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23 Best Chinese Sausage Recipes and Ideas

From the fresh pork, chicken, and livers to the sweet-savory flavor, these quick and easy Chinese sausage recipes are truly something special.

These dried (uncooked) links are super unique, so get your hands on some if you can, and let’s get cooking!

Spicy Chinese Pork Sausage and Vegetable Salad
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Sausages are a staple in Asian cuisine, and the word actually encompasses many different types and tastes. 

But one thing’s for sure; these Chinese sausage recipes are all winners!

Between the stir fries and egg dishes, I know you’ll want to try them all. So indulge your taste buds and experiment with new flavors today!

Easy Chinese Sausage and Rice Recipe and More!

1. Chinese Sausage and Rice

This delightful combination of flavors creates a savory delight that’s been enjoyed for generations. 

The smokiness of the sausage is perfectly complemented by the nutty flavor of the cooked rice. And they make this super unique and unforgettable. 

If you’re someone who craves simple yet sophisticated meals, this is perfect for you.

2. Chinese Sausage Spaghetti

If you’re in the mood for a fusion of Chinese and Italian, give this dish a try.

It combines the uniquely intense flavor of Chinese sausage with traditional Italian ingredients like pecorino cheese, parsley, and spaghetti. 

The result? A deeply flavorful and complex dinner that’s impossible to resist.

The spicy sweetness of the meat and the slight bitterness from the cheese create a balance I know you’ll find addictive!

3. Lo Mein Noodles with Chinese Sausage and Gai Lan

Want to step up your takeout-at-home game? Try this lo mein with Chinese sausage recipe!

The slurpable noodles with the crispy sausage and umami-rich sauce are so good, you’ll want seconds before you’re done!

And the Gai Lan? Oh man, Chinese broccoli is a serious game-changer. 

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It’s vibrant and bright with a wonderfully crisp flavor that contrasts the smoky character of the Chinese sausage flawlessly. 

4. Chinese Sausage Fried Rice

Chinese sausage fried rice is an explosion of flavors and textures, and it couldn’t be easier to recreate.

You’ll sauté the veggies and spices, then add the juicy Chinese sausage. 

One key thing to remember when making fried rice is to use cooked, cold rice. If you use freshly-made, hot rice, it’ll turn to mush.

That’s why I always make extra rice and keep it in the fridge! So I can have fried rice whenever the midnight cravings strike.

5. Cantonese Pork Siu Mai with Chinese Sausages

What could make a Chinese sausage dish better? More pork, of course!

These Cantonese-style dumplings are too good to miss. The open-style dim sum dish is soft, meaty, and seasoned to the max.

I like to make double (or triple) and freeze them for later.

Of course, they do take a little time to make. But if you put The Last of Us on the TV, you’ll have a few batches ready to go before they even leave the QZ.

6. Chinese Sausage and Rice with Sweet Soy Sauce

This simple recipe requires just a few common ingredients but produces an extraordinary culinary delight. 

From the spicy-sweet sausage to the rice and sweet sauce, the marriage of flavors is truly remarkable! 

You’ll love the fragrant garlic and crispy shallots. The only thing missing (in my opinion) is a runny fried egg on top! Yum!

7. Snow Peas with Chinese Sausage

Snow peas with Chinese sausage is a simple yet delicious dish that combines interesting flavors and textures. 

Crispy, crunchy snow peas are super fresh and lightly sweet. And I love the bright colors they bring to your plate.

Mix them with salty Chinese sausage, ginger, and garlic, and you’ve got a tasty dinner in a flash. 

Serve over steamed white or brown rice for a satisfying bite.

8. Chinese Sausage and Green Beans

Chinese sausage and green beans is a simple yet delicious recipe loaded with savory flavors and lots of crunchy goodness. 

The sausage adds a hearty, umami note that’s perfectly balanced by sweet-tangy green beans.

And while the seasoning is subtle, it’s enough to add complexity without overwhelming your palate. 

Serve with sticky white rice for a delightful meal.

9. Chinese Sticky Rice 

Speaking of sticky rice: this Chinese sticky rice recipe has quickly become my new go-to late-night meal.

But unlike regular fried rice, you’ll need uncooked, short-grain glutinous rice for this one. Also known as ‘sweet rice’, it’s available in most Asian grocery stores.

The only caveat is that you’ll need to soak it for a few hours before you make the recipe. But I promise it’s worth it!

10. Instant Pot Chinese Sausage Rice

This deceptively easy recipe packs a real flavor punch. 

The savory taste and aroma of umami sauces coupled with fragrant ingredients like shiitake mushrooms and water chestnuts are complex but effortless to pull off.

I suggest pairing this flavorful dish with roasted vegetables or a fresh garden salad for a complete meal.

11. Chinese Sausage and Chicken in Soy Sauce

Savory sausage, juicy chicken, and rich soy sauce in one bowl? Yes, please!

