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33 Best Layer Cakes for Every Celebration

No matter the occasion, these picture-perfect layer cakes are guaranteed to impress.

And from chocolate and fruity to something more unique, they’re not as complicated as you might think!

Banana Split Layer Cake with Strawberries and Cherry
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Layer cakes are just as they sound: sponge cake with frostings and fillings stacked two, three, or more layers high.

They’re big, beautiful, and surprisingly versatile.

And once you get the right technique, they’re a cinch to put together.

Top-tip: for easy assembly, freeze the cake layers before decorating. It keeps them from crumbling and allows you to slather on the frosting without making a mess.

30+ Show-Stopping Layer Cake Recipes to Get the Party Started

1. Triple Chocolate Layer Cake

Check out this exquisite triple chocolate layer cake if you want to transport your sweet tooth to new frontiers.

You’ll love the moist, fudgy texture, and the chocolate flavor is insanely rich. Seriously, it’s a choco lover’s dream.

The buttercream topping is silky-smooth and pleasantly light, making this the ultimate dessert experience. 

2. Lemon Layer Cake

You can’t beat the irresistible tang of lemon. And this layer cake shows it off in all its zesty glory.

Each sponge is infused with citrus. And you’ll coat the whole thing in a crave-worthy lemon and cream cheese frosting that melts in your mouth.

Whether you’re hosting a baby shower or an Easter brunch, this cake will delight everyone at the table.

3. Lemon Raspberry Layer Cake

If you’ve never tried the fantastic combination of lemon and raspberry, you’re missing out.

You’ll love how the tart sweetness of raspberry mixes with the lip-puckering sourness of lemon.

Together, these two powerhouse ingredients create a flavorful cake that’s bursting with sugary sweetness. 

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4. Vanilla Layer Cake

Let’s go back to basics with this superb vanilla layer cake. If you think vanilla is boring, just wait until you try this incredible recipe.

With four layers of tender sponge and sweet buttercream, it’s rich, sweet, warm, and complex.

Of course, you’ll need real vanilla for this one – paste is my go-to since it’s easier (and cheaper) to find.

I think this is perfect as is. But if you want to jazz it up, vanilla is the ideal base for pretty much every filling!

Sweet Strawberry Crunch Cake

5. Strawberry Crunch Cake

Imagine sinking your sweet tooth into this decadent strawberry layer cake.

It’s big, stunning, and has a secret…can you guess what makes this cake so unforgettable?

Spoiler: you’ll use boxed cake mix for the most effortless prep ever!

Strawberry cake is tough to get right. So, skip the drama and use a box for the best flavor and texture around.

And the coating? It’s a quick blend of freeze-dried strawberries and Nilla wafers. How easy is that?

6. Strawberry Shortcake Cake

Give this strawberry shortcake cake a whirl if you’d rather have something homemade!

Typically, you’d use a crumbly biscuit to create the all-American dessert.

But this recipe shows you how to create a delicious and fluffy cake that complements strawberries and cream.

Next time you need a dessert for Mother’s Day, brunch, or a wedding shower, whip up this delicious cake.

One bite, and everyone will ask for the recipe.

7. Orange Layer Cake

If you’re ready to put your baking skills to the test, try this orange layer cake.

While this recipe has a lot of ingredients, let me assure you that the results are so worth it.

Every mouthful contains a citrusy orange flavor that pairs perfectly with the vanilla icing. 

Not only is this cake divinely delicious, but you’ll love the pretty presentation, complete with orange slices and fresh mint.

8. Tiramisu Layer Cake

If you’re a fan of the classic Italian dessert, then check out this impressive layer cake.

Not only does it carry the perfect flavor combination of chocolate, vanilla, and espresso, but the presentation is breathtaking. 

This is one magnificent layer cake that’s sure to make a statement at your next birthday bash.

9. Wicked Espresso Layer Cake

Wow your guests with this work of art.

This cake’s got everything: show-stopping garnishes, mouthwatering flavors, and towering layers (six to be exact!).

If you daydream of becoming a pastry chef, then why not try your hand at making this exquisite cake?

