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Atomic Cake

If you’ve never tried or heard of atomic cake, you’re in for something mind-blowing. Atomic cake is the bomb!

This majestic dessert features three different cake layers and pudding flavors, as well as fresh strawberries and bananas. 

Sweet Sliced Atomic Cake with Fresh Strawberries
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Covered entirely with whipped cream, it doesn’t seem extravagant from the outside.

But once you slice it open, expect loud gasps and jaws on the floor. 

I don’t normally feature elaborate dishes and desserts on my site, but I’m making an exception this time. 

If you’re looking to make the most majestic cake for a loved one, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, you’ll whip up something extra special! Let’s get the show started.

Atomic Cake 

Atomic cake is widely popular in the Chicago area.

The phenomenal dessert was first created in 1942 in honor of the invention of the first-ever nuclear reactor.

The cake has three tiers and three fillings, none of which are the same.

From the colors to the flavors to the textures, this cake is definitely a party in your mouth.

Atomic Cake Ingredients: Fresh Strawberries, Fresh Bananas, Chocolate, Vanilla and Banana Jell-O Pudding

Ingredients for Atomic Cake

I’m gonna be honest with ya – this cake has a ton of ingredients.

After all, it has 3 different cake layers, 3 types of pudding fillings, 2 fruits, and a lot of whipped cream frosting!

But here’s the good news: you won’t have to make all of them from scratch.

You can simply use your favorite cake box mixes to make the cake layers. As for the fillings, well, you can always rely on instant Jell-O! 

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Finally, for the whipped cream, you can either frozen and thawed whipped cream or make it yourself. It’s very easy, anyone can do it.

Here’s what you’ll need to pull off this epic cake:

  • Yellow or Banana Cake – The first layer. Personally, I prefer banana cake because it adds such a wonderful flavor. 
  • Chocolate Cake – The second layer. Besides being super moist and delicious, the chocolate cake also adds lovely color contrast to the dessert.
  • White Cake – It completes the trifecta of cake layers, giving you gorgeous yellow, brown, and white hues.
  • Fresh Ripe Bananas and Jell-O Banana Pudding – The filling that goes on top of the banana cake. Peel and slice the bananas right before you add them to the cake to prevent them from browning.   
  • Fresh Strawberries, Sliced and Jell-O Chocolate Pudding – Cake filling number two. Fresh strawberries and chocolate compliment each other really well in terms of flavor, texture, and color.  
  • Vanilla Pudding – The final filling that goes on top of the white cake. Together, the cake and pudding create an elegant look.
  • Whipped Cream – The dessert is already filled with many different flavors. A simple whipped cream frosting is a great way to tie them all together. Cool Whip is okay, but homemade tastes a lot better.

Tips for the Best Cake

  • Do not over-mix the cake batters. Stop mixing as soon as the ingredients have incorporated. Otherwise, the cakes will be dense instead of light and fluffy.
  • Do not over-bake the cakes. Test for doneness 5 minutes before the indicated length of baking. Insert a toothpick into the center of the cakes. If it comes out clean, it’s all set.
  • Let the cakes and puddings cool to room temperature before you assemble. If you do it too soon, the cake will fall apart.
Sweet Atomic Layered Cake

How to Slice a Layer Cake 

Show off all the glorious layers of atomic cake by making nice clean slices. Here are some tips: 

Here’s the most important thing about slicing a layer cake: it has to be chilled in the fridge for at least 30 minutes beforehand. 

With all that whipped cream and pudding layers, the cake is at high risk of falling apart if you slice too soon.

Letting it sit in the fridge firms up the semi-solid frosting and pudding, making the cake a lot more stable.

Use a large serrated knife, such as a bread knife, to slice the cake. Saw it back and forth slowly and gently as you make your first cut.

Wipe the knife clean with a paper towel in between cuts so that the cake slices aren’t stained with crumbs and frosting. 

Sliced Atomic Cake with Icing

Tools That Will Help in Constructing and Icing a Layer Cake

Assembling a layer cake can be intimidating. I’ve done it several times now and I still find it a little challenging.

The end result is so worth it, though! 

Want to be one step closer to layer cake success? Here are several tools you can use:

  • Flat cake stand or serving platter. Wherever you choose to serve your cake, it has to be flat. A curved or angled surface will make the layers extremely difficult to assemble.
  • Cake leveler. This is especially helpful if you want to make flat and even cake layers effortlessly. You can also use a serrated knife, but be careful when slicing to make sure the cakes are nice and flat.
  • Turntable cake stand. The ability to spin the cake makes it easy to frost.
  • Offset spatula. This is the best tool for frosting the cake. Its flat edge helps smoothen the frosting onto the cake. 
  • Piping bag and tips. This is helpful if you want to make elaborate cake decorations. There are also tons of cake decorating ideas on the internet that use common kitchen utensils.

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Atomic Cake

Prep time


Cooking time




  • 1 layer yellow or banana cake

  • 1 layer chocolate cake

  • 1 layer white cake

  • Fresh ripe bananas, sliced

  • 1 small box of Jell-O Banana Pudding

  • Fresh strawberries, sliced

  • 1 small box Jell-O Chocolate Pudding

  • 1 small box Jell-O vanilla pudding

  • Whipped cream


  • Place the yellow or banana cake on a serving plate. Arrange the banana slices on top in a single layer. Spread banana pudding over the bananas.
  • Place the chocolate cake over the pudding. Top with sliced strawberries, followed by the chocolate pudding.
  • Place the white cake over the chocolate pudding. Spread vanilla pudding on top.
  • Frost the cake with whipped cream. Refrigerate before serving. Enjoy!
Atomic Cake

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