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17 Chicken and Cream Cheese Recipes We Love

Are you looking for an irresistible and easy new dinner recipe?

From taquitos to croissants, these 17 chicken and cream cheese recipes are sure to hit the spot.

Chicken Breast with Creamy Cheese Sauce
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Cream cheese is smooth, luxurious, and rich. It’s impossible to resist!

Pair that with juicy, meaty chicken, and you’ve got one helluva meal.

Whether you need a quick weeknight dish or a comforting Sunday dinner, I’ve got you covered.

There’s a chicken and cream cheese recipe here for everyone. So, let’s get cooking!  

Cream Cheese Chicken and More!

1. Crockpot Fiesta Ranch Cream Cheese Chicken

Crockpot meals are always a win in my book. Simply dump in your ingredients, cook, and enjoy! 

With a zesty, creamy sauce, this chicken is simple and scrumptious!

Plus, you can use it in all kinds of recipes once it’s ready.

From tacos and enchiladas to salads galore, this is a staple in my kitchen. So make a big batch and prep all your protein in one pot!

2. Easy Cream Cheese Chicken

Easy dinners are a must for busy weeknights.

And there’s no need to resort to premade meals, thanks to this one recipe you’ll make over and over!

You are just ten ingredients away from an irresistible chicken dinner. And this creamy mushroom chicken is excellent no matter how you dish it.

3. Cheesy Chicken Spinach Bake

Even the pickiest of eaters will ask for a second serve with chicken like this. One bite and you may never eat spinach any other way.

This keto-friendly chicken is mouthwatering and insanely easy to recreate.

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Chicken thighs are baked in a bath of spinach and cream cheese, and loaded with mozzarella to boot.

Cheesy, warm, and easy? What’s not to love?

4. Five Spice Cream Cheese Chicken

If you have 30 minutes and a hankering for hearty food, look no further. This is one of those recipes that’ll warm your soul from the inside out. 

The only thing that makes luxurious cream sauce better is a balance of spice. And the five-spice in this recipe does just that!

There’s a hint of Asian flair to this recipe, but it’s the cheesy goodness that’ll keep you coming back for more.

5. Baked Cream Cheese Chicken Taquitos

These taquitos are a late-night staple in my house. Finger foods are all the more satisfying after the sun goes down, don’t you think?

And when it’s Mexican chicken, it’s downright irresistible. 

Simply mix the chicken, cheeses, and salsa, then roll inside the tortillas. After baking, serve with salsa, sour cream, or enjoy as they are!

Do yourself a favor and make a double batch. These are perfect to freeze and bake later when the cravings hit.

6. Bacon, Cream Cheese, Cheddar Chicken

Simplicity can be so sophisticated. And it doesn’t get much simpler than bacon, cheese, and chicken.

This creamy and savory chicken recipe is perfect for eaters of all ages.

Made with just four ingredients you’re sure to have on hand, this is about as easy as it gets!

7. Creamy Garlic Chicken Breasts 

If I were a superhero, garlic and caramelized onions would surely be my kryptonite.

Add in juicy chicken and creamy sauce, and I’m done for.

This recipe features perfectly balanced flavors in a thick and rich sauce…what more need I say?

Don’t sacrifice your precious time over complicated dinners. With recipes like this, you’ll feel like a five-star chef in no time! 

8. Baked Crack Chicken Breasts

If the name didn’t clue you in, this recipe is addictive.

This is one of those meals your family will ask for time and time again. But you won’t mind because this is one of the easiest recipes around!

This chicken and cream cheese recipe includes bacon and Ranch seasoning. Mix, bake, and drool!

You can also make this in an Instant Pot for a fabulous dinner in a flash!

9. Everything Cream Cheese Chicken

Everything bagel seasoning has taken the internet by storm, and for good reason.

From meats to salads, it’s delicious on more than just bagels! And this recipe has so many delicious flavors all in one.

First, load chicken breasts with herb and garlic cream cheese. Then roll in a breadcrumb and everything bagel seasoning blend. 

I may not know all those viral dance moves, but this is one TikTok trend I can get behind!

10. Herb-Stuffed Chicken and Cream Cheese Recipe

These stuffed chicken breasts are my go-to for entertaining. They’re easy, succulent, and always a crowd-pleaser. 

Combine fresh herbs and cream cheese and stuff into sliced chicken breasts.

How easy is that?

11. Chicken Cream Cheese Croissants

Flakey Pillsbury Croissants are one canned dough I can’t resist. Afterall, they’re loved by all and easy to use in so many recipes!

This is a kid-friendly chicken recipe that’s easy to throw together any time of day! Six ingredients and simple directions make for an unbeatable recipe.

Stir up diced green onions and bell peppers with cream cheese and shredded chicken. Then, stuff it all into croissants and bake!

12. Million Dollar Chicken Bake

The title says it all. This chicken bake is worth its weight in gold!

Cream cheese and mayo make for an ultra-creamy and rich sauce. The bacon, chives, and colby jack cheese are just the cherry on top!

Freeze and bake later, or bake and enjoy. Either way you’ll love every bite!

13. Baked Creamy Mushroom Chicken

If you love mushrooms, this recipe is for you. And you can have it ready to serve in just a half an hour!

Even if you don’t crave mushrooms with dinner, this recipe may just change your mind.

The luxuriously rich sauce makes this recipe a winner in any kitchen.

Combine cream cheese, sour cream, onion, mushrooms, and spices. Then smother the chicken breasts and bake.

14. Bacon Wrapped Cream Cheese Stuffed Chicken

We all know bacon goes with everything. Bacon definitely goes with cheese and this chicken and cream cheese recipe is here to prove it.

You only need four ingredients to get this party started.

Flatten chicken breasts and spread a cream cheese and chive mixture over the surface.

Then, roll them up and wrap them with pre-cooked bacon. 

Trust me when I say this dish is scrumptious. Whether served for dinner or sliced for an easy chicken appetizer, it won’t last long. 

15. Easy Cream Cheese Chicken Enchiladas

Enchiladas are easy to make and even easier to eat!

And these babies have an irresistible three cheese twist, making them the ultimate cheesy chicken dinner.

Your family will devour this dish in no time. So be sure you make enough!

16. 15-Minute Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla

Quesadillas are super delicious with just a couple of ingredients.

But why settle for just cheese and chicken when you can make these? I mean, just look at that picture!

You’ll understand what I mean when you take that first bite. This easy recipe is loaded with cream cheese, rotisserie chicken, tomatoes, and greens. 

Gooey cheeses and chicken sandwiched in warm tortillas? My mouth is watering already. 

17. White Chicken Chili Recipe with Cream Cheese

This list would be incomplete without a hearty pot of white chili. Unlike regular chili that’s tomato-based, this one is rich and creamy.

If you happen to have shredded chicken on hand, this recipe will come together in a snap!

Combine chicken, beans, chilis, and seasoning in a pot of broth. Just don’t add the heavy cream and cream cheese until you’re ready to serve.

Top with avocados, tortilla chips, and sour cream for the best bowl of white chili ever!

17 Chicken and Cream Cheese Recipes We Love

Looking for an irresistible and easy new dinner recipe? From taquitos to croissants, these 17 chicken and cream cheese recipes are sure to hit the spot.


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Chicken and Cream Cheese Recipes

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