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25 Mackerel Recipes to Lighten Up Your Meals

Looking for something light to make for dinner? Try these easy mackerel recipes, and you won’t be disappointed!

Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking about fun and delicious recipes to cook with your friends and family! 

Mackerel Pasta
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Easy Mackerel Recipes

Forget hot dogs and burgers. This year, try something a little lighter, like mackerel. 

This under-appreciated fish is perfect for hot summer days. With these 25 recipes, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect way to prepare it.

From grilled to roasted, fried to baked, there’s a recipe for everyone and every palate. These mackerel recipes are sure to spice up your summer!

1. Godeungeo Gui (Grilled Mackerel)

This recipe is a remake of a popular Korean dish made with fresh mackerel that has been grilled over an open flame. 

This recipe only calls for some lemon juice and ginger, which gives the fish a layered texture and flavor.

When I’m feeling extra spicy, I like to marinate my mackerel in a special sauce.

It includes soy sauce, sesame oil, and garlic, which helps to tenderize the meat and infuse it with flavor. 

2. Grilled Mackerel with Lemon and Garlic 

Grilled mackerel with lemon and garlic is a delicious, easy-to-make meal that’s perfect for a summer night.

The lemon and garlic help to keep the fish moist and juicy, while parsley adds a nice final touch of flavor. 

This recipe is also perfect for those who are looking for an easy and healthy way to get their Omega-3 fatty acids. 

I like to serve mine with a side of steamed vegetables or a salad.

3. Ginataang Mackerel (Mackerel in Coconut Milk) 

Do you love the taste of fresh fish but hate the smell that lingers in your kitchen afterward? 

If so, then this is the perfect dish for you! This traditional Filipino recipe calls for mackerel to be cooked in coconut milk.

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It creates a rich and flavorful sauce that helps to mask the fishy odor. 

And don’t worry if you’re not a fan of coconut. The milk helps to add creaminess without overpowering the other ingredients.

4. Smoked Mackerel and Potato Pie

The mackerel fish pie is super hearty and chock-full of potatoes, leeks, and butter!

The sauce is silky and luxurious and the pastry is wonderfully flaky.

It’s also super easy to whip up – especially with frozen pastry!

5. Mediterranean Oven Roasted Spanish Mackerel 

This is a healthy, flavorful, and easy-to-make dish that is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner.

The Mediterranean herbs and spices used in the recipe give the fish a wonderful flavor. And the roasting helps to keep it moist and tender. 

I like to serve it with steamed or charred vegetables, but you can also serve it over a bed of greens or grains.

6. Beyond Curry: Indian Mackerel Fry 

India is a land of endless possibilities when it comes to cuisine. 

This traditional recipe is easy to make and packed with flavor.

The mackerel is coated in a flavorful spice blend, including turmeric, chili powder, and ginger-garlic paste, and then pan-fried until crispy.

If you want to add even more flavor, you can serve it with a variety of dipping sauces.

A sweet tamarind chutney or a fiery green chili sauce are great options.

7. Masala Fish Fry in Oil Marinade 

This masala recipe is a family favorite! My mom used to make it all the time when we were kids, and now I make it for my own family. 

It’s so easy to prepare, and the flavor is out of this world.

I marinate the fish in a mixture of oil and spices overnight, and then I cook it in a hot pan. The result is a crispy, flavorful fish that everyone loves. 

8. Stir-Fry Mackerel 

This mackerel recipe is so easy, even a caveman could do it! Just kidding, but seriously, it’s super simple.

Mackerel has a rich, savory flavor that pairs well with other bold ingredients. 

In this recipe, the fish is stir-fried with onions and bell peppers for a fiery dish that’s sure to satisfy. 

And if you’re feeling especially adventurous, you can always add a little extra spice by including some diced jalapeño peppers!

9. Smoked Mackerel Gratin 

This smoked mackerel dish is sure to please any fish lover. And it’s just as delicious whether you serve it hot or cold.

