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17 Popular Italian Pies and Cakes You’ll Love

These Italian pies and cakes are the stuff of dreams.

They’re the perfect addition to your holiday feast or casual snacking at home.

Searching for the perfect cake for your celebration? Are you simply looking for the perfect sweet treat to go with your coffee? 

Italian Calzone Pie with Mushroom and Ham
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Whatever you’re looking for, I have the goods for your sweet tooth!

You’ll find traditional Italian desserts and some modern twists in this roundup.

From thick, luscious cheesecakes to light and flaky pastries, these Italian desserts are sure to please.

Ready? Take your tastebuds on a trip to dessert paradise with these Italian pies and cakes!

1. Classic Italian Crostata

Craving pie but want something less complicated than apple? This classic Italian crostata is the answer!

The delicate, flaky crust filled with your choice of jam will quickly become a favorite. 

It has all the best pie parts: delicious crust, lovely filling, and a crunchy edge.

The buttery crust gives way to the sweet, tart jam filling.

The classic Italian crostata is a treat that’s easy to make but difficult to resist.

2. Best Italian Ricotta Pie

Do you know what’s better than a slice of cheesecake? A slice of ricotta pie.

The rich, creamy texture of the ricotta filling makes this dessert special.

It’s infused with lemon zest and lemon juice for a touch of zestiness.

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The filling gets baked in a pie shell until it’s golden brown.

This pie boasts decadent flavors that are guaranteed to delight your sweet tooth.

3. Italian Cream Pie

Are you on the hunt for the perfect heavenly dessert? This Italian cream pie fits the bill!

With homemade Italian cream filling and a sweet crust, this dessert is guaranteed to impress.

The filling is infused with lemon and orange rind to cut through the creaminess.

The deliciousness of this pie is definitely not for the faint of heart.

But if you love decadence, then this is the treat for you!

4. Italian Cream Cake

Feast your eyes on this masterpiece of a dessert: Italian cream cake!

The tempting soft cake is topped with velvety cream cheese frosting.

It has a delicate crumb studded with toasted pecan pieces and coconut flakes.

Each bite boasts a moist, creamy texture with a subtle crunch.

It’s the kind of cake that’s so creamy, it feels like you’re eating a cloud.

Though it’s often associated with weddings, you can enjoy this fabulous cake on all occasions.

5. Italian Lemon Ricotta Cake

Looking for a simple cake recipe that packs surprisingly rich flavors? This Italian lemon ricotta cake is what you need!

It’s sweet and moist, with a hint of lemon from the zest and juice of two lemons.

The ricotta gives it a rich, fluffy texture that’s tough to beat.

This cake is perfect for any occasion, whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or just want a treat.

6. Traditional Italian Birthday Cake

Nothing says “happy birthday” like a slice of torta alla panna.

Made with sponge cake filled with vanilla pudding and whipped cream, this cake is a heavenly delight.

It’s topped with fresh strawberries for a pop of color and fruitiness.

This cake is a breeze to make, but it’ll bring festive cheer to your day!

7. Easy Ciambella Recipe (Italian Breakfast Cake)

Are you ready to dive into a warm, fluffy, sweet breakfast treat? Bake this classic Italian breakfast cake!

This ring-shaped cake is orange-flavored, but you can customize it according to your taste.

It’s soft, moist, and mildly flavored. You’ll want this to go with your morning coffee.

You can make this cake by sourcing all the ingredients from your pantry.

It’s simple but tastes like you spent all day making it.

8. Italian Chocolate Walnut Cake (Torta di Noci)

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with chocolate, but this cake takes it to a whole new level!

This decadent cake is loaded with rich dark chocolate and toasted walnuts.

It’s a soft, moist treat with a delicate crumb boasting pure indulgence.

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary or the holidays, this cake is perfect for any occasion.

Once you try this cake, you’ll surely crave this even on regular days!

9. Italian Pannetone

Panettone is a traditional Italian Christmas bread served during the holidays. 

It’s a sweet bread with an airy texture studded with raisins and candied orange.

This festive holiday treat is sweet and fruity and tastes as if it came from a fancy bakery.

