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15 Best Christmas Sandwiches That Are Fun and Festive

These Christmas sandwiches will save you time and stress throughout the holiday season.

First off, who doesn’t love a good sandwich? It’s the ultimate crowd-pleasing meal that’s packed with comforting flavors.

Homemade Turkey Cranberry Sandwich with Lettuce
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Plus, they’re so easy to assemble, saving you valuable time during the hectic holiday season.

They’re perfect if you’re looking for a new party snack or a quick lunch between holiday gatherings.

This list of Christmas sandwiches will be a major lifesaver come December.

1. Christmas Tree Sandwiches

Are you looking for the perfect finger food to serve as a pre-Christmas dinner snack?

You can’t get any cuter than these mini-Christmas tree sandwiches.

Each one takes just five ingredients to put together, and the results are adorable.

Who wouldn’t want to gobble up one of these cute tree-shaped snacks?

You start by layering bread, cheese, ham, mayo, and mustard together, then let the cookie cutter work its magic!

It’s as easy as that.

But why stop at a Christmas tree?

You can also experiment with all sorts of shapes reminiscent of the holiday season. (Hello, snowman sandwiches).

2. Christmas Pinwheel Sandwiches

Here’s another classic finger food that will brighten up your holiday spread. 

Imagine decorating a tinsel-lined platter with these red and green beauties.

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I mean, who can resist the combination of crunchy bell peppers, and zesty ranch?

They’re like lightened-up pepper and cream cheese sandwiches, and you can even prep them the night before.

That way, you can have more time prepping (and taste testing) the Christmas sangria.

3. Christmas Morning Breakfast Sandwiches

Need a quick breakfast for Christmas morning?

This recipe is so insanely easy that you’ll add it to your menu for every holiday breakfast.

The ingredients are simple: sliced bread, deli meat, butter, eggs, milk, and cheese. That’s it!

With minimal assembly, you can have this recipe ready in 15 minutes.

The rest of the time is spent baking in a casserole pan until the cheese becomes gooey and the eggs are set.

You can also prep the casserole before and then just pop it in the oven for half an hour on Christmas morning. 

4. Christmas Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

The classic turkey cranberry sandwich is among the best leftover recipes I’ve ever discovered. 

It’s such a simple-yet-tasty way to enjoy the quintessential holiday flavors without the prep work.

I mean, you’ll have to prep an entire holiday feast to make these leftover sandwiches.

But it allows you to stretch out the ingredients longer than Christmas Day.

Simply slather some turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and sweet potato into a buttered bun, then dig in!

Feel free to swap in the ingredients that you have on hand. 

Have leftover green bean casserole that’s sitting in the fridge? Throw some in!

The sky’s the limit with this versatile sandwich.

5. Holiday Sandwich Wreath

Here’s another fabulous sandwich recipe that allows you to put your Christmas cookie cutters to great use.

It looks like a glammed-out wreath, except that you make it using sandwiches. How cute is that?

If charcuterie boards are a mainstay on your Christmas spread, try swapping in this wreath sandwich board instead. 

The looks alone are enough to swoon over, and the assortment of tastes is out of this world.

This recipe shows you how to make various yummy sandwiches.

There’s peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, and my favorite, holiday sprinkle sandwiches. 

6. Holiday Grilled Cheese

Give your go-to grilled cheese a festive spin with this delectable recipe.

It tastes like the classic sandwich your mom made you for lunch growing up, except it’s full of traditional holiday flavors.

When you sink your teeth into the crispy bread, you won’t be able to resist it.

Expect melted brie cheese, savory turkey, sugary cranberry sauce, and tangy Dijon mustard to keep things interesting.

This sandwich takes 5 minutes to assemble and makes a mean Christmas eve snack.

7. Vegan Holiday Sandwich with Savory Herb Dressing

Whether vegan or not, you’ll find something to love about this plant-based holiday sandwich.

Layer caramelized onions, savory herb dressing, sweet cranberry sauce, and seared tofu between fluffy sourdough bread.

The flavors blend perfectly together, making you crave this sandwich again and again.

