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Marshmallow Cream Cheese Fruit Dip Recipe

Light, fluffy, and insanely delicious, this easy marshmallow cream cheese fruit dip is a creamy, dreamy concoction that’s sure to delight your sweet tooth.

Serve it with a fruit platter, add some cookies on the side, and watch it disappear.

Homemade Marshmallow Cream Cheese Dip with Fruits and Crackers
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This stuff is like sweet, fluffy cheesecake in a bowl. And it’s guaranteed to entice your kids to eat their fruits.

Plus, you can change up the flavor in a snap.

I love the strawberry fluff, but if you can find the caramel? Oh man, that stuff is to die for!

Either way, this marshmallow cream cheese fruit dip is too good to miss.

So grab some cookies, and let’s get dipping!

Fluffy Marshmallow Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

What’s the best way to serve fruit? With this marshmallow cream cheese fruit dip, of course!

It may not be healthy, but one bite will take you to dessert wonderland.

Ready in a flash, all you need to do is whip cream cheese and marshmallow fluff until it’s fluffy and smooth.

How easy is that?

In fact, it’s so quick, it’s one of my go-to midnight snacks!

Marshmallow Cream Cheese Fruit Dip with Fruits and Crackers


This two-ingredient dip is ideal for parties. And since it’s so quick to make, you can easily whip it up last minute.

  • Marshmallow Creme: It’s sweet, fluffy, and stable. Mix this stuff with cream cheese, and it’s all the sweetness you need.
  • Cream Cheese: Tangy cream cheese perfectly contrasts the overly sweet marshmallow creme. It brings richness and a wonderful thick texture too.

What to Serve With Marshmallow Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

Marshmallow cream cheese fruit dip is a terrific way to jazz up the ‘chips and dip’ section of the buffet table.

I mean, guac and queso are great and all. But I can’t be the only one to prefer sweet dips, right?

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But what do you serve with it?

Well, as mentioned, there are no wrong answers (within reason, of course). But if you’re still unsure, here are my top choices:

1. Fresh Fruit

This one’s easy – any fruit will work with this dip.

Try strawberries, pineapple spears, and blueberries for a lovely trio of flavors, textures, and colors.

Or go for the classics:

  • Bananas
  • Sliced Apples
  • Sliced Pears
  • Cantaloupe
  • Watermelon Chunks

Just make sure you slice the apples, pears, and melon thick enough to hold plenty of the dip!

2. Crackers & Pretzels

Whether it’s plain old saltines or a bowl of soft pretzel bites, I know you’ll love a salty kick with this sweet dip.

Buttery crackers will work in a pinch, but I find them too soft to hold the sugary dip.

Some of my favorite crackers for dipping are sesame crackers. That nutty finish is excellent, with sweet and savory flavors.

3. Graham Crackers & Cookies

Graham Crackers and marshmallows are meant to be.

And if you want to make it a s’mores party, swirl some hot fudge sauce into the dip before serving.

Other fantastic dippers are, of course, cookies. And since the flavor is more or less neutral, you could use chocolate, lemon, spiced, or even lavender cookies.

4. Nuts

This is a bit less obvious because it’s kind of hard to dip nuts into a bowl of fruit dip without making a mess.

And if you’re offering it at a party, the last thing you want is a bunch of fingers in the mix.

But I like to put out a bowl of chopped nuts on the side with a small spoon.

That way, people can dip a few fruits and cookies, put them on a plate, then sprinkle over the nuts to serve.

They add a satisfying crunch to contrast the juicy fruits and fluffy dip, along with a bit of savory flavor to keep it from being too sweet.

Light and Fluffy Marshmallow Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

Marshmallow Cream Cheese Fruit Dip Variations

Marshmallow cream cheese fruit dip is delicious on its own. But if you want to take it up a notch, try one of these fun twists:

1. Mix in fresh citrus zest. 

If you want something to cut through the sweetness, this simple twist is perfect.

Make it tart with lemon, zippy with lime, or fragrant and sweet with orange. Either way, you’ll love the added flavor.

2. Add fruit-flavored yogurt. 

For an extra boost of flavor and creaminess, try mixing in some yogurt.

I like to use Greek yogurt for a kick of protein. Plus, it’s nice and thick, so the dip keeps its velvety texture.

Of course, you can use any yogurt you like, including mango, peach, strawberry, and more!

3. Add a drop of food coloring. 

To make this fruit dip pop, add a drop of food coloring. It’s the best way to make it festive for holiday parties.

Though I recommend only coloring about 1/3 of the dip and then swirling it into the white for a nice contrast.

Try red for Christmas, green for St. Patrick’s Day, and orange for Halloween.

Oh, and don’t forget the themed sprinkles!

4. Add Rice Krispies or chocolate-covered crispy cereal.

If you want to add texture to the dip, mix in Rice Krispies or chocolate pearls. They’ll bring a nice layer of crunch, and pair well with the dippers too.

If you use Rice Krispies, only mix them in right before serving; otherwise, they’ll go soggy.

The crunchy pearls should be fine because the cereal is covered in chocolate, so they’re protected from the moisture.

5. Add vanilla extract or spices. 

Make this indulgent dip even better with a small dash of vanilla extract or a small amount of spice.

Vanilla is always a winner, and you’ll love the flecks of black you get if you use vanilla paste.

As for the spices, go for cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and/or cloves. A blend would be really nice and Christmassy!

Homemade Fruit Dip with apples and Crackers

How Long Does Marshmallow Cream Cheese Fruit Dip Last?

Are you worried about your fruit dip going bad? Don’t worry – I’ve got the scoop.

Marshmallow cream cheese fruit dip will last 5-7 days in an airtight container in the fridge.

It will need stirring before serving, and after 5 days, you may see some liquid on the top. To serve, pour any liquid away and remove it from the container to prevent cross-contamination.

But since this is so easy to make, I don’t recommend making it ahead and storing it for later. Instead, make it the day you want to serve it for the best results.

As for leftovers, transfer them from the serving bowl into a clean, airtight container, and place them in the fridge.

Then, if you want a small amount the next day, spoon it into another bowl rather than eating it from the container.

It should last 5-7 days, but if it sat out for a long time at your party, it might only be 4-5 days.

So always remember, when in doubt, throw it out!

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Marshmallow Cream Cheese Fruit Dip Recipe



Prep time





Light, fluffy, and insanely delicious, this easy marshmallow cream cheese fruit dip is a creamy, dreamy concoction that’s sure to delight your sweet tooth.


  • 1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened

  • 1 (15-ounce) jar marshmallow cream


  • In a medium bowl, combine the cream cheese and marshmallow cream.
  • Blend the ingredients with a hand mixer until smooth and fluffy.
  • Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate until chilled.
  • Serve with your favorite dippers, and enjoy!
Marshmallow Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

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