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10 Classic Cuban Cocktails to Kick Off 2023

Nothing says tropical fun like a boozy bevvy, and these Cuban cocktails are some of the best around.

Just one sip will whisk you away to the Caribbean.

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Boozy Dark Rum Mojito with Ice and Lime

Cuba is a haven for classics like mojitos, daiquiris, and piña coladas. And from the Cubre Libre to the El Presidente, you’ll want to try them all.

Bright and refreshing, these Cuban cocktails are insanely thirst-quenching. So they’re just what you need for the summer.

Serve them with your favorite authentic Cuban dishes, and you’ll never go back to boring wine again.

10 Best Cuban Cocktail Recipes We Can’t Get Enough Of

Cuba Libre with Lime on a Wooden Table

1. Cuba Libre

Legend has it, the Cuba Libre was invented by a U.S. Army Captain during the Spanish-American War.

At a bar in Havana, he mixed rum with Coke and lime, then declared, “free Cuba!”.

Since then, the Cuba Libre has been a popular drink throughout the country – and the world. 

Although it’s super simple, it’s hard to beat when you have the right kind of rum.

You’ll quality Cuban rum, ripe lime wedges, and Mexican Coca-Cola. And if you have jumbo ice cubes, a single one will do.

2. Classic Cuban Mojito

Quench your thirst the Cuban way with a classic mojito. It’s perfect for a sweltering day or an afternoon pick-me-up on a lazy Saturday. 

Between the white rum, mint, and lime, it’s the ultimate refreshment. 

The key is to muddle sugar with lime and mint to meld the flavors together. Next, add the rum, give it a good stir, and pour it over ice. 

Not too sweet, not too citrusy, and not too boozy, it’s a perfectly balanced drink everyone will love.

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3. El Presidente

If you’re looking for a stiff nighttime sipper, El Presidente is at your service. 

Sort of like a Manhattan, this sophisticated cocktail is boozy with plenty of fruity depth. 

A classy blend of rum, blanc Vermouth, Grand Marnier, and grenadine, the finishing touch is a cherry on top.

It’s a bit bitter, a little sweet, slightly citrusy, and packs a punch! 

Before pouring, run an orange peel around the rim of your glass. This will leave behind the oils to impart a delightfully bright citrus twist. 

From fancy soirees to fireside chats, El President is meant to be savored. 

4. El Floridita Daiquirí

El Floridita daiquiri is not your average frou-frou slushy that most of us associate with vacation. 

Quite the contrary!

Named after a bar in Havana, it’s a simple refreshment that’s tasteful and refined. Ernest Hemingway even had a version he was known to adore.  

To fix yourself a glass, then add rum, lime, simple syrup, and maraschino liqueur to a cocktail shaker. Shake it up for a few seconds, then strain over ice. 

Rather than top it with frilly garnishes, a wedge of lime will do. 

5. Hotel Nacional

Here’s another classic daiquiri that’ll blow your mind.

Like the drink above, the Hotel Nacional is named for the location in which it was invented. 

Bright, invigorating, and vivacious, this Cuban cocktail is like a piña colada, only without the cream of coconut. 

It’s a whimsical concoction featuring white rum, apricot brandy, pineapple juice, lime, and simple syrup. 

Rather than drink it frozen, you’ll serve it on the rocks with a pineapple wedge for a garnish.

The tropical notes and smooth, light rum will transport you to paradise. Or at least, you’ll feel like it does. 

So the next time you feel like you need a little vacation, give it a try. 

6. Old Cuban

Catch up with old friends over a couple rounds of the Old Cuban. It’s rejuvenating like a mojito and tastes like one too. 

Muddled mint, simple syrup, and lime are the backbone. But it’s the gold rum, sparkling wine, and bitters that make it an alluring adult beverage. 

Bubbly and refreshing, it’s a thirst quencher best paired with good company.

7. Saoco

A tall glass of this will cool you down on a hot day. But it’s so yummy, you’ll want a whole pitcher!

Saoco is the chosen drink of farmers, and once you hear what’s in it, you’ll see why.

It calls for just two ingredients: coconut water and rum. That right there is quite possibly the definition of refreshing. 

You get a dose of thirst-quenching electrolytes and a little booze to take off the edge. 

If you want to spiff it up a bit, add a wedge of lime. Either way, serve it in a large glass packed with ice. 

8. Cuban Breeze

What’s in a Cuban breeze? I’m so delighted you asked!

It’s a vodka drink with tropical notes and nutty undertones featuring amaretto, pineapple juice, lime, and mint.

From the tropical taste to the easy steps, it’s a great cocktail to fix up for parties. So give it a try at your next Sunday brunch, barbecue, or pool party. 

Everyone will love this!

9. Cojito

Say happy holidays the Cuban way with a glass of creamy, dreamy cojito

Smooth, tropical, and oh-so festive, it’s a fun one to share during the jolliest time of year. 

What makes it different from eggnog is the blend of coconut milk, cream of coconut, and condensed milk. 

What about the booze? Well, like here in the states, it’s got rum too!

10. Classic Piña Colada

I think we’re all dreaming of vacations right now. But until you can hop on a plane, why not make this stunning piña colada?

But know that this isn’t an overpriced frilly drink made with a sugary bottled mix. This is the legit island experience!

It’s got quality aged rum, fresh pineapple juice, frozen pineapples, a hint of lime, and cream of coconut.

Blend it up or serve it on the rocks. No matter how you like it, you’ll get a little taste of a much-needed vacay with this.

10 Classic Cuban Cocktails to Kick Off 2023

Nothing says tropical fun like a boozy bevvy, and these Cuban cocktails are some of the best around. Just one sip will whisk you away to the Caribbean.


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