8. Reindeer Holiday Sandwiches with Peanut Butter

These reindeer holiday sandwiches are almost too cute to eat. Almost.

Making these handheld snacks is a breeze if you have a trusty cookie cutter and a few ingredients. 

Cut out some fun shapes in bread, slather on some peanut butter, place some fresh fruit on top, then squish them together.

After adding a couple of pretzels and candies for ears, eyes, and nose, you’re all set to serve these scrumptious treats.

This recipe is especially a hit with the little ones and would be a fun way to spend a December afternoon when it’s too frosty outside. 

9. Cranberry Ham Sliders

This recipe is the ultimate way to use up leftover ham. 

Simple slather some rich cranberry mustard sauce onto sliced rolls, then layer stacks of ham and Swiss cheese.

Every bite packs a mean punch in the flavor department, and the portable size makes them great for Christmas parties!

10. Turkey and Cranberry Panini

If you have a lot of Christmas leftovers and don’t know what to do with them, stick them into a panini!

You’ll love sinking your teeth into the crispy bread.

This panini is full of warm, melted cheese, herb turkey, and tangy cranberry sauce.

If you need a quick lunch while taking down Christmas decorations, this recipe has you covered.

You can have these bad boys ready for chowing down in just 15 minutes. 

11. Christmas Leftovers Bread Bowl Sandwich

If you’ve never tried making muffulettas, let this be your sign to try this amazing Italian recipe. I promise you won’t regret it.

Muffuletta is not your average sandwich. You start by hollowing out a bread loaf and then stuffing it with all sorts of yummy ingredients. 

In this case, you stuff your bread bowl with holiday leftovers like turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and gravy. 

After a round in the oven, the flavors meld together, and the crust becomes super crispy. 

Feel free to add more ingredients that you think make sense. There are no rules when it comes to muffuletta!

12. Open-Faced Roast Beef Sandwiches

Open-faced sandwiches are the ultimate, fuss-free comfort food. They’re insanely easy to make and taste unreal.

This recipe shows you how to make an open-faced sandwich.

It’s covered with mashed potatoes, slow-cooker roast beef, melted cheese, and a rich au jus sauce drizzled on top. 

You’ll need a knife and fork to eat this one.

13. Caprese Sandwich

This Caprese sandwich is bursting with fresh flavors and can cure the winter blues in a few bites.

It’s simple, elegant, and requires just a handful of ingredients.

Whether you need a quick lunch, dinner, or hor d’oeuvre, this crowd-pleasing recipe will serve you well.

14. Turkey Sandwich with Brie

Brie, turkey, and apple go together like three peas in a pod.

It’s the holy trinity of flavors, covering your taste buds’ need for something sweet, salty, and smoky.

This recipe takes this classic trio and sticks it between two slices of crispy bread.

It’s chock full of flavors that make one mouth-watering bite. 

15. Ham Cheddar Cranberry Melt

This cranberry melt sandwich is an effortless way to reuse leftover Christmas ham in the most delectable way.

Every time you chomp into this stacked sandwich, you can expect a trifecta of flavors.

This recipe only takes 20 minutes to make, so give it a try for a New Year’s eve snack. 

15 Best Christmas Sandwiches That Are Fun and Festive

These tasty Christmas sandwiches are perfect for the holidays! From tree-shaped to pinwheels to breakfast sandwiches for Christmas morning, you’ll love them all.


  • Christmas Tree Sandwiches

  • Christmas Pinwheel Sandwiches

  • Christmas Morning Breakfast Sandwiches

  • Christmas Cranberry Turkey Sandwich

  • Holiday Sandwich Wreath

  • Holiday Grilled Cheese

  • Vegan Holiday Sandwich with Savory Herb Dressing

  • Cranberry Ham Sliders

  • Turkey and Cranberry Panini

  • Christmas Leftovers Bread Bowl Sandwich

  • Open-Faced Roast Beef Sandwiches

  • Caprese Sandwich

  • Turkey Sandwich with Brie

  • Ham Cheddar Cranberry Melt


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a Christmas sandwich in 30 minutes or less!
Christmas Sandwiches

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