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23 Best Keto Sausage Recipes To Put on Repeat

These keto sausage recipes make meal prepping a breeze.

Whether you like turkey, beef, links, ground meat, or patties, these low-carb dishes are sure to satisfy.

23 Best Keto Sausage Recipes featuring Keto Sausage and Vegetables in a Sheet Pan
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As you may already know, the keto diet welcomes protein and fat but bans carbs and sugar. And while some sausages are pure meat, others may contain some keto no-nos.

With that in mind, you’ll want to check the labels before buying any meat!

But let’s be frank – I’m sure you already know what you’re doing! So let’s just get to the keto sausage recipes, shall we?

20+ Low Carb Keto Sausage Dinners We Can’t Get Enough Of

1. Keto Sausage and Cabbage Skillet 

Cabbage is bland, but not when you saute it with butter, garlic, onion, and paprika.

And oh yeah, smoked sausage, too!

I love how it’s filling despite being low-carb. That’s the power of roughage for you.

This easy-peasy recipe takes only 20 minutes, which is perfect if you left lunch or dinner to the last minute.

2. Pressure Cooker Keto Italian Sausage Kale Soup  

Zuppa Toscana (Tuscan soup) is an Italian comfort food typically made with kale, zucchini, beans, potatoes, and other veggies.

Since we’re going for low-carb, we’ll skip the beans and potatoes and swap them out for Italian sausage instead.

If you ask me, I think that’s a much tastier deal.

3. 5-Ingredient Keto Sausage Balls 

The only thing I don’t like about these keto sausage balls is that they are so ridiculously addictive. 

Seriously, it’s almost impossible to stop eating them, which is a problem if you’re trying to shed a few pounds.

Other than that, these babies are glorious.

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Breakfast sausage, cream cheese, and cheddar unite to make this rich, creamy, and savory snack.

4. Healthy Keto Low Carb Breakfast Casserole with Sausage and Cheese  

Breakfast casseroles are typically loaded with potatoes or some type of carb – but not this one.

Here, all you’ll get are delicious flavors and textures from sausage, cream, eggs, and cheese, all mixed up into one magnificent casserole.

It may not be the healthiest brekkie, but it’s definitely keto-friendly!

5. Keto Sausage Cheddar Biscuits 

How can biscuits – a quick bread made with flour – be keto-friendly?

The answer is almond flour, which essentially is ground-up almonds.

Thanks to this simple swap, you can make a wide variety of keto-compliant breads.

Still, I highly suggest you start with this one.

Flavored with cream cheese and cheddar, these biscuits are rich, savory, and oh-so delectable.

6. Keto Breakfast Cups

These cups are made of ground sausage topped with creamy eggs and finished off with cheese.

They aren’t only tasty and keto-friendly but are super adorable as well!

I love portable dishes because who has the time to sit down for breakfast?

If your mornings are as hectic as mine, this grab-and-go delight is a life-saver.

7. Keto Low Carb Biscuits and Gravy 

Biscuits and gravy are such a delectable comfort food, and yes, there is a keto-compliant version of it.

Just because you lead a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to indulge, after all!

This recipe allows you to enjoy the classic dish without interrupting ketosis. Win-win!

8. Keto Zuppa Toscana Soup 

Here’s another recipe for Zuppa Toscana – because there are more ways to make this incredible soup than one.

You’ll combine Italian sausage, bacon, rutabagas, and kale in this version and cook them in a creamy chicken sauce.  

Do me a favor: try both recipes and let me know which one you like better! I still haven’t decided.

9. Low Carb Sausage & Cheese Stuffed Poblanos in the Air Fryer  

I have such a fondness for stuffed peppers.

Growing up, my mom made it for us all the time, and I’m pretty sure it was the one veggie-based dish I’d eat!

These stuffed peppers don’t contain rice, which is what I’m used to, but OMG, they taste even better. (Sorry, mom.)

Loaded with ground sausage and lots of melted cheese, these poblanos are the stuff of legends.

10. Sausage Broccoli Cheddar Foil Packs 

This healthy yet irresistibly delightful dish combines broccoli, sausage, and cheddar cheese.

I love the complimenting colors of the yellowish cheese and green broccoli. Presentation-wise, this dish gets an A+.

The flavors and texture combinations are impeccable, as well. Crunchy broccoli, firm and snappy sausage, and melty cheese for the win.

The fact that it’s cooked in foil makes it super versatile and portable, too. You can even cook it on the grill, over a campfire, or in the oven.

11. Keto Sausage and Cabbage Foil Packs with Radishes 

Here’s another foil-pack recipe you can take with you wherever you go!

