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30 Easy Chocolate Desserts for Easter

You’re already surrounded by eggs and candy, so why not go all out and make some fun chocolate desserts for Easter?

From cakes and cookies to dreamy creme brûlée, these tasty treats are sure to wow!

Sweet Chocolate Cupcakes for Easter
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No matter how you celebrate, chances are your Easter Sunday will feature a family feast and plenty of goodies!

And while you’re liking drowning in chocolate eggs already, you still need some kind of dessert on the table, right?

So there’s no better way to enjoy time with friends and family than these indulgent, kid-approved chocolate desserts for Easter.


Best Ever Easter Chocolate Recipes

1. Ultimate Easter Chocolate Cake

Let’s get started with a bang, shall we?

After all, this is a list of the best Easter desserts. So it might as well start with the Ultimate Easter cake.

Don’t let the picture scare you away – it’s super easy to make. You’ll only need ten simple ingredients and half an hour to whip it up. 

It’s really just a double-layered, double chocolate cake with some fancy Easter toppings.

Better yet, you can buy all the toppings ready-made. That way, all you have to do is position them on top.

Like I said: it’s super easy!

2. Salted Caramel Easter Tart 

This candy egg-covered tart is one of my favorite Easter desserts ever.

It features a buttery shortbread crust and an indulgent chocolate filling with plenty of crunchy eggs on top.

Plus, there’s a hidden layer of salted caramel that’s to die for. Every bite is a rich, sweet-n-salty mouthful that’ll delight your taste buds. 

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3. Chocolate Coconut Easter Cake

Why choose between chocolate cake and coconut cake when you can have both?

This moist, fluffy dessert combines the best of both in one spectacular homemade treat.

You’ll start with a pillowy soft chocolate cake. Then, you’ll top it with sweet and tangy coconut cream cheese icing.

It is the perfect blend of rich chocolate and refreshing coconut, and the added coconut on top even looks like a nest for the mini Cadbury eggs.

An extra bit of cuteness is always a good thing!

4. Chocolate Almond Butter Easter Eggs

These are similar to Reese’s peanut butter Easter eggs.

But as the name suggests, you’ll use almond butter instead of peanut. They’re still rich, chocolatey, and nutty, though. 

And you could technically use any kind of nut butter. So feel free to experiment with cashew, sunflower, or even pistachio butter!

Either way, the white chocolate drizzle gives them a little extra pizzazz. 

5. Chocolate Easter Cake

Easter decorations aside, this cake is the bomb.

It’s two layers of fluffy chocolate cake separated by decadent, silky smooth chocolate filling. What could be simpler (or more delicious) than that?

It’s a wonderfully fudgy cake with a robust double-chocolate flavor, and you could serve it for practically any occasion.

The decorations are where you make it Easter-themed.

Featuring plenty of Cadbury mini eggs scattered across the top, it’s an effortless way to achieve the right look.

That said, you could add any decorations to this, and it’ll still be crazy delish. After the first bite, no one will care how it looks anyway. 

6. Easter Rocky Road

Looking for something super simple to make for Easter dinner? It’s hard to beat a no-cook dessert that requires fewer than ten ingredients. 

Easter rocky road is a colorful, chunky, and crunchy treat with dark and milk chocolate, coconut, marshmallows, and Cadbury eggs.

They’re sure to be a hit with everyone, no matter how young or old.

7. Easter Peeps S’mores Dip

Whether or not Peeps are your thing, you need to try this recipe. It takes those colorful marshmallow goodies to a whole new level.

And let’s be honest, they’re always leftover when Easter is done. So why not find a fun, tasty use for them?

It’s essentially a s’mores dip, only with colorful, festive Peeps instead of regular marshmallows.

The taste and texture are still the same. And it’s still got plenty of gooey chocolate and Graham Crackers.

And it’s effortless to make.

8. Chocolate Easter Trifle

I love any and all Easter trifle recipes.

They’re rich, sweet, and surprisingly versatile. Plus, you can make this big and bold, or in smaller portions as you see fit.

So try this chocolate recipe this year and watch as it disappears.