The rich flavor of the smoked mackerel pairs perfectly with the creamy gratin, while the peas add a nice texture.

Pro tip: serve it with tomatoes and lemon wedges.

10. Sesame Ginger Rice Bowl with Mackerel

If you’re in the mood for something light and healthy, you’ll love this one. And best of all, it’s quick and easy to make.

The fish is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and the rice is flavorful and slightly sticky. 

This flavorful and nutritious meal is sure to put a smile on your face. I like to serve it with a side of steamed vegetables for extra fiber.

11. Pan Fried Mackerel with Beetroot and Apple Salad 

This healthy and flavorful salad is packed with nutrients, including heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids. It’ll help keep you feeling full and satisfied. 

The succulent mackerel fillets are pan-fried to perfection.

The delicate flavor pairs perfectly with the sweetness of the roasted beetroot and the tartness of the granny smith apples. 

This salad is best served fresh, but it will keep in the fridge for up to 2 days.

12. Blow Torched and Cured Mackerel With Asparagus and Pomelo 

This dish that is sure to please both your tastebuds and your waistline. 

The mackerel is blow-torched and cured, which gives it a wonderfully smoky flavor.

The asparagus and pomelo add a lovely contrast of sweetness and acidity, making this dish irresistible. 

So, if you’re looking for a show-stopping main course, look no further than this stunning recipe.

13. Mangalorean Mackerel Curry (Bangude Ghassi) 

Mangalorean mackerel curry gets its unique flavor from the use of fresh coconut milk and tamarind pulp.

The curry is also relatively thin because it’s made with coconut milk instead of cream or yogurt.

This dish may look fiery, but don’t let the red chili peppers deceive you.

The heat in this curry comes from the black pepper and cloves, not the chili peppers. 

I like to serve this dish with bread or naan, but rice is also a great choice!

14. Simple Smoked Mackerel Puttanesca 

This recipe is a quick and easy way to get your seafood fix, and it’s packed with flavor. 

The key to this dish is to use good-quality smoked mackerel.

I like to get mine from a local fishmonger, but you can also find it at most supermarkets.

The puttanesca sauce is piquant, and the mackerel adds a nice smoky flavor to the dish. 

This recipe is also very versatile. You can easily add in other vegetables or swap out the mackerel for another type of fish.

15. Lemony Orzo with Mackerel, Capers & Parsley 

This recipe is quick and easy to make and can be on the table in less than 30 minutes. 

The orzo is cooked until al dente and then topped with flaked mackerel, capers, and parsley.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy lunch option or a light dinner, this fish dish is a perfect choice.

16. Smoked Mackerel, Celeriac and Watercress Salad 

This is a great summer dish. The mackerel provides a lovely smoky flavor, which goes well with the freshness of the celeriac and watercress. 

This salad is really easy to make and can be served as a main course or as a side dish.

I like to serve it with some crusty bread and a glass of chilled white wine. Yum!

17. Char-grilled Mackerel with Herb Crust 

This mackerel recipe is so easy and versatile that you’ll want to make it again and again! 

The fish is rubbed with a fragrant herb crust, then char-grilled until the outside is crispy and the flesh is flaky. 

Served with a fresh salad and some bread, it makes for a perfect summer meal.

18. Smoked Mackerel Pate 

Smoked mackerel pate is a delicious and easy-to-make spread.

You can use it on toast, with crackers, or even eat it straight from the jar (guilty as charged)! 

Simply combine all the ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth. The whole thing will be in your mouth in under 15 minutes.

This recipe is packed full of flavor and is perfect for a quick snack or a simple lunch.

19. Mackerel Tartare 

Mackerel tartare is a dish that is equal parts delicious and amusing. 

The fish is finely chopped and mixed with a variety of seasonings, giving it a unique flavor that is both savory and slightly sweet. 

The mackerel itself is a playful fish known for its acrobatic leaps and curious nature.

