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10 Festive Christmas Milkshakes You’ll Love

From wrapping gifts on Christmas eve to a sweet treat on Boxing Day, you can’t go wrong with these rich, creamy, and indulgent Christmas milkshakes!

Sorry eggnog, but these are the only creamy drinks I’ll enjoy this holiday season!

Refreshing Christmas Milkshake with Chocolates
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I know milkshakes are usually summer treats best served with a burger and fries.

But these holiday-inspired shakes are the perfect way to celebrate this winter.

Have them as a dessert, or make a batch as a special Christmas morning treat. Either way, these Christmas milkshakes are sure to be a hit!

10 Holiday-Inspired Milkshake Recipes You Need To Try

1. Disney Frozen Themed Milkshake Recipe

I know Frozen isn’t technically a holiday movie, but you can’t say this one doesn’t look like a Winter Wonderland in a glass!

You’ll blend vanilla ice cream with milk, coconut extract, and food coloring.

Rim the top of the glass with frosting, then dip it in coconut flakes for a super cute finish that pairs so well with the icy blue of the shake.

Top it with whipped cream, and dig in!

2. Christmas Elf Shake

As the name suggests, this one looks kind of like one of Santa’s elves. It’s super cute, super sweet, and so delish!

Between the vanilla ice cream and cream cheese, it’s like a decedent cheesecake in milkshake form. 

Rim the glass with vanilla icing and garnish with red and green sprinkles to make it pretty and festive. 

3. Eggnog Milkshake

Eggnog: you either love it or you hate it.

But this gorgeous eggnog drink is sure to please everyone – even avid ‘nog haters!

You’ll blend ready-made eggnog (with or without booze) with creamy vanilla ice cream to make it extra rich and creamy.

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Garnish it with cinnamon, whipped cream, and gingersnaps for a nice hint of crunchy warmth. 

4. Snickerdoodle Milkshake

Snickerdoodles are a staple in my house during the holidays. The sweet cinnamon cookie just screams Christmas!

And this milkshake does, too, thanks to the cookie blended right into the shake!

It brings such a fun texture and plenty of added flavor.

I like to drizzle salted caramel into the glass before pouring in the shake. It adds such a nice salty-sweet note.

Oh, and don’t forget the whipped cream! 

5. Candy Cane Crunch Milkshake

This candy cane crunch milkshake is for peppermint fanatics only.

Every inch of this refreshing holiday treat incorporates peppermint in some capacity. 

You’ll use peppermint vanilla ice cream with peppermint extract that’s light, creamy, and refreshing. 

Then, you’ll top it with fluffy whipped cream and crushed candy canes.

There’s nothing subtle about the peppermint flavors in this delightful candy can crunch milkshake. And I’m so here for it!

6. Boozy Grinch Milkshake

Maybe if the Grinch had one of these milkshakes on Christmas Eve, he wouldn’t have been so darn grumpy!

This boozy shake is light, refreshing, and delightfully potent.

You’ll love the mix of marshmallow cream and vanilla ice cream. And the peppermint schnapps gives it just the right amount of warmth.

One sip and your heart will definitely grow three sizes.  

Keep in mind that these milkshakes are just for adults. If you want to whip up some kid-friendly options, omit the peppermint schnapps. 

7. Gingerbread House Milkshakes

Nothing says “it’s the holidays” more than gingerbread. But this gingerbread house milkshake is too good to believe!

It pairs vanilla ice cream with rich gingerbread flavors from cinnamon, ginger, and ginger snap cookies. 

But let’s be honest, that’s not why this is a show-stopper!

You’ll decorate the glass with gingerbread cookies, gumdrops, and more. The sky’s the limit, so have fun with it!

8. Melted Olaf Milkshake

If you have a lot of kids stopping by, nothing will delight them more than these adorable melted Olaf milkshakes. 

Make the ice cream yourself with heavy whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla extract.

Then, the fun assembly begins. 

Used tempered chocolate for the arms and candy eyes and whipped cream for poor Olaf’s melted head.

And for the nose? A real carrot!

If you’re lucky, some kids may even eat his carrot nose. But you could use chocolate or marzipan if you prefer.

These funny milkshakes take a little extra effort but are well worth the time. 

9. Holiday Pie Milkshakes

Got a ton of leftover pumpkin pie?

Instead of having it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, why not try this fun pie shake?

You heard me right; this milkshake recipe pairs creamy vanilla ice cream with pumpkin pie!

After a quick spin in the blender, it’s super thick, insanely flavorful, and loaded with fantastic texture.

Garnish your festive creation with whipped cream, gooey caramel sauce, a dash of cinnamon, and a light sprinkle of salt. Wow!

10. The Best Peppermint Milkshake

As a self-proclaimed peppermint fanatic, I can’t get enough of this peppermint shake.

It’s a pretty simple combination of vanilla ice cream, milk, and peppermint extract, along with whipped cream and crushed candy canes for garnish.

But every sip is cool, creamy, and to die for!

The coloring is optional, but I adore the pink hue on this one. That said, it’ll be just as tasty without it!

10 Festive Christmas Milkshakes You’ll Love

From wrapping gifts on Christmas eve to a sweet treat on Boxing Day, you can’t go wrong with these rich, creamy, and indulgent Christmas milkshakes!


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  • Prep a delicious Christmas milkshake in 30 minutes or less!
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