9. Easter Eggs Chocolate Truffles

You can’t hide these Easter eggs in the yard. But luckily, they’re sure to be a massive hit anyway.

They require just three ingredients and about 20 minutes of your time. And they’re so easy that even the kiddos can make them.

10. Easter Mini Egg Chocolate Cake

Here’s a gluten-free cake that tastes as good as it looks. It’s moist and rich, and no one will realize it’s gluten-free (I won’t tell if you don’t!). 

The cake itself is tasty enough for any occasion. Add a simple frosting, and you’ll be in chocolate cake heaven.

Of course, you’ll want to make it more memorable for Easter. So be sure to add the whipped cream and Cadbury eggs to the top!

11. Easter Egg Peanut Butter Candies 

Need a homemade dessert that everyone is sure to love? Then, whip up these copycat Reese’s peanut butter eggs.

They taste just like the real thing but have that extra ‘made with love’ touch.

Better yet, you can modify these with some extras. For example, a simple layer of salted caramel will make you swoon!

12. Chocolate Madeleines

How stinkin’ cute are these little cakes?

You could make these soft, fluffy Madeleines for Easter, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day.

Their elegant appearance and simply sweet flavor make them perfect for any occasion.

And despite their intricate appearance, they aren’t challenging to make. As long as you have a heart-shaped baking pan, they’re no trouble.

Or, use the regular shape if that’s all you have. Either way, they’re delish!

13. Easter Chocolate Covered Strawberries

How do you turn strawberries into carrots? With orange candy melts, of course! 

These are the same vanilla-covered* strawberries we all know and love. The only difference is they’re orange and look like teensy carrots.

Serve them alone or in pudding cups for a juicy Easter treat.

*Note: The author calls them ‘chocolate-covered.’ However, orange candy melts aren’t chocolate and have more of a vanilla flavor.

14. Easter Brownies

Want to make your favorite fudgy brownies ten times better? Add some chocolate eggs to the batter!

These brownies have a chocolate egg surprise inside each one, making them beyond indulgent.

Seriously, one small piece is more than enough!

15. Triple Chocolate Easter Cake

Just when you thought double chocolate cake was as good as it gets, this triple chocolate cake enters the mix!

It features layers of moist chocolate cake separated by a luxurious white chocolate buttercream.

Add chocolate truffle eggs and coconut on top, and you’re all set!

It’s lots of chocolate, and the sugary coconut pairs flawlessly with it. 

You’ll love this one so much that you’ll want to make it for every special occasion.

Fortunately, you easily can. With some tweaks to the decorations, it’s an excellent fit for any holiday. 

16. Easter Chocolate Lasagna

Chocolate lasagna is just a fancy name for a straightforward, no-bake dessert.

There are no elaborate ingredients or methods. Just a crunchy, buttery Oreo crust topped with cream cheese and chocolate pudding.

There’s even Cool Whip on top! 

You’ll need to make it several hours in advance to give it time to set. However, it only requires about 30 minutes of hands-on work.

So it’s ideal for busy holidays.

17. No-Bake Easter Rocky Road Bars

There’s a lot going on in these bars. They’re thick, fudgy, crunchy, sweet, smooth, fluffy, and more.

Every bite has new textures and flavors to experience.

But despite how complex they look and sound, they take just 15 minutes to make.

Let them chill for a couple of hours before serving and enjoy.

18. Easter Magic Cookie Bars

These cookie bars are a little less busy than the ones above. Fortunately, they taste just as scrumptious. 

Their buttery crusts and cookie-packed centers are chewy, gooey, and very good.

Plus, all the colorful pastel toppings make them ideal for Easter celebrations.

19. Mini Egg Chocolate Cheesecake

Do you love cheesecake as much as I do? (Of course, you do! Who doesn’t, right?)

Do you also love chocolate? (Another no-brainer! You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.)

So trust me when I say you’ll go bananas for this mini egg chocolate cheesecake! After all, who can resist a little bit of chocolate and cream cheese goodness? 

Its gorgeous appearance is sure to wow the crowd, too. That makes it an all-around win in my book.

