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20 Best Dessert Crêpes (Recipes & Ideas)

Despite the name, these dessert crêpes are yummy all day long.

So enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert – just be sure to make extra!

Homemade Crepes with Strawberries and Blueberries
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20 Easy Dessert Crepe Recipes You’ll Love

If I had to choose between traditional American-style pancakes and crêpes… crêpes win every time. 

They’re crispy but also chewy, and they roll so very nicely. Plus, you can fill them with myriads of yummy things.

Oh, and they’re easy to make, too.  

So, here’s my list of the 20 best dessert crêpes on the internet. They’re freaking delectable!  

1. Dessert Crêpes with Ricotta Cream and Raspberries

These dessert crêpes have it all!

The batter yields a chewy, barely sweet, crispy, and butter crêpe. And then ricotta cream is so silky, with a mix of ricotta, cream cheese, and sugar.

Vanilla extract and orange zest add a delicate flavor that is just incredible. While that raspberry sauce is just plain yummy.

And everything together? Fabulous. 

2. Easy Chocolate Crêpes 

These easy chocolate crêpes are a chocolate lover’s dream.

In this recipe, it’s the batter itself that brings the chocolatey goodness. The result is wonderfully rich, beautiful brown crêpes. 

And they happen to be extremely delicious. Serve with whipped cream, Nutella, and fresh berries for the perfect bite. 

3. Strawberry Crêpes 

So fresh and so delicious, these strawberry crêpes are classic. If you love strawberry shortcake, you’ll love these! 

The crêpes are buttery, soft, and utterly tantalizing. Off to a good start!

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But then you come to the filling… Oh, man.

Each crêpe is stuffed with a tangy, smooth cream cheese mousse-like filling and fresh strawberries. It’s so yummy!

4. Authentic Swedish Pancakes

Most European countries have their version of these thin pancakes. And Sweden is no exception!

These bad boys are chewy, lightly sweet, and perfect with fresh berries.

5. Crêpes with Caramel Sauce

You will never see me turn down anything with caramel. And these crêpes with caramel sauce are quite heavenly. 

The sauce is thick, gooey, and creamy. And it coats the pancakes beautifully.

Feel free to add some fresh fruit or whipped cream. But I think they’re yummy as they are.

6. Lemon Crêpes 

These lemon crêpes will help you squeeze the day! Although they’re technically dessert crêpes, they’re perfect for breakfast. 

Their bright and citrusy flavor will wake up your senses more than your morning coffee. Plus, they’re surprisingly protein-packed. 

The batter contains eggs, so they have protein. And they’re filled with a combo of lemon curd, ricotta cheese, and cottage cheese.

All of these contain a fair bit of protein, too!

7. Cinnamon Apple Crêpes 

Really, you could call these apple pie crêpes. Because like apple pie, they’re bursting with fruit, warmly spiced, and seriously cozy.

They’re just plain tasty!

I would serve these with cinnamon caramel whipped cream. Just mix a little caramel sauce and cinnamon into whipped cream and bam! It’s ready.

You can make everything by hand, or you can doctor up pre-made ingredients. Either way, you won’t regret it. 

8. Pumpkin Crêpes with Maple Cream Cheese Filling 

One bite of these pumpkin and maple crêpes, and you’ll fall in love!

Dare I say that they’re better than pumpkin pie? Yes…and I’m willing to die on that hill.

Like the chocolate crêpes from earlier, this is a special batter. So there’s no pumpkin in the middle – it’s right in the batter!

And I think this makes a particularly delicious crêpe with a softer texture than normal.

Plus, they’re stuffed with maple cream cheese filling. And that is a match made in culinary heaven. 

9. Crêpes with Apples and Maple Syrup

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… simple does not mean “lacking.”

And that is true with these crêpes. They’re filled with stewed apples and topped with pure maple syrup. 

They’re delicious. 

10. Maple Ricotta Stuffed Crêpes 

If you enjoy rum raisin desserts, then you’ll love these stuffed crêpes.

Sadly, there’s no rum (though I’m sure you could add some). But the maple syrup kinda tastes like rum. 

Think of these stuffed crêpes like you would a dessert enchilada. They’re filled with a maple, ricotta, egg, and raisin filling. Then, they’re baked.

