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17 Best Frangelico Cocktails (+ Easy Recipes)

Add some sweetness to your happy hour with these Frangelico cocktails

Find yourself reaching for the hazelnut latte, jar of Nutella, or the Ferrero Rocher?

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You’ll be head over heels for these nutty cocktails.

Frangelico is a hazelnut liqueur that’s produced in the Piedmont region of Italy.

Along with hazelnut, it also has hints of vanilla and cocoa. 

Boozy Frangelico Bourbon Sour

It’s named after a Christian monk, Fra’ Angelico, who was known for making wonderful liqueurs.

The bottle is even shaped like a monk’s habit with a rope belt!

Get to know this sweet and delicious liqueur with these Frangelico cocktails. 

1. Chocolate Cake Shot

Dessert you can drink? Yes, please!

This decadent and rich adult drink is a great way to sip on something sweet.

Frangelico and vanilla vodka are a fantastic combination. Plus, add cream and whipped cream to make it extra heavenly. 

Dust the top with a bit of cocoa powder and more whipped cream.

It’s gorgeously indulgent and a delicious way to sweeten up any celebration. 

2. Frangelico Iced Coffee

Looking to add a little something to your caffeine fix?

This recipe is for the hazelnut latte fans, you’re going to be obsessed. 

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This iced coffee is made with Frangelico, Irish cream, more hazelnuts, vanilla, and cocoa. I mean, come on. 

Use espresso or milk depending on how strong you want it. You can even add some whipped cream on top!

It’s smooth, creamy, and delicious. Plus, it’s absolutely perfect for brunch with friends or busy holiday mornings. 

3. Hazelnut Frangelico Sour Cocktail

The hazelnut Frangelico sour is definitely unique but worth a try.

The flavors are not traditional but you’re going to love this classy cocktail. 

With only three ingredients, this tasty cocktail might be your new secret recipe.

Hazelnut liquor combines with fresh lime juice to create a sweet-tart concoction. 

Shake it up with egg whites until it’s light and airy. It will have the signature creaminess of a sour cocktail

4. Hazelnut Bourbon Sour 

This bourbon sour twist is surprisingly delicious and full of interesting flavors.

Whip up this five-ingredient cocktail at your next celebration. 

The sweet bourbon and hazelnut liquors are a great match.

Bitters add a little bite and depth of flavor and simple syrup adds some sweetness.

Finally, add some lemon juice for tartness and a hint of citrus to lighten up the drink. 

This special sipper is ideal for any occasion. 

5. The Perfect Hazelnut Espresso Martini 

Everybody loves a good espresso martini at the end of a meal.

Plus, we all know that coffee and hazelnut are a fantastic match. This drink just makes sense!

Freshly brewed espresso, along with vodka, coffee liqueur, and Frangelico make one dynamite drink.

Shake it up until it’s nice and frothy. 

If you want to add a hint of chocolate, you can also add some chocolate liqueur. 

6. Frangelico Old-Fashioned

If you’re the type of person to live and die by an old-fashioned cocktail, try this sweet variation.

Frangelico is sweet and light and it’s the perfect compliment to the angostura and mole bitters.

The flavors are rich and so incredible with whiskey or brandy. 

There’s no fancy equipment, tricks, or ingredients needed.

Just combine four ingredients in a glass, stir, and enjoy! 

7. Nutty Irishman Drink

I personally love a fancy shot at parties. They’re fun, unexpected, and always look so pretty! 

This “Nutty Irishman” is a layered shot made up of two ingredients. Frangelico on the bottom and Irish cream on top. 

Let the cream sit at the top for a stunning shot that everybody will love.

You can also just toss this one into your coffee for the day and it will taste incredible. 

8. Toblerone Cocktail

You know it, you love it, and now you’re probably craving it: the Toblerone chocolate bar and all of its triangle-shaped goodness. 

Recreate the delicious honey and almond nougat flavors of a Toblerone bar with Frangelico.

Combine it with Kahlua, Irish cream, honey, and double cream for a decadent dessert cocktail. 

Don’t forget to rim the glass with chocolate sauce and add grated Toblerone.

Then, finish the bar with your cocktail, and don’t feel guilty for one indulgent second. 

9. The Nutcracker Cocktail

The nutcracker cocktail will quickly put you in a festive mood. Get ready to drink and be merry!