This playfulness is reflected in this recipe, which is sure to delight your guests.

20. Healthy Salad Nicoise With Smoked Mackerel 

This salad is full of fresh and vibrant ingredients, including tomatoes, green beans, and olives.

The smoked mackerel adds a delicious rugged flavor to the salad, and the white vinegar dressing ties everything together beautifully.

You can combine it with a variety of dressings, but my favorite is a mix of vinegar and Dijon mustard.

21. Harissa-Spiced Mackerel with Cumin Potato Hash 

This dish is a dream. The potato hash is a perfect complement to the rich, flaky mackerel, harissa brings a smoky, fiery flavor to the dish.

And the cumin adds a warm, earthy depth of flavor. 

Simply sautee some potatoes with onions and cumin, fry the fish, and you’re done.

This dish is easy to make and can be on the table in under an hour. And cleanup is a snap, thanks to the one-pan cooking method. 

22. Mackerel and Mushroom Carbonara 

This seafood-inspired carbonara recipe is wonderfully creamy and flavorful. I guarantee it’ll please any seafood lover. 

The smoked mackerel adds a nice depth of flavor to the sauce, while the mushrooms make it extremely meaty.  

But hold up! If you want to feel extra special, I wholeheartedly recommend a glass of white wine to go along with it.

23. Grilled Mackerel (Saba Shioyaki) 

This classic Japanese recipe is super simple to make, and the flavors are out of this world! 

The fish is seasoned with salt and cooked in the over until the flesh is golden brown. 

While saba shioyaki is traditionally made with mackerel, any type of firm-fleshed fish can be used.

So whether you’re in the mood for grilled salmon, tuna, or snapper, don’t be afraid to experiment with your favorite seafood. 

24. 30-Minute Mediterranean Canned Mackerel Pasta 

This is the perfect meal for those busy weeknights when you just don’t have time to cook. 

Simply grab a can of mackerel, add the pasta along with the rest of the ingredients to the pan, and voila! 

You’ll have a healthy, delicious meal that’s ready in no time. And best of all, this dish is packed with nutrients and antioxidants that are good for you. 

25. Mackerel Patties 

These mouthwatering patties are made with canned mackerel, bread crumbs, parmesan and spices. Simplicity is the key here.

These soft and juicy mackerel patties are a great addition to any meal, and they are also perfect for parties and potlucks. 

So if you’re looking for a new and exciting way to enjoy mackerel, be sure to try this recipe!

25 Ways to Cook Mackerel

These mackerel recipes are light, easy, and so delicious! From grilled fish to fish pie to stir-fry, mackerel is versatile and easy to work with.


  • Godeungeo Gui (Grilled Mackerel)

  • Grilled Mackerel with Lemon and Garlic

  • Ginataang Mackerel (Mackerel in Coconut Milk)

  • Smoked Mackerel and Potato Pie

  • Mediterranean Oven Roasted Spanish Mackerel

  • Beyond Curry: Indian Mackerel Fry

  • Masala Fish Fry in Oil Marinade

  • Stir Fry Mackerel

  • Smoked Mackerel Gratin

  • Sesame Ginger Rice Bowl with Mackerel

  • Pan Fried Mackerel with Beetroot and Apple Salad

  • Blow Torched and Cured Mackerel With Asparagus and Pomelo

  • Mangalorean Mackerel Curry (Bangude Ghassi)

  • Simple Smoked Mackerel Puttanesca

  • Lemony Orzo with Mackerel, Capers & Parsley

  • Smoked Mackerel, Celeriac and Watercress Salad

  • Chargrilled Mackerel with Herb Crust

  • Smoked Mackerel Pate

  • Mackerel Tartare

  • Healthy Salad Nicoise With Smoked Mackerel

  • Harissa-Spiced Mackerel with Cumin Potato Hash

  • Mackerel and Mushroom Carbonara

  • Grilled Mackerel (Saba Shioyaki)


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