Get ready for the raves from your friends and family when you serve them this cake.

It’s so good, it’ll become a tradition of your Christmas celebrations.

10. Italian Hazelnut Cake

Delight your tastebuds with this rich, hearty Italian hazelnut cake!

It’s a beautiful buttery cake with a delicate crumb that packs nutty flavors.

Serve it with a dollop of chocolate hazelnut spread for added decadence.

This cake is super simple yet so elegant. It’s so good, you’ll be tempted to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

11. Sicilian Whole Orange Cake

Bring vibrant flavors to your gloomy day by making this Sicilian whole orange cake.

The signature flavor comes from whole oranges baked into the rich, buttery batter.

It has an orange lemon glaze for a brighter and citrusy taste.

A slice of this cake will bring the taste of the Mediterranean to your home!

12. Authentic Italian Mini Ricotta Easter Pies

Are you on the hunt for something unique to bring to your next potluck? Look no further than these mini ricotta pies!

Filled with sweet, creamy ricotta, these little morsels will coat your tongue with decadence.

The dough has a mild flavor, letting the filling shine as you bite.

Give these babies a shot if you want to try something new this year!

13. Torta Caprese (Chocolate Almond Flourless Cake)

Indulge in this flourless cake infused with dark chocolate goodness.

Rich and decadent, torta Caprese is a dream come true for chocolate lovers!

This cake features super-fine almond flour for a guilt-free and gluten-free treat.

It has a moist, fudgy texture, and you won’t believe it’s completely flourless.

Top it with powdered sugar or chocolate ganache for a sweeter treat. 

14. Torta Della Nonna

Ever had a bite of something delicious you had to savor the moment?

That’s what I felt when I first tried torta della nonna!

It’s an Italian custard tart featuring shortcrust pastry filled with Italian cream.

This treat is sweet, creamy, and full of vanilla goodness.

The flaky crust and sweet custard filling with its smooth, silky texture are so heavenly.

15. Italian Diplomatic Cake

When you want to impress your family and friends, this is the cake to make.

It’s made with puff pastry, sponge cake, Italian pastry cream, and a dusting of powdered sugar.

Each bite is light and fluffy and melts in your mouth with absolute decadence.

The best part is, you can source all your ingredients from your pantry!

16. Easy Tiramisu

Do you love the classic combination of coffee, cream, and a touch of chocolatey goodness?

Then, you’ll adore this tiramisu cake recipe.

Layered with coffee-soaked ladyfingers, creamy mascarpone, and cocoa, this classic treat never fails to impress.

It’s decadently sweet and buttery with a strong espresso flavor. One bite of this treat, and you’ll be hooked!

17. Classic Italian Bundt Cake

This classic Italian bundt cake is simple and elegant but genuinely mouthwatering.

The cake is soft, fluffy, and sweet for a classic treat that never goes out of style.

Plus, you can customize it with your favorite flavorings to match your cravings for the day.

Serve it with a sprinkle of powdered sugar or flavored glaze for deliciousness.

It’s surprisingly easy to make at home, making it a great snack on regular days!

17 Popular Italian Pies and Cakes You’ll Love

These Italian pies and cakes are perfect for any occasion! Enjoy ricotta pie, cream cake, tiramisu, and more delicacies from Italy with this list!


  • Classic Italian Crostata

  • Best Italian Ricotta Pie

  • Italian Cream Pie

  • Italian Cream Cake

  • Italian Lemon Ricotta Cake

  • Traditional Italian Birthday Cake

  • Easy Ciambella Recipe (Italian Breakfast Cake)

  • Italian Chocolate Walnut Cake (Torta di Noci)

  • Italian Pannetone

  • Italian Hazelnut Cake

  • Sicilian Whole Orange Cake

  • Authentic Italian Mini Ricotta Easter Pies

  • Torta Caprese (Chocolate Almond Flourless Cake)

  • Torta Della Nonna

  • Italian Diplomatic Cake

  • Easy Tiramisu

  • Classic Italian Bundt Cake


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep an Italian treat in 30 minutes or less!
Italian Pies and Cakes

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