10. Mocha Layer Cake

It’s hard to beat rich chocolate with dreamy coffee. And this cake is proof!

Coffee is well known for enhancing chocolate flavors, making them bolder and more delectable.

But instead of taking the back seat, the coffee sits right up front in this recipe.

So, the next time you’re responsible for bringing dessert to the potluck, you can’t go wrong with this cake.

11. Old-Fashioned Southern Caramel Layer Cake

You can’t beat this luxurious layer cake if you’re craving a little taste of southern cuisine.

Sure, it starts with a simple, moist yellow cake. But once you add the homemade caramel frosting, it’s anything but basic.

Pair this cake with your favorite cup of joe to create one fantastic dessert.

Homemade Hershey's Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Filling

12. Portillo’s Chocolate Cake Recipe

This cake is so sinfully good, you’ll crave it all the time.

It’s moist, fudgy, and oh-so-chocolatey. Better yet, it’s impossibly easy to recreate this restaurant fave at home.

The key ingredients? Betty Crocker Devil’s Food Cake and mayo.

Yes, really. Give it a try, and you’ll be astounded at how good it is!

13. Ultimate Butterscotch Cake

If you go crazy for butterscotch, then be sure to give this cake a shot.

The brown sugar cake and the fluffy texture are fabulous. But the real star of the show is the icing.

You’ll make the divine frosting using actual butterscotch chips. They bring an explosion of sweet, sugary flavors that melt on your tongue. 

14. Pineapple Layer Cake

Pineapple lovers rejoice! This layer cake allows you to get a taste of the tropics while also indulging in some fluffy baked goods.

If you’ve never tried baking with pineapple, consider this a sign to give it a try.

Not only do you infuse the cake with a unique, fruity flavor, but you also add an unforgettable texture that’s both moist and fluffy.

15. Coconut Layer Cake

If you’re obsessed with coconut, this layer cake might make your dreams come true.

Using coconut milk, coconut oil, and coconut flour, it’s about as coco-nutty as it gets! 

And as if that’s not enough, you’ll coat the exterior with toasted flakes for the ultimate coconut experience!

Paula Deen Carrot Cake

16. Paula Deen Carrot Cake

Is there anything better than a big slice of rich, moist, spiced carrot cake?

This version is loaded with goodness, including chopped pecans right in the cake batter.

There’s even nuts in the dreamy cream cheese frosting!

I like to add orange zest to the carrot cake batter. It adds a lovely hint of citrus that I think you’ll really love.

17. Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake

If you’re craving a bite of liquid sunshine, I’ve just the cake for you!

This lemon and blueberry layer cake features stunning pops of blueberry sweetness mingled with tart citrusy lemon.

The lush cream cheese frosting on top is quite literally the icing on the cake, making this one decadent dessert.

18. Raspberry Dream Cake

Raspberries are bright, sweet, and perfectly balanced. And if they’re your favorite berry, you’ll go nuts for this gorgeous cake.

It’s got everything you could want in a cake; fluffy vanilla layers, sugary raspberry filling, and a rich cream cheese frosting to seal the deal.

And while it’s an all-white cake, I think you’ll agree that just makes the vibrant raspberry filling pop!

19. Blackberry Lime Cake

If you’ve never thought of combining blackberries and lime, you’re in for a real treat.

Between the deep, richly flavorful blackberries and the bright, fresh citrus of the lime, this cake is about as delicious and addictive as it gets.

Plus, isn’t it just picture-perfect?

This lavender-colored cake will make a statement at any party or celebration.

20. Trisha Yearwood Key Lime Cake

Are you a fan of key lime pie? Then get ready to meet its sister: key lime cake!

You’ll find all your favorite zippy key lime flavors infused in one moist cake. 

Every mouthful tastes like the tropics with a buttery cream cheese frosting to make you swoon.

And I know this isn’t technically layered. But if you double the recipe, it’s easy enough to stack them!

Homemade Pineapple Angel Food Cake

21. Pineapple Angel Food Cake

Sweet, light, and wonderfully tropical, this cake is a summer dream on a plate.

