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How to Reheat Salmon (+ 4 Easy Methods)

If you have leftovers, you’re likely wondering how to reheat salmon without ruining it. After all, there’s no greater kitchen travesty than dried-out salmon.

But don’t worry, there are a few simple methods to choose from.

Homemade Grilled Salmon with Lemons

These tips on how to reheat salmon ensure that the outside stays golden and crispy with moist and tender insides. 

Here are the best methods for reheating salmon the right way:

  • In the oven
  • In an Air Fryer
  • Using a steamer
  • In the microwave

If you follow my tips on how to reheat salmon, your leftovers will taste as good as they did on day one!

Can You Reheat Salmon?

It is possible to reheat salmon in the microwave, oven, Air Fryer, or steamer. But since it’s more prone to drying out, it’s essential to be patient. Baking leftover salmon fillets is the best method as it allows you to reheat the fish slowly and prevent it from losing a lot of moisture.

Salmon is a delicate fish, so the trick to reheating it is to take your time. High heat and a short cooking time will make your salmon impossibly dry and tough.

And no one wants that. 

That’s why I always use the oven and go low and slow.

But if you don’t have time for the oven method, just remember to add a little water to the pan.

Also, keep a tight lid on salmon to prevent it from drying out as it reheats. 

An Oven With Door Halfway Opened

How to Reheat Salmon in the Oven

If you have the time (and patience), reheating salmon in the oven is the best way to keep it from losing moisture. 

Unfortunately, reheating anything in the oven takes time.

First, you have to wait for the oven to preheat, which can take a while, depending on how old the model is.

Plus, you’ll have to dirty an extra pan.

But while it takes more time and effort, reheating salmon in the oven is the best way to ensure that your tender cut of salmon is just as tender and delicious the following day. 

To reheat salmon in the oven, set the temperature to 275-300 degrees Fahrenheit, squeeze a little lemon juice on top, then wrap it in foil and bake for about 15 minutes.

Lemon juice adds flavor and helps infuse some of the moisture lost when reheating. 

A Person Operating On A Microwave Oven

How to Reheat Salmon in the Microwave 

Reheating salmon in the microwave isn’t the best method, but it’s undoubtedly the fastest!

The humble microwave reheats anything in a matter of seconds, but if you aren’t careful, it will dry out your fish.

So, there are a few extra steps to ensure it doesn’t turn into salmon shoe leather. 

To keep the fish moist and tender, you’ll need to cover it and add extra moisture to your microwave-safe container. 

To reheat salmon in the microwave, pour a tablespoon of water, lemon juice, or sauce into the bottom of a microwave-safe dish and add the salmon on top. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave the salmon in 30-second intervals until it’s hot.

If you’re also reheating veggies, throw them in with your salmon. The moisture from the veggies helps the salmon from drying out too. 

Person removing Air Fryer basket

How to Reheat Salmon in an Air Fryer

If you want to ensure the salmon retains a crispy baked exterior with warm and tender insides – the Air Fryer is your best bet!

And if you are in a hurry, this method takes half the time of the oven. 

To reheat salmon in an Air Fryer, set the appliance to 360 degrees Fahrenheit, and place the salmon skin-side down in the basket (lined with parchment to keep the skin from sticking). Cook for 5 minutes until the salmon is hot.

Before serving, place a thermometer into your fillet to ensure it reaches an internal temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How to Reheat Salmon by Steaming

The steaming method is excellent for reheating salmon without losing moisture.

That said, it might not be the best option if your salmon is in a sauce or marinade. The high moisture cooking conditions melt the flavor out of the fish. 

To reheat salmon by steaming, set up a steamer, fill it with water, and wait until the water simmers. In lieu of a steamer, set a pan with water over heat. Then, when it simmers, put a smaller pan inside with the salmon in the middle. Cover the steamer and let the fish cook for 4-5 minutes.

It takes a little extra effort if you don’t have a steamer, but it’s well worth it if you hate the thought of dried-out salmon!

Smoked Salmon with a fork

How to Reheat Smoked Salmon

When reheating smoked salmon, you want to ensure that you don’t lose any of that delicious smoked flavor in the reheating process!

To ensure no flavor is lost on day two, reheating smoked salmon in the oven is best. 

To reheat smoked salmon, drizzle the top with olive oil to create a moisture barrier. Then, tent the fish in foil to keep it from burning and pour a little water or broth into the package. Bake in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes or until the fish is hot.

It takes a little longer than the microwave, but retaining that smokey flavor is worth it!

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How to Reheat Salmon (+ 4 Easy Methods)

If you have leftovers, you’re likely wondering how to reheat salmon without ruining it. Don’t worry, there are a few simple methods to choose from.


  • Leftover Salmon

  • Olive oil or lemon juice


  • Preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Place leftover salmon (skin-side down) on a baking sheet
  • Cover salmon with olive oil or lemon juice, and tent with aluminum foil.
  • Bake for 15 minutes until the internal temperature reaches 125-130 degrees Fahrenheit.
How to Reheat Salmon

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