And you end up with a delicious, rum-raisin-adjacent pseudo-cheesecake you can eat for breakfast. #winning

11. Blueberry Crêpes with Cream Cheese Filling

Blueberry is another classic crêpe flavor that I love to love.

And when paired with a deliciously tangy cream cheese filling? It’s O-M-G yummy!

I suggest making extra blueberry sauce. It’s so good, you’ll want it on everything!

12. Berries and Cream Crêpes 

If you’re a little lad or lady that loves berries and cream, look no further. These are the perfect crêpes for you. 

Every bite will tickle your tongue with stewed berries and tangy cream cheese filling.

It’s a classic flavor combo that’s never a bad idea. 

13. Ginger Ale Crêpes with Chocolate Chips

Did you know that some of the best desserts are made with soda pop? Really. There’s a whole chocolate cake recipe made with Cola! 

So, it’s not a stretch to believe this trick works for crêpes, too.

And in this recipe, ginger ale replaces the sugar. But fear not, it’s still plenty sweet. 

Add in a little orange zest, and you have a wonderfully flavorful crêpe. But the chocolate chips take it over the edge!

Because orange, ginger, and chocolate are kinda fantastic together. Just try it and see!

14. Easy Cherry Crêpes 

These cherry crêpes are not complicated. Especially compared to some of the more fancy crêpes on this list.

But they should not be underestimated. 

The sweet and sour taste of cherry pie filling goes so well with crêpes. All you need is a little whipped cream to finish it off. Yum!

15. Sweet Crêpes with Banana and Nutella

The sweet, chocolatey, and nutty combination of Nutella and bananas is one for the record books.

There’s no denying it tastes fabulous. 

But somehow, when those ingredients are stuffed into a crêpe, they get even better.

It’s like food magic or something. And every bite will make you a believer. 

16. Peanut Butter Crêpes Stuffed with Strawberries and Bananas

This dish takes two classic peanut butter sandwiches and smashes them into one delicious breakfast.

Peanut butter and jelly + peanut butter and bananas = one helluva dish!

17. Crêpes Suzette

Crêpes Suzette may be the most iconic crêpes known to the culinary world. And it is (according to legend) the result of one beautiful, fiery mistake. 

A waiter accidentally set the crêpe sauce on fire when serving the Prince of Wales. And the prince loved it so much he named it after his companion!

Or so the story goes. 

And now we have Crêpes Suzette – aka crêpes flambeed in an orange-infused, boozy, butter sauce. 

This yields a super caramelized and rich crêpe that’s delicious enough for royalty. 

18. Mango Crêpes 

If you’re a fan of Indian cuisine, then you’ve probably enjoyed a delicious mango lassi.

Well, these mango crêpes remind me of the deliciousness of the lassi. Every bite bursts with the sweet and floral flavor of mango.

Spices like cinnamon and ginger add delicious warmth that pairs perfectly with the mango.

A dollop of cream is the ultimate finishing touch. 

19. Loaded S’mores Crêpes 

I’ll sacrifice my desire to eat healthily this weekend for a big plate of these s’mores crêpes.

Because these rich, decadent delights are just as heavenly as they sound.

With a combo of buttery crêpes, rich chocolate, and gooey marshmallows, one is never enough. You will definitely need s’more.  

20. Crêpes with Key Lime Custard and Blueberry Sauce

This may seem like an unusual combination, and to be fair, it kinda is. But it’s absolutely sensational! 

It’s common knowledge that blueberries and lemons are amazing together. But blueberries and lime? Holy cow, it’s just as tasty. 

Every bite of these crêpes is decadent yet still very light. This is mainly due to the key lime custard.

Instead, it’s made with instant pudding mix, Cool Whip, lime juice and zest, and milk.

The result is a brightly flavored, mousse-like, custard-like filling that’s dessert in and of itself.

20 Best Dessert Crêpes (Recipes & Ideas)

Despite the name, these dessert crêpes are yummy all day long. So enjoy them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert – just be sure to make extra!


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  • Ginger Ale Crêpes with Chocolate Chips

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  • Crêpes Suzette

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  • Loaded S’mores Crêpes

  • Crêpes with Key Lime Custard and Blueberry Sauce


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  • Prep a delicious dessert crêpe recipe in 30 minutes or less!
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