You’ll love this creamy cocktail. Cake-flavored vodka and Frangelico are a sweet duo.

Add almond milk to make it even creamier and top it off with fluffy whipped cream. It’s like a holiday cake in a glass. 

This sweet drink will leave you dreaming of sugarplums and dancing nutcrackers. 

10. Hazelnut Mimosa

Before you start thinking I’m crazy, hear me out.

Some say that Frangelico is more of a sweetener than a liqueur. So it works surprisingly well in this simple brunch favorite. 

Combine orange juice with Frangelico and Champagne. It’s bubbly, fruity, and sweet! What more could you want? 

It’s slightly sweeter than your average mimosa and has a subtle nuttiness.

Your friends will be delighted by this fun twist on a beloved classic. 

11. Snickers Shot

A candy bar in a glass is just what the doctor ordered. Actually, I think your doctor would rather you not, but I won’t tell. 

This layered shot tastes just like a snickers bar. Plus, you only need three ingredients and a shot glass. 

Start with Kahlua, add the Frangelico, and top it off with Baileys Irish Cream. YUM!

12. Satin Angel Drink

The satin angel drink has a pretty name and heavenly flavor. If you love a white Russian, you’ll adore this cocktail. 

Instead of a classic white Russian with coffee liqueur, the satin angel features Frangelico. The sweet and nutty flavor is so yummy. 

This is a sweet and creamy beverage that everyone can love. It even has an unexpected, secret ingredient. 

13. Hazelnut Hot Buttered Rum

Warm and cozy cocktails are the ideal winter nightcap. Hot buttered rum is one of the best because it’s super rich and silky. 

Hazelnut Frangelico is an incredible addition to the already delicious hot buttered rum cocktail.

Use real butter, dark rum, brown sugar, and a few comforting spices. 

For late holiday parties or cold rainy days, you have to make this Hazelnut hot-buttered rum. 

14. Hazelnut Eggnog 

Eggnog is one of those holiday classics that you love or hate.

Add some Frangelico next time and it will instantly convert the skeptics into lovers. 

Hazelnut is truly a dreamy addition to the spicy, creamy, and sweet eggnog. It’s comforting, decadent, and festive. 

Ditch the store-bought eggnog and whip up this yuletide classic at home, with a twist!

15. Bellissimo

Bellissimo is the Italian word for “very beautiful” and this cocktail is exactly that. 

The combination of Campari and Limoncello gives the bellissimo cocktail a gorgeous color. 

Campari has lots of bitter and spicy flavors that balance nicely with the hazelnut.

Limoncello adds a light and bright hint of flavor. 

This is a simple and tasty cocktail that you’ll be making all summer long. 

16. Peanut Butter and Jelly Martini

Although this is an “adults only” type of beverage, your inner child will love it. 

There are three shining ingredients in this delicious beverage.

Raspberry liqueur, Frangelico, and peanut butter whiskey make the most insane martini. 

This is a scrumptious sipper that you’ll wish you could sneak into a lunch box. 

17. Peanut Butter and Jelly Shot 

This is another version of your favorite childhood snack. Just keep this one far from the kids. 

With three simple ingredients, this layered shot will make you want another.

Sweet Frangelico, jammy Chambord, and creamy Baileys Irish Cream combine for one unforgettable shot. 

Don’t worry if you can’t get the layers perfect. This drink won’t stay in the glass for long.

Get the party started with these irresistible peanut butter and jelly shots.

17 Best Frangelico Cocktails (+ Easy Recipes)

Upgrade happy hour with these amazing Frangelico cocktails! From iced coffee to a bourbon sour to an espresso martini, each boozy drink is worthy of trying.


  • Chocolate Cake Shot

  • Frangelico Iced Coffee

  • Hazelnut Frangelico Sour Cocktail

  • Hazelnut Bourbon Sour

  • The Perfect Hazelnut Espresso Martini

  • Frangelico Old-Fashioned

  • Nutty Irishman Drink

  • Toblerone Cocktail

  • The Nutcracker Cocktail

  • Hazelnut Mimosa

  • Snickers Shot

  • Satin Angel Drink

  • Hazelnut Hot Buttered Rum

  • Hazelnut Eggnog

  • Bellissimo

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Martini

  • Peanut Butter and Jelly Shot


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Frangelico cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Frangelico Cocktails

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