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17 Best Chaffle Recipes (Low-Carb)

Enjoy delicious waffles while sticking to the keto lifestyle with these chaffle recipes

The name chaffle comes from its own definition: cheese waffle.

The chaffle phenomenon is spreading like wildfire and you won’t see me complaining about it. 

Homemade Vegan Chaffle with Sour Cream
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I love how crispy these “waffles” get from all the cheese in the batter. Plus, chaffle recipes can be savory or sweet!

From meat and cheese to birthday cake, these recipes will have you hooked on chaffles. 

Whether you’re looking for breakfast or a sandwich bread alternative, these chaffle recipes are just what you need. 

1. Basic Keto Chaffles

If you’re going to venture down the road of chaffles, you have to start with the basics.

This simple chaffle recipe is easy and perfect for meal prep. 

This chaffle recipe only requires four ingredients and can be adapted or customized any way you like.

If you’re on a keto diet, this recipe will be your new best friend. 

Use this as a bread replacement since it only has 1.4 net carbs!

2. 2-Ingredient Chaffles

This chaffle recipe comes in at only 0.8 net carbs per serving. It’s hard to believe that something with so few ingredients can be so tasty.

For these chaffles, all you need is cheese and egg. It’s almost like turning an omelet into a waffle. Awesome!

Add some savory toppings to these keto-friendly waffles for a delicious low-carb breakfast, lunch, or snack.

3. Chaffles with Almond Flour

Adding almond flour to a basic chaffle recipe will create a fluffier waffle than without it.

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The almond flour also takes away some of the egg flavor. 

I love the more subtle flavor of mozzarella in these chaffles. You can substitute with cheddar if you prefer that sharpness.  

These chaffles are delicious with a little butter on top, or you can use them as the bread for a sandwich. Yum!

4. Keto Chocolate Chaffle

These chocolate chaffles are absolutely delicious. They’re great if you want a sweet breakfast, but they’re also fantastic for a keto dessert. 

These chocolate chaffles only have about 2 net carbs per serving, but they don’t taste like it. They’re crispy, chocolatey, and sweet. 

The fun part is topping these chocolate chaffles with all of your favorite keto toppings. 

5. Keto Strawberry Shortcake Chaffle

This strawberry shortcake chaffle is the perfect keto dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Plus, this dessert tastes just like a real strawberry shortcake. 

These shortcakes are bright and fruity with a wonderful creaminess from the whipped cream.

The chaffle is the perfect “cake” element to hold it all together. 

I love these and think they’re fantastic even if you aren’t on a keto diet. 

6. Grilled Cheese Chaffle

Okay, so a waffle made out of cheese and egg, turned into a grilled cheese.

You don’t have to tell me to eat cheese on cheese more than once!

These chaffles are so crispy from the cheese and ooey gooey on the inside.

I love using different cheese for the chaffle and the inside.

That way, you get different layers of flavor in one little keto-friendly grilled cheese. 

7. Chili Cheese Chaffle

This chaffle is deliciously crispy and cheesy. Top it with yummy chili and more cheese! It’s a fantastic recipe that only has 3 carbs per serving!

What makes these chaffles even better is that they’re quick and easy. They’ll keep you feeling full and satisfied, too!

8. Ham and Cheese Chaffle

These chaffles are salty and cheesy. I love the crispness of the outside, and they stay pretty fluffy on the inside. 

This is a really great recipe for a quick and healthy breakfast or snack.

The chunks of ham are like little pockets of saltiness that taste fantastic with the cheese waffle. 

I make this weekly for grab-and-go snacks. 

9. Broccoli and Cheese Chaffle

These broccoli cheese chaffles are fantastic! This is another great recipe that’s keto-friendly and easy to make.

Broccoli and cheddar make a delicious combination that really taste great in any food form.

I love dipping these chaffles in a creamy dip once they get crispy. 

This is a fantastic way to hide some broccoli from any potential veggie skeptics that you may have in your household.

Who doesn’t love a waffle?

10. Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Vanilla Chaffles

When you make sweet chaffles, I think mozzarella is the best cheese choice.

It has a super mild flavor that doesn’t come across as cheese once the chaffles are cooked. 

Some sweet chaffle recipes leave the cheese out entirely. I love the crispness that the cheese provides.

These waffles are sweetened and have a nice vanilla flavor. 

The chocolate chips add the perfect amount of chocolatey flavor.

11. Keto Cinnamon Roll Chaffles

These cinnamon roll chaffles are an incredible breakfast alternative. I also enjoy them as a snack or dessert. 

The warm and inviting cinnamon flavor works beautifully with the sweet and creamy (keto) frosting.

This recipe has classic cinnamon roll flavors without all the carbs or sugar. 

They’re incredible whether you’re on a diet or not, and the whole family will love them. 

12. Keto Vanilla Twinkie Chaffles

These vanilla Twinkie chaffles will blow your mind. They’re so good, and I cannot believe they’re keto-friendly.

This recipe is a little more involved than the other chaffle recipes but it’s worth it if you love Twinkies.

The homemade, keto-friendly filling is just heavenly. 

These Twinkie chaffles are truly delicious and even better than the real thing!

13. Blueberry Chaffles

Just like classic blueberry pancakes, these chaffles are a wonderful breakfast choice. They’re sweet with hints of vanilla and bright pops of blueberry. 

This chaffle recipe reminds me of summer mornings at the local pancake house.

Add some sugar free whipped cream for a keto breakfast that’s absolutely perfect. 

14. Keto Birthday Cake Chaffle

This recipe is just downright fun. Cake flavored keto waffles, layered with a creamy buttercream frosting is what dreams are made of. 

I might have to argue that this is the best keto option for birthday cake that I have ever come across.

This dessert feels like breaking the rules, but it has all the flavor of a conventional cake. 

15. Cream Cheese Chaffles

Another amazing option for the cheese part of a chaffle is cream cheese.

This allows for sweet toppings and fillings but still holds true to the chaffle definition. 

These waffles also have a hint of coconut, which is a light tropical surprise.

16. Neapolitan Chaffles

I love the classic Neapolitan flavors. This recipe allows you to have ice cream flavors in a healthy breakfast waffle. Yes, it’s totally possible. 

Just prepare these three chaffle recipes and then stack them for a sweet stack without the guilt!

17. Pumpkin Chaffles

Craving a more seasonal chaffle? This pumpkin chaffle is full of fall flavors and is easy as pie!

These chaffles remind me of a sweet pumpkin pancake with warm spices and delicious pumpkin flavor.

They’re perfect for breakfast on Thanksgiving morning since they’re so easy! 

17 Best Chaffles (Low-Carb)

Try these chaffle recipes for a low-carb alternative to waffles! From chocolate to strawberry to cheese, there’s a chaffle for everyone on this list.


  • Basic Keto Chaffles

  • 2 -Ingredient Chaffles

  • Chaffles with Almond Flour

  • Keto Chocolate Chaffle

  • Keto Strawberry Shortcake Chaffle

  • Grilled Cheese Chaffle

  • Chili Cheese Chaffle

  • Ham and Cheese Chaffle

  • Broccoli and Cheese Chaffle

  • Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Vanilla Chaffles

  • Keto Cinnamon Roll Chaffles

  • Keto Vanilla Twinkie Chaffles

  • Blueberry Chaffles

  • Keto Birthday Cake Chaffle

  • Cream Cheese Chaffles

  • Neapolitan Chaffles

  • Pumpkin Chaffles


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a chaffle in 30 minutes or less!
Chaffle Recipes

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