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20 Easy Protein Pancake Recipes

These protein pancake recipes will take your mornings to new heights!

There’s no doubt in my mind that pancakes are a breakfast staple that nearly everyone enjoys.

They’re even better if they’re packed with protein to keep you satisfied and energized!

Protein Pancakes with Raspberries and Banana Slices
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I’ve found 20 perfect protein-packed pancake recipes that you, your friends, and your family will love.

From classic buttermilk flavors to fall-friendly pumpkin pancakes, this list is loaded with pancakes for everyone!

Most of these recipes are gluten-free by nature, and many can be adapted for vegan diets as well, with a few twists.

Go ahead and keep on your weekend PJs and cozy up to the incredible protein pancake recipes!

Easy and Healthy Protein Pancakes

1. Light & Fluffy Banana Protein Pancakes

With just six ingredients, these fluffy flourless pancakes are delicious and easy to make!

You’ll beat your egg whites to make soft peaks, then blend and fold in the remaining ingredients.

The resulting pancakes are low-carb, soft pancakes that are full of protein and potassium! 

2. Blueberry Protein Pancakes

These pancakes will blow your mind, and you surely won’t miss traditional pancakes after trying these!

It’s really a simple process to make this healthy twist on classic blueberry pancakes. 

Egg whites, mashed banana, protein powder, and fresh blueberries are the key ingredients in these protein pancakes. 

3. Green Vegan Gluten-Free Protein Pancakes

Not only are these pancakes a dream come true for vegans and gluten-free eaters, but they also plate up beautifully!

You’ll see how delicious and gorgeous these pancakes are topped with fresh berries.

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The best part about them is how long you’ll feel full after enjoying them.

Because they’re loaded with protein from the chickpea flour and protein powder, they’ll leave you feeling fuller longer than traditional pancakes. 

4. Protein-Packed Oatmeal Banana Pancakes

If you prefer a heartier pancake, give this recipe a try!

The texture of blended oats paired with cottage cheese and egg whites make for a more wholesome pancake texture.

The recipe calls for eight egg whites, but if you don’t mind the extra calories and cholesterol, you can replace the egg whites with four whole eggs. 

5. Vanilla Protein Flax Pancakes (GF + VG)

How beautiful and fluffy are these flaxseed pancakes?

With a few gluten-free pantry staples, you can whip up these delicious vegan pancakes in no time. 

The flax meal adds incredible health benefits beyond the protein in these pancakes, and they’ll be a hit with the whole family!

6. Cottage Cheese Protein Pancakes

Not only are these pancakes fluffy and filling, but they’re gluten-free and packed with protein, too!

Oat flour is the grain of choice for these pancakes, and it provides an incredible texture beyond traditional flour recipes.

You’ll also use mashed banana and cottage cheese to add to the texture and nutrition here. 

I love these topped with almond butter and slivers of almonds for a non-traditional twist on this breakfast staple. 

7. Protein Pancakes (No eggs or banana!)

After making a big batch of the homemade protein pancake mix, these are a no-brainer for sleepy Saturday mornings. 

You’ll notice that these are most like traditional easy pancakes, though they’re loaded with protein and so much healthier! 

This recipe features an incredible cream cheese frosting in place of maple syrup.

Everyone knows cream cheese frosting makes everything better, so why not pancakes, too!

8. White Chocolate Raspberry Baked Pancakes

This recipe features some key specialty ingredients, but the result is basically cake for breakfast!

Rather than pan cooking your batter, you’ll prepare this and bake it, as the name suggests. 

I highly recommend topping this breakfast treat with the white chocolate peanut spread rather than syrups. 

9. Sweet Potato Protein Pancakes 

Fall brings out the best flavors, and sweet potato pancakes have to be on the list of must-haves! 

These protein pancakes are wholesome, fluffy, and full of healthy ingredients like flax, sweet potatoes, and protein powder. 

These are heavenly topped with pecans, maple syrup, and an extra sprinkle of cinnamon! 

10. Fluffy Yogurt Pancakes (high-protein, gluten-free)

If you are looking for a non-traditional way to use up your extra Greek yogurt, look no further!