Believe it or not, this incredible layer cake only calls for three ingredients: angel food cake mix, a can of crushed pineapples, and Cool Whip to finish.

It’s super flavorful and a breeze to whip up. Plus, it’s low in calories, so you can go ahead and have a second slice!

Atomic Cake

22. Atomic Cake

How did this cake get its name?

Apparently, it was created to honor the invention of the first-ever nuclear reactor.

Strange, I know.

But between the three cake layers, pudding flavors, and fresh strawberries and bananas, I think it’s pretty explosive!

23. Yellow Cake

There’s something so classic and wholesome about a yellow cake.

It’s the kind of fluffy sponge that pairs well with everything from chocolate and peanut butter to lemon and raspberry.

This version keeps it simple. Yellow cake + chocolate frosting = nostalgia overload!

I know we all had one of these birthday cakes growing up. And it never goes out of style!

24. Very Berry Layer Cake

This cake is ideal if you want to enjoy dessert while also getting your daily dose of antioxidants.

You’ll love the juicy explosion of berries in every mouthful.

Combined with the silky vanilla frosting and velvety cake, this is one heavenly dessert.

25. Snickerdoodle Layer Cake

If you love snickerdoodle cookies, you’ll go gaga for this cinnamon-infused layer cake.

You stack four layers of luscious cinnamon cake with unique snickerdoodle frosting and filling in the middle.

You only need a small slice of this baby with all that flavor.

26. Chocolate Chip Layer Cake

Who could say no to a slice of this chocolate chip layer cake? 

It’s got chocolate chips in the cake batter and the icing. Plus, you’ll add more to decorate.

It’s simple but super effective. And it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

27. Black Forest Cake

Imagine serving this show-stopping cake at your next dinner party. Your guests will be blown away by the stunning presentation.

And divine chocolatey flavor sure doesn’t hurt, either!

If you have a few hours to spare, why not try your hand at making this impressive cake? It’s worth every second!

28. Mint Chocolate Chip Cake

Mint chocolate chip is such a rich and refreshing combo. It’s the kind of ice cream you crave late at night when the kids are in bed.

If that sounds like you, this mint-choc layer cake is just the ticket to curb those cravings.

Every bite is super moist with the perfect touch of mint flavor. 

And while I love the bright green buttercream frosting, it’s optional. This will taste just as delish without the added coloring.

29. Mango Cake

I can’t decide what I love most about this cake. Is it the cotton-soft sponge or the fruity mango flavors?

You know what: it’s both! That combination is pretty close to perfect.

30. Banana Layer Cake

Speaking of perfect: I’m obsessed with this insanely sweet and delicious banana layer cake.

This cake is so incredibly scrumptious, your guests will think you spent hours toiling away in the kitchen.

You’ll actually start with a boxed cake mix to save time and effort. I won’t tell if you don’t!

31. Rum Tangerine Layer Cake

The best part about this rum and tangerine cake is the mouthwatering texture.

From the gold rum and crushed pineapple to the fresh tangerine zest, this cake is sweet, tender, and insanely moist.

And that tangerine frosting is a thing of citrusy beauty!

32. Twix Cake

If you stock up on Twix bars every Halloween, I’ve got the recipe for you!

This terrific cake allows you to transform your favorite candy into the cake of your dreams. 

You’ll jam-pack every bite with chocolatey caramel goodness along with a heavenly vanilla cake and chocolate frosting.

The Twix garnish makes this even more irresistible.

33. Layered Chocolate Snickers Cake

From one candy fave to another: this Snickers cake is everything you love about the sweet treat but in cake form.

Every forkful oozes with fluffy chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting, and chopped Snickers. 

The chocolate and caramel ganache drizzled on top really take this dessert to sugary heaven. 

If you know someone with the ultimate sweet tooth, do them a favor and make this fantastic cake. 

33 Best Layer Cake Recipe Collection

No matter the occasion, these show-stopping layer cakes are guaranteed to impress. And from chocolate to fruity, they’re not as complicated as you think!


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Layer Cakes

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