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10 Simple Drambuie Cocktails for The Weekend

Add a spot of sophistication to your next party with these tantalizing Drambuie cocktails

This whisky liqueur is boozy, smooth, and sweet like honey.

Rusty Nail Cocktail with Orange and Garnish
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If you’re not a fan of that harsh whisky aftertaste, might I recommend Drambuie?

It’s a Scotch whisky liqueur with notes of anise, orange, oak, and heather honey. So it’s sweet, floral, and wonderfully complex.

That said, the whisky flavor is strong – it’s just not quite as overwhelming.

The exact recipe is confidential, but the secrecy adds to the experience. And the best way to experience it is with these stunning Drambuie cocktails.

How to Use Drambuie in Cocktails, Plus 10 Easy Recipes

1. The Coffee Creme

Search for “Dark Academia” online, and you’ll see images of dimly lit rooms with lots of dark wood, old books, and richly textured fabrics.

To me, The Coffee Creme cocktail is the epitome of that aesthetic, just in drink form.

I want to sip it from a plush leather chair, book in hand, and a roaring fire at my side.

Smooth, sweet, and slightly indulgent, it’s the perfect nightcap for a cozy evening.

It’s made with espresso, Drambuie, Scottish whisky*, Creme de Cacao, and cream.

You’ll taste notes of honey, chocolate, malt, fruit, and vanilla. Plus a hint of bitterness from the coffee and the herbs in the Drambuie.

Honestly, it’s fantastic.    

*A quick note on the spelling of whisky: if it’s distilled in Scotland (like Scotch), Canada, or Japan, it’s spelled without an ‘E’. But if it’s from Ireland or the United States, it’s whiskey with an ‘E’.

2. Smooth Rusty Nail

You might not think a Rusty Nail would taste good, but this drink is to die for. And there are a few theories as to how it got that name.

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Some say it’s because of the reddish-orange color. Others say it’s because of the rusty nails used to hold cases of Drambuie together. 

And then there are people who think the drink was originally stirred with a rusty nail.

Well, let’s just say that’s no longer the case.

And thank goodness for that because this simple blend of Scotch whisky and Drambuie is not to be missed.

3. Drambuie and Soda

This easy drink highlights the complexity of Drambuie and lets the unique flavors shine.

It’s a perfect party drink because it’s delicious and it comes together super quickly. 

Simply mix Drambuie with a bit of lime juice and lemon-lime soda. Then, garnish it with a cherry and a splash of cherry juice.

That’s it!

4. The Kingston Club

Named for the capital of Jamaica, this fruity drink has all of the Caribbean vibes.

It’s a delicious tiki cocktail that’s sweet but not toothache-inducing sweet. And it calls for Drambuie instead of the usual rum.

You’ll also add pineapple juice, fresh lime juice, and Fernet Branca, making it even more bitter, herby, and spicy. 

A few dashes of bitters and an orange peel finish off the drink. The result is a sweet, spiced, and herbaceous cocktail that’s beautifully balanced. 

5. Lemon Meadow Cocktail

Prepare to pucker up because this exquisitely tart lemon cocktail is as mouthwatering as it is bright.

If you love lemon, this is the cocktail for you! 

Made with a combination of lemon vodka and Drambuie, the simple syrup and fresh lemon juice lift the flavors nicely.

The honey-forward taste of Drambuie goes so well with the lemon flavor.

Plus, Drambuie’s mix of herbs and spices adds some complexity to an otherwise flat drink. 

It’s like lemonade on steroids. And I’m so here for it!

6. Not-So-Sad Orange Cocktail

This citrusy drink will make your mouth incredibly happy. It’s absolutely bursting with delicious flavors that taste like summer. 

This joyful cocktail is made with whisky, Drambuie, bitters, lemon, orange juice, and orange syrup.

And for the best results, be sure the orange juice is freshly squeezed. 

Every sip is incredibly fresh, with a hint of warmth from the whisky and Drambuie. It’s delicious.  

7. Drambuie Collins

A typical Collins cocktail is made with gin, lemon, sugar, and soda water.

But this exciting twist switches the gin for Drambuie, resulting in a naturally sweeter drink that’s smoother on your tongue. 

Since the Drambuie is sweeter, I suggest trying it without the extra sugar first. Then add some if you think it needs it.

Either way, it’s seriously tasty.

8. Milk-Washed Drambuie 

Sweet, creamy, and surprisingly gentle on the tongue, I think this one tastes a bit like a creamsicle.

So if that’s your jam, keep reading!

You may not have heard of “milk washing” if you’re not a bartender. But it’s a seriously cool technique used to give your drink a fantastic texture. 

Just mix your choice of alcohol with whole milk (or cream) and citrus and let it sit. The acid in the citrus breaks down the dairy into curds and whey. 

You’ll strain the curds, of course, but keep the whey-infused spirit.

Then, make your drink and shake it. This creates a super delicious and almost fluffy texture! 

This version features orange juice, lemon juice, Drambuie, and cream. 

9. The Underdog

It’s always fun to root for the underdog. And in a world full of over-the-top concoctions, this drink is definitely an underdog. 

But like Rocky Balboa, it packs a powerful punch!

Featuring a blend of Drambuie, dry vermouth, dry gin, and Amaro, it’ll knock you out in two ways. 

First, it’s strong! That’s a lot of alcohol for one little drink, so one too many, and you’ll feel like you’ve been in a boxing match.

Second, this drink explodes with herbaceous flavors. So if you’re expecting a sweet drink, this is not it. Instead, it’s bitter, floral, earthy, and dry. 

But fear not because every sip is well-balanced by the gentle sweetness of the Drambuie. 

10. Drambuie Fresco

This delicious summery cocktail will refresh and delight your taste buds with just one sip.

It’s a terrific drink for whisky beginners because it’s pretty light on the Drambuie – one part booze to two parts pink grapefruit juice, to be exact.

Top it off with a little soda water because bubbles are always a good idea.

It’s simple, but the flavors are extremely yummy.

The grapefruit pairs beautifully with the honey notes of the Drambuie. And the herb and spice blend takes everything over the top. 

10 Simple Drambuie Cocktails for The Weekend

Add a spot of sophistication to your next party with these tantalizing Drambuie cocktails. This whisky liqueur is boozy, smooth, and sweet like honey.


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious Drambuie cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Drambuie Cocktails

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