20. Quick Chocolate Bread

What’s not to love about a thick loaf of chocolate bread? Nothing, as far as I know.

This moist, fluffy bread is unbelievably good. It’ll also make your house smell fantastic while cooking. 

Oh, and it’s also a quickbread recipe, so it won’t take much longer than an hour to complete.

Serve it for brunch, Easter dessert, or a sweet breakfast treat. It tastes great at any meal.

21. Easter Egg Chocolate Cupcakes

These tasty cupcakes are light, spongy, and full of chocolatey yumminess. They’re also easy to make and entirely festive. 

Add some Cadbury mini eggs on top of the frosting, and voila! You’ll instantly transform them from regular chocolate cupcakes to Easter chocolate cupcakes. 

22. Chocolate Macaroon Nests

Macaroons already look kind of like little nests. So all you need is to add some colorful jelly beans to complete the look.

These are chewy and chocolatey, with just enough coconut to make them perfect.

Best of all, you can whip up two dozen in less than 30 minutes. (You’re welcome!)

23. Chocolate Orange Brownies

The full name of this recipe is “Gluten-free Easter Chocolate Orange Brownies with Terry’s Chocolate Orange Mini Eggs.”

Yeah. It’s a mouthful in more ways than one!

That’s why I just call them chocolate orange brownies. They’re thick, super fudgy, and chock-full of crunchy chocolate eggs. 

Don’t be fooled by the name, though. The orange takes a back seat to all that chocolate.

Meanwhile, the eggs provide a delightful crunch you’ll love.

24. Easter Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

This luscious cheesecake features a crunchy crust and a silky smooth filling. It’s sweet, tangy, and chocolatey to the max. 

However, this one uses full-size Terry’s chocolate oranges, so it does have a citrusy kick.

Additionally, the mini ones on top give it some crunch. Yum!

25. Coconut Macaroon Nutella Nests

Here’s another fun recipe for coconut macaroon nests.

These are more coconutty and nutty-nutty than those above, thanks to the Nutella in the mix.

There’s also a slight chocolate flavor that rounds it all out wonderfully.

26. Easter Nest Chocolate Baked Donuts

Biting into these baked chocolate donuts is like biting into a cloud. They’re so soft and light, and the smooth icing on top makes them even softer. 

Adding crunchy chocolate eggs to the top provides a nice bit of contrast.

It also has the bonus of making them look like tiny nests. (As many of these recipes do). 

They take a bit of time to make, but you’ll need fewer than ten ingredients. And who can resist a donut?

27. Mini Egg Tiramisu

This recipe is essential standard tiramisu with Cadbury eggs included for a festive treat.

So, it’s rich and chocolatey with the robust flavor of coffee underneath – just like you’d expect from this luxurious dessert.

Serve it without the eggs for any other occasion. Plop the eggs on top to make it festive for Easter. How easy is that?

28. Mini Egg Blondies

Like the one above, this blondie recipe is pretty standard. It just has the added fun of Cadbury mini eggs! 

Tender and melt-in-your-mouth soft, they’re like thick cookies. And the eggs add some crunch to the mix that’s always welcome.

29. Easter No Bake Chocolate Pie

This elaborate pie may be the prettiest dessert on the list. Luckily, it’s much easier to make than it looks. 

It features a luscious, silky inner layer and a crunchy Oreo crust. The topping is cool, light, and refreshing.

When all that’s ready, you just have to worry about decorating!  

And that part’s all up to you, Boo. Stick to the examples shown here or showcase your own individual style.

30. Chocolate Marbled Italian Easter Bread

This bread is more than just marbled. It’s also braided into an elaborate and gorgeous “nest” for a dyed Easter egg. 

It’s a stunning treat that’s as impressive to look at as it is to eat.

Furthermore, it isn’t overly sweet, so it won’t leave you feeling heavy after a slice or two.

30 Easy Chocolate Easter Dessert Collection

You’re already surrounded by eggs and candy, so why not go all out and make some fun chocolate desserts for Easter? These tasty treats are sure to wow!


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious chocolate dessert for Easter in 30 minutes or less!
Chocolate Desserts for Easter

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