With under 10 ingredients, you’ll make some of the most delicious and hearty pancakes, and they freeze like a dream!

Go ahead and make a big batch to make weekday breakfast quick and simple. 

You’ll make these pancakes in your blender, which makes for easy batter pouring, and easy cleanup, too!

11. Coconut Flour Pancakes 

Coconut flour is a healthier alternative to other flours, and it doesn’t add a coconut flavor to your recipe. The resulting pancakes are incredibly light and fluffy.

These are most like traditional buttermilk pancakes, with a simple recipe anyone can make!

12. 1-Bowl Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes (Plant-Based, Gluten-Free)

Eating gluten-free vegan doesn’t have to be lackluster, and the proof is in the pancakes!

These pancakes are so clean and healthy, you will be blown away by how flavorful and fluffy they are!

You’ll make some common vegan alternatives, like flax eggs and vegan buttermilk. 

Of course, the richness of peanut butter adds irresistible flavor to these pancakes.

13. Apple Healthy Oatmeal Protein Pancakes With Greek Yogurt

Why, oh why does healthy food get a bad rap when foods like this exist?

These pancakes will blow all traditional pancake recipes out of the water, both in flavor and nutrition.

I highly recommend you make the apple crisp topping, but I can’t tell you what to do. 

14. Cookie Dough Protein Pancakes

These pancakes are what childhood dreams are made of! You can officially feel good about enjoying pancakes and cookie dough now that this recipe exists. 

You’ll make your pancake batter, pour your pancakes, then add crushed-up chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate chips before flipping them over. 

These are perfectly sweet without any toppings, but nobody will complain about a little bit of chocolate syrup on top, either. 

15. Chickpea Flour Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes

Chickpea and peanut butter pancakes are on another level of flavor and protein!

There are very few ingredients needed for this recipe, and the resulting pancakes are filling and fabulous. 

You can top these with traditional pancake toppings if desired.

If you’re feeling adventurous, mix up some peanut butter cream cheese frosting, and top with chopped peanuts!

16. Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

If you love apple cinnamon oatmeal, these are the pancakes for you!

This recipe uses oats and grated apples rather than flour and pureed fruit, which definitely changes the texture of these pancakes.

Of course, you can go for a traditional pancake texture with applesauce and oat flour. 

17. 5-Ingredient Pumpkin Protein Pancakes

Do yourself a favor and make yourself a little batch of heaven-sent pumpkin pancakes.

Because they’re flourless, the resulting pancakes are light, delicious, and full of fall flavors. 

I highly recommend the mentioned toppings: coconut, pecans, and pumpkin seeds add unparalleled texture and flavor to them. 

18. Healthy Chocolate Chickpea Flour Pancakes

Chocolate pancakes are a sweet and satisfying staple in our home. Even better when you can enjoy them with no guilt!

The banana adds a perfectly balanced, lightly sweet flavor with the cocoa powder.

The chickpea flour is where you’ll add in loads of protein, making these not only delicious but healthier, too!

19. Lemon Chia Protein Pancakes

Easy, healthy, and delicious: all of your favorite adjectives in one sentence! 

These pancakes are heartier and denser if you use oat flour instead of all-purpose flour. 

I opted for a strawberry banana protein powder and the flavor paired really well with the lemon in this recipe!

20. Gluten Free Protein Pancakes with Raspberries and Orange Zest

These have to be one of the easiest pancake recipes on this list, and they’re delicious and healthy, too!

All you’ll need for this recipe is oats, the zest and juice of one orange, cottage cheese, two eggs, vanilla extract, and maple syrup.

You’ll add all of these ingredients to a blender, and then you’re ready to fry up your pancakes!

The orange flavor in these pancakes is deliciously paired with fresh raspberries. 

20 Easy Protein Pancakes To Start Your Day

These protein pancake recipes will keep you energized all day! From blueberry to oatmeal banana to cottage cheese, these healthy breakfasts are where it’s at.


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a protein pancake in 30 minutes or less!
Protein Pancake Recipes

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