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20 Best White Chocolate Desserts

Unlike dark chocolate, which can be slightly bitter and very intense, these white chocolate desserts are sweet and creamy. 

Since it doesn’t contain any cocoa solids, white chocolate has a much different flavor profile, making it much more luscious and palatable to some people. 

White Chocolate Blondies with Ice Cream and Nuts
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As far as desserts go, I don’t think you can beat something with white chocolate.

As much as I love something rich and dark, it can be overwhelming in some cases. 

With white chocolate, the other flavors can shine through, and raspberry is always a great choice, as is caramel!

Just because you’re using white chocolate doesn’t mean you can’t have the same great desserts!

This list of 20 wonderful white chocolate desserts has everything from brownies to s’mores!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get baking!

1. No-Bake White Chocolate S’Mores Bars

There are so many things I love in that title!

No-bake means no need to turn the oven on, and, better yet, you won’t have to wait as long for anything to cool down before you can dig in!

White chocolate s’mores are extra sweet, and the Golden Grahams add terrific texture to the mix. 

2. White Chocolate Brownies (Blondies)

Blondies are heaven-sent, thick, decadent, and impossible to resist. 

You honestly won’t believe the texture of these babies. They’re so incredibly fudgy; you won’t be able to stop at one!

As with any of these recipes, it’s vital to start with premium quality chocolate.

White chocolate can be especially fickle, and the cheap stuff is likely to burn when you try to melt it. 

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You might also find it won’t melt at all but rather seizes into a lumpy mess. So splurge on the good stuff – you won’t regret it!

3. Raspberry White Chocolate Bars

The reason I love this pairing so much is half to do with the stunning colors and half how the tart and fruity berries complement the creamy white chocolate. 

Not to mention, I’m kind of obsessed with shortbread, so this is the trifecta of yumminess!

The drizzle is made with a simple white chocolate ganache so that it will set beautifully, but it won’t crack when you cut your slices. 

White Chocolate Mousse

4. White Chocolate Mousse

This recipe is pretty standard, using egg yolks to help the mousse set and also for added richness. 

To make this extra fluffy, you’ll whip up the eggs until they’re impossibly pale and doubled in size.

Then, you’ll temper them by streaming in hot cream. 

Lastly, you’ll fold whipped cream through the chilled mousse to make it super light and airy. 

5. White Chocolate Fudge Recipe

I have to admit; I mainly made this because of how cute it looks with those colorful sprinkles folded through!

You’ll want to use a double-boiler for this, gently heating the chocolate and condensed milk until lovely and smooth. 

If you want to add sprinkles to the fudge itself, and not just on the top.

I recommend putting half of the fudge in the pan and sprinkling it with your colored morsels. Then add the rest of the mix. 

You’ll see some streaking, but it will be less than if you mixed it with a spoon.

White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

6. White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Cookies

Between the chewy cookie, creamy chocolate, and buttery macadamia nuts, these might just be the perfect cookie.

To be sure these don’t spread too much, be sure to chill them before you bake, and always use a mix of white and brown sugar for the best texture and flavor. 

7. White Chocolate Raspberry Swirled Cheesecake

Cheesecake is, hands-down, my favorite dessert. I like it plain or swirled with something fruity and colorful. 

What’s better than vibrant pink raspberry peeking through? This is a baked cheesecake, making it extra dense and creamy!

8. White Chocolate Blondies

I like to think of blondies as extra thick cookie slices. They’re made using the same ingredients and are extra big and sinful. 

These are gorgeous, pale, and very sweet. I like to add toffee chips or chopped-up caramels to mine for some added flavor. 

9. White Chocolate Peppermint Bark

You can’t deny how great this looks – and smells! – with the white chocolate and bright candy canes crushed over the top. 

But you can so easily modify this for non-Christmas celebrations. Instead of candy canes, why not try Reese’s Pieces or mini-M&Ms.

Or, if you can find seasonal sprinkles, you can make this for Valentine’s Day, Easter, or St. Patrick’s Day.

10. White Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

I like variety, so I always make some dark and some white when I make chocolate-covered strawberries. 

Both taste amazing, and it’s just nice to have a mix for guests.

It’s critical here to have premium quality chocolate since you need it perfectly smooth for dipping.

11. White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

Just like raspberries pop against white chocolate, cranberries look amazing in these cookies. 

Though they’re not as sweet, dried cranberries add such a wonderfully chewy texture to the mix that I just love. 

12. White Chocolate Cranberry Tart

This might look straight out of a food magazine, but you can throw this little tart together in just 30 minutes!

The nutty, oaty crust is the perfect balance of crunchy and tender, and I love the cranberry jelly on the bottom. 

The great thing about the cashew and white chocolate layer is that it gets poured right into the crust and will set perfectly smooth for an Insta-worthy finish!

13. Pomegranate White Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Pomegranate might take a bit longer to eat, but it’s full of goodness and bursting with flavor. 

If you’re looking for something a little different, these cookies are a great mix of fruity and chocolatey, and your guests will love them.

14. Homemade White Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is fantastic in the winter, but it’s nice to change things up when you can. 

This stunning, white, sweet, creamy drink is a great alternative when you want something warm on a chilly night. 

15. Potato Chip Clusters

If you like salty-sweet treats, this is a must-make!

Instead of painstakingly dipping chips in dark chocolate, with this recipe, you’ll fold the chips with the chocolate and some nuts.

That way, you’ll get bigger clusters, like candies, and it takes half the time. 

16. White Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes

I’ve always reached for strawberry over chocolate – be it ice cream or milkshakes.

It’s partly the taste, but I just can’t resist that stunning pink!

These cupcakes are so elegant and have a lovely pink hue. Plus, they’re entirely homemade! 

The cupcakes have a wonderful strawberry flavor, and the cake is super light and tender.

But it’s the frosting I can’t get enough of. You’ll use freeze-dried berries for maximum flavor!

17. No-Bake White Chocolate Rice Krispie Squares

As much as I love Rice Krispie treats for their sweet and sticky finish, I have to admit that these are so much more appealing to me. 

Using white chocolate adds fantastic creaminess, and it helps the whole thing set.

But don’t worry, there are plenty of mini-marshmallows inside, so it’s still nice and chewy.

18. White Chocolate Banana Bread

If you’ve never tried caramelized white chocolate, you’re missing out!

It tastes sweet and like a heavenly blend of white chocolate and dreamy caramel – no fancy chef tricks required!

How do you achieve this? Just top your banana bread with top-quality white chocolate that will almost toast on top of the bread as it bakes. 

Just be sure to get something top quality, or it will likely just burn in the oven.

19. Raspberry White Chocolate Scones

Looking for something extra special to serve at the next book club? Why not try these beautiful and vibrant scones?

We all love scones, and as much as I’m a purest and think they’re best with raisins, I can’t deny how fantastic these are.

You can use fresh or frozen raspberries for this (or strawberries if you prefer).

Just be sure you don’t overwork the dough, or your scones will come out flat and dense. 

20. White Chocolate Caramel Slice

I definitely saved the best ‘til last! These are too good to resist, and I’ll admit now, I eat two at a time!

It starts with a brown sugar and coconut base, which gets baked until just golden, followed by a super simple caramel that just needs a bit of attention.

Finally, there’s a thick layer of white chocolate on top, making this very much like a traditional millionaire’s shortbread recipe.

20 Best White Chocolate Dessert Collection


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White Chocolate Desserts

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