ready to go.

They pair just as well with guacamole and creamy hummus as meats and cheeses on a charcuterie board.

13. Vanilla Quinoa Flour Cupcakes

These vanilla quinoa flour cupcakes will be the life of your next party! They’re fluffy, naturally sweet, and have a killer raspberry frosting. 

Even better, they only call for seven ingredients and take about 30 minutes to make.

Plus, they’re gluten-free and vegan, so everyone can enjoy them.

14. Healthy Quinoa Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is already a pretty healthy choice when compared to other cakes. But now it’s even better for you!

It’s naturally sweetened with applesauce and maple syrup and contains coconut yogurt for a wonderfully moist sponge.

Try it with a super simple low-fat cream cheese glaze, and you’re good to go.

15. Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Muffins 

Although quinoa is known as a healthier alternative to carb-heavy pasta and rice, it still contains quite a lot of carbs.

So while these muffins are lower in carbs than most, they’re not keto-friendly by any means.

That said, they are vegan and one of the best high-protein muffin recipes around.

With grated apples and maple syrup, there’s no need to weigh them down with sugar.

They’re sweet, fruity, spiced, and a delight to eat.

16. Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins 

How can we have quinoa flour recipes in the fall and not include pumpkin muffins?

Quinoa flour, tapioca flour, and baking powder make these big and fluffy. At the same time, the pumpkin puree, applesauce, and vanilla extract flavor them right up. 

The hard part is deciding whether to add nuts or chocolate chips. But I say, why not add both?

Either way, the streusel topping, and cream cheese frosting turn these into a decadent treat you don’t want to miss!

17. Gluten-Free Brownie Cookies 

What could be better than a warm, gooey brownie? How about a warm brownie cookie?!

You’ll toast the quinoa flour to make them even nuttier. And don’t forget to brown the butter for more depth. 

In between all the chocolatey, chewy brownie cookie texture, you couldn’t ask for more.

Careful, this quick high-protein dessert is seriously too good to resist!

17 Best Quinoa Flour Recipes for Baking

Add some extra protein to your baked goods with these fantastic quinoa flour recipes. From cookies and cakes to pizza and pancakes, they’re easy peasy.


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Quinoa Flour Recipes

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