It’s meaty, salty, and umami-rich. What more could you ask for in a quick dinner?

And did I mention the dried shiitake mushrooms? They bring wonderful earthiness, and in this rich dish, it’s very welcome.

Serve with noodles or steamed rice, and you’re all set.

12. Cantonese Steamed Chicken with Lap Cheong Sausage

Here’s another dish featuring succulent chicken and smoky sausage, only it’s brightened up with fragrant Shaoxing wine. 

You’ll blend the wine with soy sauce, sesame oil, white pepper, and cornflour, then coat the chicken and set it aside to marinate.

It doesn’t sound like much, but it gives you a wallop of flavor!

13. Easy Lap Cheong Omelette

Ideal for breakfast, brunch, or dinner, this omelette with Chinese sausage is hearty, protein-packed, and ready in a flash.

You’ll have it on a plate in less than 15 minutes (from start to finish), so it’s perfect for busy weeknights.

Serve it with freshly toasted sourdough bread and lots of butter. Delish!

14. Chinese Cabbage Stir-Fry

Stir fries are the ultimate in quick, versatile dinners, and this one with cabbage is my new obsession.

It’s got a delightful nutty aroma and an exquisite mix of salty and sweet flavors that burst on your tongue. 

Better yet, it’s so easy, even novice chefs can have it ready in no time.

15. Char Kway Teow

This is a popular Southeast Asian recipe that infuses sweet, salty, and spicy notes into one flavor bomb of a dish.

The ingredients bring out the best flavors and complement each other so well.

You’ll get a hint of sweetness from the Chinese sausage slices and plenty of succulent notes from the prawns.

Meanwhile, the salty notes from the thick soy sauce will coat your tongue in the best way.

16. Aglio Olio Spaghetti with Chinese Sausage

Here’s another Italian-Chinese fusion that’s so tasty, everyone will ask for more.

The garlic-butter sauce is a nice change from the usual salty dressings. And it plays deliciously against the sausage.

Serve it with green vegetables or a fresh salad on the side.

17. Steamed Lap Cheong with Five Treasure Fried Rice

This isn’t your average bowl of fried rice!

As the name suggests, it’s a treasure trove of tastes, textures, colors, and more.

Between the lap cheong sausage, eggs, juicy prawns, tender chicken, and cashews, it’s overflowing with nutrients and protein.

Throw in some shitake mushrooms, jasmine rice, red pepper, and green peas, and you’ve got one helluva hearty meal!

18. Chinese Sausage Fried Rice

Smoky sausage with sweet onions and soft white rice is just what you need after a long day.

Serve this as is, with an egg on top or even on the side of your favorite Chinese entree. You can’t go wrong either way!

19. Cabbage, Mushroom, and Lap Cheong Stir Fry

If you’re looking for a delicious and unique take on the classic stir fry, try this recipe!

It’s super easy to make and mixes garlicky mushrooms with smoky lap cheong for a truly mouthwatering combination. 

Crispy cabbage completes the dish with a satisfying crunch, adding a delightful texture to the mix.

20. Lap Cheong Brussels Sprouts

I love roasted Brussels sprouts with a bit of butter and salt.

But I seriously can’t resist them when they’re roasted with meaty bacon. So this recipe really called my name!

And while you do have to render the fat out of the sausage, which can take some time, you’ll use it to pan-fry the sprouts.

That infuses them with a ton of flavor!

21. Chinese Sausage Buns (Lop Cheung Bao)

Bao buns are super soft and fluffy. And usually, they’re served kind of like tacos, with a slit in the top and lots of textural fillings.

But this one turns the bun into a fun casing, making a fun hot dog-like dish I know you’ll love.

I know it’s not traditional, but I like to brush them with a small amount of butter and add a sprinkling of sesame seeds. Yum!

22. Lo Bak Koh (Radish Cake)

This delightful Cantonese dish is most often served for Chinese New Year and symbolizes good fortune – especially if eaten on the first day of the New Year.

You’ll find this radish cake in most dim sum restaurants, and it’s a very popular breakfast dish in Singapore.

The basic recipe features grated radish, rice flour, seasonings, garlic, pickled radish, soy sauce, chili paste, and eggs.

But for a more lux version, you can also add dried shrimp or lap cheong sausages.

23. Bo Bia

What could be better than crispy rice paper, delicious Chinese sausage, and creamy eggs? 

This mouthwatering dish combines all these flavorful ingredients for an unforgettable taste experience. 

Bo Bia is the perfect anytime snack, whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast on the go or a satisfying appetizer to share with friends. 

While the Chinese sausage adds a hint of spice, the egg adds the perfect amount of creaminess to balance everything out.

23 Best Chinese Sausage Recipes and Ideas

From the fresh pork, chicken, and livers to the sweet-savory flavor, these quick and easy Chinese sausage recipes are truly something special.


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Chinese Sausage Recipes

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