This dish combines the goodness of sausage, cabbage, and radishes, giving you an excellent balance of salty, savory, smoky, and sweet.

It’s a simple 4-ingredient recipe, but one that you’ll crave again and again.

12. Keto Italian Sausage Meatballs 

These meatballs are wonderfully tender, moist, and bursting with flavor!

Seasoned with onion, garlic, parsley, and parmesan, the meatballs themselves are already delicious.

But if you bathe them in a tomato basil sauce, they become even more phenomenal.

13. Keto Sausage and Cauliflower Rice Skillet 

If you miss the comfort of rice, cauliflower is the answer. Just grind up those florets, and voila!

Of course, eating cauliflower rice alone is no fun. So to add color and flavor, turn it into a tasty stir fry! 

This recipe will show you how.

14. Keto Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms 

This appetizer of portobello mushrooms stuffed with sausage, cream cheese, and mozzarella will impress your guests.

Feel free to make it even if no one’s coming over, though! 

It may seem like a complex recipe, but it’s actually easy enough to make on any given day.

15. Keto Gumbo 

This gumbo is for cold rainy afternoons and wintery evenings. The broth alone is so good that you’ll slurp it from the bowl!

Besides the broth, this gumbo is also filled to the brim with sausage, shrimp, and veggies. 

It’s the epitome of southern comfort, from its bright colors to delectable Cajun flavors.

16. Keto Sausage Frittata 

Start your day right with this frittata for breakfast. 

A frittata is basically scrambled eggs in pie form. What makes it so mouthwatering are all the meats and veggies stuffed inside! 

In this keto version, you’ll add Italian sausage, sun-dried tomatoes, capers, and fresh basil – a wonderful medley of tastes, textures, and colors.

17. Keto Sheet Pan Pizza with Sausage Crust 

How fun is it that you get to eat pizza even when you’re on a diet? 

For this pizza, you’ll use a mixture of coconut flour, almond flour, parmesan, mozzarella, and Italian sausage to make the crust.

I’d happily give up regular crust for this!

For the toppings, you have onions, sweet peppers, spinach, garlic, and lots and lots of gooey cheese. 

Clean eating has never been this good.

18. Easy Keto Pizza Bites 

Pizza in bite-size form? I won’t say no to that! 

They may be crustless, but that doesn’t mean they’re no good.

A mix of ground Italian sausage, cream cheese, and mozzarella, these balls are the bomb.

To complete the pizza-esque experience, serve the balls with a bowl of marinara for dipping.

I’m not drooling; you are.

19. Keto Sausage & Egg Breakfast Bowl

Breakfast bowls usually have rice or some form of carbs at the base. This one obviously hasn’t, and surprisingly, it’s not bad!

Loaded with eggs, cheese, sausage, and vegetables of all colors, this bowl is tasty and hefty even without the rice.

Another great thing about it is that it’s not strict with the ingredients and measurements.

Anything goes as long as you have all three components covered – protein, healthy fat, and vegetables.

20. Keto Italian Sausage Stuffed Zucchini 

The only way I’d eat zucchini is if they’re sliced thinly and loaded with lots of toppings.

If you feel the same way, this recipe is a must-try.

These zucchini boats are topped generously with ground Italian sausage, garlic, tomatoes, parmesan, and mozzarella.

I couldn’t ask for more.

21. Air Fryer Sausage 

Ditch the stove, the oven, and the grill. When it comes to cooking sausages, the Air Fryer is the best appliance for the job.

With the Air Fryer, you’ll get perfectly cooked sausage, outside and in, in just 20 minutes. 

This method doesn’t require a single ounce of oil, yet it results in delicious, deep-fried-like food. 

22. Easy Stuffed Sausage

Don’t think it’s possible to make your favorite sausage even more irresistible? Then, wait until you give this recipe a try.

It’s simple: just cut a slit across the sausage and stuff it with a strip of mozzarella. Then, pour marinara on top, and bake to perfection.

This, folks, is keto cooking at its best.

23. Sausage, Peppers, and Mushrooms Low-Carb Cheesy Bake 

What do you get when you combine sausage, peppers, mushrooms, and cheese? This epic keto casserole, that’s what!

It’s meaty, cheesy, and loaded with flavor. It doesn’t get any better than this.

23 Best Low Carb Keto Sausage Recipe Collection

These keto sausage recipes make meal prepping a breeze. Whether you like turkey, beef, links, ground meat, or patties, these dishes are sure to satisfy.


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Keto Sausage Recipes

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